A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century, Chapter 13

  Linda’s New Life

                             Chapter 13

                    By Starla Anne Lowry
Struggling to free herself from the strong grasp, Linda was surprised to hear a voice whisper, “Be quiet.” She recognized it as being the voice of the father. Turning to face him when his grip loosened, Jim could see the expression of surprise in her face.
“You were walking around a bend to an open area and you could have been seen,” was Jim’s explanation.
Staying hidden in the shadows, Jim and Linda peered into a large cavern. The floor of the cave sloped down and creatures could be seen milling around, some gathered around a ghastly sight. Linda’s shock was obvious by her whispered statement, “Oh, no!”
A couple of deceased humans, apparently well roasted, were hanging up by the legs without feet, split open with all inward organs removed. The Reptilians seemed to be slicing off pieces of meat, evidently enjoying their appalling meal. Having eaten his or her fill, each creature appeared to go into a period of slumber.
“Look over there,” said Jim as he pointed to one of the Reptilians operating some kind of machinery. “From what I have studied, I think that is called a fork lift. It was a common device in this time period to move things around.” Pointing to drums located around the circumference, Jim added, “Those huge canisters hold the fuel that is used in the machines. I am sure the fuel is what is referred to as gasoline. I observed one of the Reptilians fueling the machine. I recall that all machines used gasoline in this age.”
“Yes, I remember studying about gasoline in school,” replied Linda. “It took quite awhile to discover atomic power, so they were dependent on gasoline. I think it was flammable, was it not?”
“Yes and that is part of the plan. If you remember, when gasoline is spilled in a closed area which contained air, it gives off vapor to form an ignitable mixture. Since the vapor density is less than one, the vapor will accumulate in an enclosed space. In an area such as this cavern, it could cause a detonation.”
“You mean an explosion? How are you going to manage that?” asked Linda.
“It appears that Reptilians slumber when their appetite is satisfied, or it does in this case, so while they sleep, I will go down and open up the valves on all the canisters and return. You are an excellent markswoman with the bow, so we will place some flammable material on an arrow, and you can discharge it anywhere in the area and something should happen -- at least, a huge fire.
Jim and Linda waiting patiently until the last of the Reptilians seemed to doze off. “Please be careful, Dad. I lost you once and I don’t want to lose you again.”
“I will,” smiled Jim as he slipped down into the cavern. Tiptoeing among the sleeping creatures, he opened the valve of the first drum.  One thing he had not considered was that the liquid would flow under the bodies of those asleep on the floor, possibly awakening them. 
Quickly he made his rounds to the last drum and had them all flowing freely. The smell of gasoline filled the air – something else Jim had not considered. Since this was the only plan he had, he did not think of the consequences.
He saw some of the Reptilians beginning to move. Instantly, he knew that the gasoline was causing them to awake. Leaping among the creatures, Jim worked his way toward Linda. One of the Reptilians grabbed him at the ankle, causing Jim to stumble, but he was able to shake it off.
Another grabbed at him -- then another. Jim kept fighting the attacks of the creatures, zigzagging through them. He had to leap over the backs of some rising up. One stood on his feet, but was easily overbalanced, fell back and knocking two more back down.
“Hurry, Dad,” cried Linda as she saw the Reptilians rising to their feet. It seemed to be taking a few moments for most of them to realize what was happening. That was giving Jim time to make his run for the exit.
Others, who were quicker to realize what was happening began to point toward the fleeing man and began making their moves toward Jim who was now running up the incline to the tunnel.
Linda had her bow ready with an arrow. Arriving at her side and the creatures coming quickly behind him, Jim quickly wrapped a piece of cloth that had been soaked with gasoline around the end of Linda’s arrow.
Setting it aflame, he screamed, “Discharge your weapon and run as fast as you can. Don’t watch to see where it lands,” screamed Jim. As Linda let the arrow fly toward toward the cavern, Jim grabbed her by the hand and both ran toward safety.
The sound of a huge explosion echoed through the tunnels. Jim looked over his shoulder and saw a ball of fire rolling toward them. Looking ahead, Linda screamed, “There are some Reptilians coming toward us.”
Jim glanced to his right and saw a small tunnel, just large enough for a person to enter bent over at the waist. Without saying anything, he dove into the tunnel still holding to Linda’s hand, dragging her with him. “Hold your breath,” said an aching Jim. hitting his head on the roof. He did not know why he said that – he just did.
Jim covered Linda with his body, having no idea what was going to happen. He had never experimented with gasoline, but was only working with theory. At least, if it burned him alive, she might be saved.
The flaming ball roared past the tunnel with Jim hoping that somehow being in the small tunnel would save them. When Jim and Linda finally took a breath, they found it difficult to breathe. Looking over his shoulder again and not seeing any fire in the main tunnel, Jim yelled “Let’s get out of here. Whatever we did had an effect on the oxygen.”
Before exiting the small tunnel, Jim quickly made sure that everything looked safe. Taking Linda by the hand, they ran through the tunnels, finally reaching the outside – and fresh air.
Jim fell on his knees coughing and Linda rolled over on the ground. Taking deep breaths, they eventually began to breathe more normally.
When he gained the ability to speak, Jim said, “Well, that may have finished them off -- hopefully."
“And probably the ones we met coming in – the ones from that flying saucer over there,” added Linda as she stared straight ahead at UFO a few feet from her.
“Get your weapon ready,” said Jim as he retrieved his revolver from his belt. “There may be more.”
The couple eased toward the saucer shaped vessel and entered. Carefully searching the interior, nothing was discovered – including the lack of captives.
“Mission accomplished – or I think it is,” said Jim. “Let’s get out of here. There will probably be a few more saucers showing up and I don’t want to be around when they do. I am sure that we destroyed their main headquarters in this area and most of their population.”
Just over the horizon, there were two more UFOs making their way toward the cave.

--To be continued


 Copyright 2008 by Starla Anne Lowry



Now There Is A Question To Raise About The Aliens

Do the aliens have any sort of religion? Are they simply very smart apes? It would be interesting to meet an alien cleric to find out. Lot's of action here. Wonder who's on the other saucers? Could they be filled with Human friendly aliens?
May Your Light Forever Shine

The Alien Question

Last night on "Coast to Coast AM" radio, there was a man talking about using night view goggles to look at the stars. He thinks that there is a space war going on between the UFOs and has offered to let anyone go with him and view the stars to see for themselves.

As I lay on my bed praying as usual, my thoughts went to the question of God, the Universe, and beings in outer space (because of the thought of fighting each other). I was eventually satisfied in my mind that God is the ruler of the universe and, if there are other beings, he is in charge of them, too.

We know that mankind is a special creation in the likeness of Elohim and we are referred to as the sons of God; the children of God. Somehow, because of those scriptures, people on other planets may not be have the same status as we do (could be lower or higher).

That could be why we have been protected from attack by some superior intelligence (space creatures) --You know we are guarded by the Holy Angels, of which there are thousand of thousands.

From descriptions of what people have told of supposely seeing space aliens, they are not in the image of man. (Man was created in the image of Elohim --a singular noun which suggests a plural being -- whom we know as God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.)


I am surprised....

I am surprised that no one asked what were the Reptilians doing with a fork lift?

Because they need something to move things around with and the UFOs were too large to fit in the caves. Notice the UFOs were always outside.

Since the Reptilians could change themselves to look human, it would have been a simple matter for one to have gotten a job running a forklift and make arrangements to steal it.

The gasoline could have been stolen the same way.

Starla Anne

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