A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century, Chapter 12


             Linda’s New Life

                             Chapter 12

                    By Starla Anne Lowry
“I am sure this is the same cave where Momma Gorilla lived,” insisted Lizzie Jane as the group entered. Although the opening quite a bit smaller, it was still able to accommodate adult persons and furnish light from the outside as it did 1,000 years earlier.
Looking around, the group could see remnants of might have been shelves or beds carved out of the sides of the cave. “This is where we used to keep our supplies,” said Lizzie Jane as she pointed out one of the sites. Checking the floor and every corner carefully, Lizzie Jane found what appeared to be some kind of folder.
“Linda said that things I had written had been sealed so it would not decay,” said Lizzie Jane as she anxiously opened the folder with her hunting knife. The folder was similar to clear plastic originally but the outside had gotten dark and impossible to read without opening.
“Yes, this is it!” she said excitedly. “Here is something I wrote.” Reading it to herself, she said, “I remember writing this just before my wedding – when I was going to pickup my friends and Linda, which was a surprise.”
Laying the document down after reading it aloud, she said, “Here are some things that Linda's mother added.”
Lizzie Jane read the contents of that instrument.  It was a description of the experiences of Linda and her mother. 
Turning another page, being careful not to harm the instrument, she remarked,” Here is something else. It looks like something another woman wrote.”
Picking up the sheets of paper, Lizzie Jane began to read aloud the startling discovery:
** ‘There are two of us left and we have been brought back to the cave. I am writing this in hopes that someone will find it. A male person and myself escaped when the giant people struck and we hid, hoping that we would not be found. We were not found by our attackers, but by some kind of beings from what looked to be a flying saucer. These beings killed our attackers and found us. That is how we got back to the cave.’
“As I write, they seem to be speaking to us in our minds without saying anything. They are going to build us a nice place to live and are going to spare our lives provided that we become guards of their prisoners. They are going to breed some people for food. That means they are going to eat them. As more and more of them come to earth, the whole world someday will be bred for the purpose of supplying food – like cattle. Can’t write much, but am going to hide this in the folder that is supposed to last for a long time. Will write more if I can.’ ** 
Lizzie Jane looked at Doctor Ledbetter and the others. “That is all she wrote. She probably did not have a chance to write more.”
Doctor Ledbetter spoke,” So, that is why they were going to kill Elizabeth. They breed and kill people to be food for the lizard people – and more of them are coming into the world and the whole world will be their food supply. The aliens must have built the palace for these two and helped train the gorillas. The people we saw in the palace were probably descendants of that couple.”
Ruth said, "That must have been what those iron cages were for. They were probably empty because they had just made a shipment --- of people."  She shuddered at the thought. "And Lizzie Jane was must have been intended for dessert."
The group was shocked. Doctor Ledbetter continued, “Let’s carry all of this with us. We need to get back to civilization and do something. I don’t know what, but do something! First, let’s look around for more artifacts. That is what we came for.”
“Is that what Linda’s dad was doing here?” asked Lizzie Jane.
“It appears so. He seemed to have hinted about something like this, but we were in such a hurry to leave that we did not have a chance to talk very much. Maybe this is what he is working on. Let’s hope so and pray that he will find how to stop this madness.”
“Yes, let’s pray right now,” said Lizzie Jane. The entire group knelt in prayer for Jim and Linda.
Meanwhile, Jim and Linda had worked their way around to the edge of the cave the same as Linda and Lizzie Jane did previously.
“There is no outward sign of any vessel or Reptilian,” whispered Jim. “I have got to get in that cave.”
“Didn’t you go in it before?” asked Linda.
“No, I was captured some distance away and brought here. This must be a meeting place for them.”
"How did you find out about their plans and the other things you mentioned?"
"They converse with their minds.  My mind must have been on their wave length and I was fortunate to hear enough."
“Well, let’s go,” said Linda.
“Let’s? You stay here. I might get caught and you can tell what happened to me – that is, if you get out of here,” replied Jim.
Linda watched as Jim carefully made his way to the cave. Looking around quickly, he entered. Linda waited a few moments and slipped toward the entrance, too. Whatever happened, she was not going to let her Dad face it alone.
Linda was surprised to find the cave self-illuminating; similar to the light of the first cave they had escaped through. The floor gradually sloped downward for awhile, eventually getting steeper. She had not seen her father yet, but she knew he must not be too far ahead.
Around a bend, she was met with a variety of tunnels, going in different directions. Not sure of which one she should follow, she knelt down and looked for Jim’s footprints in the soft soil, realizing that the Reptilian tracks would not have the same design -- if they were wearing footwear. She had not noticed their feet. Yes! There was a definite footprint of a man. She followed it.
The light began to become dimmer. Dark shadows seemed creepy as she carefully made her way on through the tunnel. Her childish imagination began to think of some lizard type creature hiding in the darkness, just waiting to grab some unsuspecting subject. She fought against her mind, telling herself that she knew a way of fighting that the Reptilian, or anything like it, did not know. She kept telling herself that she was cautious and prepared for anything.
Her feet wanted to run, but her mind kept trying to tell her she was a brave girl. She knew in her heart that she was fooling herself, having never experienced the fear that was rising in her. She could not see well enough to know if she was gaining on her father or not.
Although there was still some light, each dark place seemed blacker than the previous. Jim had said that the Reptilians had placed the dinosaurs on earth. What if there were other reptiles, such as huge snakes, or maybe something else – like huge spiders? Again, she tried to tell herself that her mind was playing tricks on her.
She stepped into an even darker shadow.
Suddenly she was grabbed from behind. Before she could scream, something like a hand went over her mouth and she was dragged to the side of the tunnel. Kicking and trying to bite the” hand” (or whatever it was) was to no avail. She was being held too tight and she knew it. Extreme fear produced shock through her entire system.
What would happen to her? She began to picture in her mind being eaten alive -- or did the Reptilians cook their food? That was one thing she hoped that she did not find out.
--To be Continued

Copyright 2008 by Starla Anne Lowry


I Do Hope That

Is NOT a lizard that got her. Who knows who it is.
May Your Light Forever Shine

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