A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century, Chapter 15


Okay, I may have stepped a little over the science fiction line in this story, but I am headed in a certain direction and I hope there aren't too many objections. 


  Linda’s New Life

                             Chapter 15

                    By Starla Anne Lowry
Lizzie Jane excitedly talked about the artifacts found in Momma gorilla’s cave while Linda and Jim listened with intense emotion, occasionally breaking in with questions.
Doctor Ledbetter listened until Lizzie Jane was finished, afterwards adding his comments. It was no doubt a major discovery, fulfilling the original purpose of the mission.
Other things accomplished which made the expedition an interesting journey were Linda and Lizzie Jane saving Jim’s life and Jim and Linda destroying what appeared to be one of the headquarters of the Reptilians. What had not been planned was being stuck in the jungle and hoping to get a raft completed to float down the river.
However, the news about the raft was disappointing. Jake and Josh had hoped to find enough logs from fallen trees, but it seemed like most of the trees either survived through the years or were too rotten to be used for construction of a raft. The major problem was that there wasn’t any tools suitable for cutting down trees for the logs. All they had was Lizzie Jane’s hunting knife and, although it was great for cutting vines and bushes, it took too long to whack down a tree.
“Let’s all go out as a group and see what we can find,” suggested Doctor Ledbetter. “Actually I haven't been paying close attention for anything suitable to make a floatation device. I suggest that we stay close to the river and follow it downstream so we will know that we are going in a direction that should eventually get us out of here.”
Agreeing that was the best course of action, the group leisurely made their way along the banks of the river. Ruth and Josh wandered into the jungle a little further, but kept in constant contact with everyone.
After walking about a half mile, Josh called out, “Doctor Ledbetter. Come here. We have found something.”
Rushing to observe what new discovery laid ahead, all eyes fell upon ancient ruins of some civilization.
“Maybe we can find something here,” stated Josh.
“Maybe,” answered Doctor Ledbetter, “but it may be a very important discovery. If I only had some idea of where we were…”
That was the problem. No compass, no radio – nothing to assist in determining the group’s whereabouts. The basic things use for direction was the sun in the daytime plus and the stars at night, so Doctor Ledbetter had been sure they were not going around in circles and now they had the river, which had to empty somewhere. Also, Lizzie Jane had gained an unusual sense of direction, being in the jungle for slightly over a year. Josh and Ruth could find their way around the prairie, but were lost in a jungle setting.
However, this was a great find for Doctor Ledbetter and after he had found his way to civilization, he was sure that he could locate this area on a map. While the group looked around with interest, Doctor Ledbetter hoped to find some clues to how civilized these people were and what had happened to them.
Entering a huge opening estimated to be 30 feet wide and 20 feet high, they entered a chamber of immense height and width.
“Wow,” said Jake. “I wonder how big this is.”
“I don’t know. Difficult to estimate,” stated Doctor Ledbetter.
Linda mentioned what some were thinking, “I wonder if giants lived here.”
Most of the group would look at things of interest and awe to them while Doctor Ledbetter was absorbed in some ancient writings, some found on a material similar to paper, but a more durable – a deep study that took hours.
Finally, darkness began to fall and Lizzie Jane started a campfire. Josh and Jake had hunted some game, so meat was on the menu for the night as well as jungle fruit that Lizzie Jane and Linda had provided. A small stream furnished sufficient water. The ruins provided adequate shelter and actually was a little cozy considering the circumstances. Beds (or pallets) made of leaves provided a welcomed cushion.
“What did you find today, Doctor Ledbetter?” asked Jim.
“Some things very interesting. But first – you have not told us much about how things are where you came from. For instance, how advanced is space travel?” asked Doctor Ledbetter.
“Well, we established a post on the moon and colonized Mars. We have made it suitable for agriculture, so it is one of our main food suppliers.”
“Did you find anything interesting on Mars?”
“Well, yes – we found some pyramids, but very little information of how they got there or the people who constructed them.”
“Very interesting. As you probably know, pyramids are connected with the Egyptians. That may explain some things I found. First, the writings I studied were in the Egyptian language, possibly not over 1000 years old, if that old. The writings did not appear to be ancient."
“Egyptian?” asked Jake. “We are in America, aren’t we?”
“Yes – but it seems that these people were wanderers. The ones who built these ruins seem to come from Egypt on a flying machine of some sort – the same device that brought them from the skies, probably from a planet closest to earth. That would have to be Venus or Mars. I thought Venus would be too hot to be populated, so my thoughts centered on Mars. Based what you said, Mars would be a good guess.”
Linda spoke. “I don’t remember anything about space travel in my studies of ancient Egypt.”
“As far as I know, there isn’t any records other than what I have discovered here,” replied Doctor Ledbetter. "Of course, a lot of what I have learned is guess work, but it does appear that they orginally were from somewhere outside this world. It would take more in-depth study to determine anything for certain. Also, since their writings are not extremely old, much of what I discovered had to have been handed down through the generations."
Lizzie Jane spoke up, “I just can’t believe that. God made us in his image and we were placed on the earth.”
“Yes, I believe that, too, Elizabeth, but doesn’t the Bible speak of the sons of God marrying the daughters of men? Do you suppose that is why God destroyed the earth in Noach’s day – to rid the earth of these half-human beings that was polluting the earth?”
"Noach?" asked Josh.
"Well, it is 'Noah' in your Bible," answered Doctor Ledbetter.
"I have always wondered who the 'sons of God' were," said Lizzie Jane.
“They were known as the Nephilim and translated as ‘sons of God’ in most English Bibles.”
“You a Bible reader?” asked Josh.
“”I was raised Jewish,” smiled Doctor Ledbetter. “I also study comments from writers such as Rabbi Zalman Sorotzkin who has much to say on the subject. You see, Noach, or Noah, and his grandfather, Mesushelach taught against interrelationships with Nephilim or their descendents and this resulted in the Nephilim forcibly taking wives and daughters – much like it is reported that space aliens are doing today.”
“Who do you think the Nep --- well, whatever you called them – really are?” asked Josh.
“I believe they are fallen angels. Consider the Reptilians that you encountered, Jim. Isn’t Satan pictured as a serpent?”
“It has been rumored that alien beings were proven to be real in our past,” said Linda, “but we do not have much of a history of the early part of the 21st century. Some think that something happened in 2012 that caused the void in history. We don’t know what. That could have been when people of earth had contact with them.”
“Yes,” said Jim. “The only evidence we have is what we discovered on Mars. Where do you think the Reptilians come from now? Surely not from Mars.”
“My personal belief is that come from somewhere inside the earth itself. Of course, I don't expect everyone to agree with me.”
“For some reason, we have been blocked from viewing or traveling through time to the early 21st century, so everything about that time period is a mystery.”
“Well, that is about fifty years away,” said Lizzie Jane. “We could all be dead by then.”
“I think I will get some shut eye,” Doctor Ledbetter stated. “Who wants to take the first watch?”
“After what all has been said, I think Jake and I will,” said Lizzie Jane. “I need to do some thinking.”
“Okay with me. It hurts my head to think,” said Josh, the remark causing quite a bit of laughter.
With everyone seemingly sound asleep, Lizzie Jane sat quietly looking at the stars, wondering if there were really anyone out there. Jake was not very good company, though. He kept dozing off, too.
Late in the evening, there was a strange sound that caught Lizzie Jane’s attention. Trying to dismiss it as the wind, she returned to her thoughts. As the sound continued, she decided that it did not sound like wind, but a lonesome wail. Waking Jake, she decided to investigate.
Jake mumbled a few unintelligible words and opened his eyes, rubbing them trying to clear his vision. “What is it?”
“A sound. I don’t think it is nothing, but let’s see anyway,” replied Lizzie Jane.
Stepping a few yards away from the light of the fire, Lizzie Jane peered into the darkness. Slowly, her eyes became accustomed enough to the darkness to see a figure, apparently dressed in torn, ragged clothing of some sort – similar to loose bandages.
Fear seized her as she glanced at a face – or what would have been a face. Instead, it appeared to be rotten flesh as if it were melting away from a corpse while standing on its feet.
Jake froze. He tried to speak, but words would not come out. The figure stuck up a bony finger and motioned for Lizzie Jane to follow. Her first thought was to wake the others, but for some reason, she felt compelled to follow the ghostly image. Jake continue to stand still frozen in his tracks as Lizzie Jane disappeared into the darkness.
Coming to himself, Jake ran back to the fire waking the others.
“What is it?” asked Doctor Ledbetter when he saw Jake shaking uncontrollably with fear.
“It’s – it’s Lizzie Jane! She – is gone – gone!!”
“Gone where? What happened?”
“A g-g-g-ghost! She followed a ghost!”
“What?” screamed Ruth as she rose to her feet grabbing the holster containing her six-shooter.
Jake was in tears. “Lizzie Jane followed a ghost! She disappeared into the ruins!”
Grabbing his weapon, Doctor Ledbetter said, “Let’s go!”
“It is too dark,” said Josh.
Doctor Ledbetter stepped away from the fire. “There is enough light from the moon that we can see. Let’s go. Lizzie Jane may be in trouble.”
“I am with you,” said Ruth, patting her gun belt hanging around her waist.
Stepping into the darkness, Ruth ran ahead and stooped down, straining her eyes to find some kind of footprint. Carefully, she scanned the area and finally said, “She went this way.”
With Ruth in the lead, the group slowly eased through the ruins, eventually arriving at a solid wall. “That’s strange. The tracks end here.”
“There must be a secret passage somewhere,” said Doctor Ledbetter as he felt along the wall, searching for a switch or something that would reveal a secret entrance. Josh stumbled in the darkness against the wall and it suddenly swung around as if on a spindle.
As soon as the group entered, the wall closed behind them. In front, a hallway stretched for about 50 feet, lined with torches. It reminded Doctor Ledbetter of horror movies that had been so popular in the past few years. What would they find at the end of the hall? Frankenstein’s monster or something worse? Anyway, the entire situation seemed too much like a cheap theatrical scene to be real – the hidden room – the torches; but Lizzie Jane was somewhere. The only thing to do was continue on to see what lay ahead.
--To be continued

Copyright 2008 by Starla Anne Lowry

Shades Of Starggate :-)

The idea of Egyptians visiting the Inca ans Mayan cultures is an established theory. Me, I think that they will find that Atlantis is causing that areas time shifting. As for the idea of the flood destroying half men, I agree. That could be where alien races come from.
May Your Light Forever Shine

Shades of Stargate

These chapters are bases on a number of theories, both scientific and religious.

First, the claim that photos taken of Mars show pyramids on the surface.

Second, The belief that flying saucers (or UFOs) are from the center of the earth, the opening discovered at the South Pole by Admiral Bryd.

Third, The religious claim that the "sons of God" in the Book of Genesis can be interpreted, "the fallen ones" (the fallen angels cast out of Heaven with Satan).

I also mentioned that the Egyptian writings were in more modern Egyptian language, thinking that I may allow the Egyptian language to be spoken further in the story and, someone may understand the language and quickly determine that it is not the ancient language.

Of course, Doctor Ledbetter will translate the language for the group (and our readers).

Do these explanations help in understanding the story??


Thanks Starla, I Must Admit

That I understand your explanation.
May Your Light Forever Shine

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