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Healing a Princess...19 (The Stone Outpost)


Healing a Princess...19


(The Stone Outpost)



By Tim Knight


Healing a Princess...18 (Cabin in the Woods)


Healing a Princess...18

(Cabin in the Woods)



By Tim Knight


Healing a Princess...17 (Stinking Fog)


Healing a Princess...17

(Stinking Fog)



By Tim Knight


The Glaistig

The Glaistig


Daughter of Theon


Pain was part of life, he knew that and for so many years he had accepted the pain.   Now though it was different.  It wasn’t that the pain was any greater; he just felt that same pain a little bit more.  Before she left he could have endured anything, in their fifty-three years together she had given him his strength, now she was gone, as was his strength and his will to endure.

Bigcloset down at 2007-03-14 at 0900 UTC/GMT any info?

I lost contact with Bigcloset yesterday 13 March and it is still not availible today 14 March at 0900 UTC/GMT. Does anyone have info?



The Flying Babalooskis ~ Part 3

The exciting conclusion! Our two "retired circus midgets" are outed as the runaway children they actually are, and leave for Florida with an unwanted and rather sinister travelling companion. At the airport things really start to go south. But will our heroes? [Again, certain elements may not be suitable for younger readers and PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED...]

The Flying Babalooskis

"Once we're big shot movie-star circus dwarfs we can confuse everybody!"

The Flying Babalooskis

~~ A Fantasy of Three Parts ~~

 by Laika Pupkino

The Flying Babalooskis ~ Part 2

Mr. and Mrs. Babalooskis---children disguised as retired European circus midgets---meet the neighbors and are thrown a housewarming party that gets a bit out of hand. While this was written as a work of Juvenile Fiction, PART II's depiction of irresponsible lowlife behavior, drug use (far from glamorized), and underage drinking (semi-accidental) may not be suitable for some kids. PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED...

~~ A Fantasy of Revelry Run Riot ~~

The Flying Babalooskis ~ Part 1

Nine year old O.Z. and his best friend Jade find some money and run away from home together. When they discover that they risk being apprehended by adult authorities at every turn, they adopt some rather audacious disguises. And then things get really weird...

~~ A Fantasy of Sudden Wealth ~~

For authors

 A new feature here at BC, "My stories". The link should be in the right hand column if you have an author account. How do you get an author account? Write and post a story! I usually upgrade accounts from Member to Author within 24 hours.

- Joyce

Healing a Princess...16 (The Warning)

         Healing a Princess...16 

               (The Warning)


                                   By Tim Knight 


Healing a Princess...15 (X-roads)

        Healing a Princess...15 



                              By Tim Knight 


Healing a Princess...14 (Road to Crossroads)

          Healing a Princess...14 

           (Road to Crossroads)


                                   By Tim Knight 


Healing a Princess...13 (Calandra)

           Healing a Princess...13



                                    By Tim Knight 


Healing a Princess...12 (Cold!!)

         Healing a Princess...12



                                By Tim Knight


Healing a Princess...11 (River Attack!!!)

        Healing a Princess...11 

Healing a Princess...10 (River Bend West)

        Healing a Princess...10

          (River Bend West)


Star Bright

Everybody knows, wishes only come true under starlight....

Star Bright

by Wanda Cunningham

Heaven & Heaven & Hell & Hell & Hell



A collection of very short stories with religious themes that
takes us from the Dawn of Time to The End of Days...


Prairie's Children, Chapter 4


Prairie's Children
Chapter 4
By Starla Anne Lowry

Hooray For Fictioneer

I am glad that there is now a site for plain fiction now. Unfortunately for me, I can't seem to come up with plain old fiction. But I must admnit that I have enjoyed Birdsong and Prarie's Children. I will get to the others in time. I just don't want to over burden the comments with mine.

How They Made Those Turkeys Run

Nick, a brain-damaged man residing in an Assisted Living Facility has a battle of wits with The Smartest Man In The World, with unexpected results. Rated MATURE, mostly for one rather spectacular instance of profanity...

Prairie's Children, Chapter 3

 Sometimes women are stubborn -- such as facing a professional gunslinger in the middle of the steet to protect her husband-to-be, having never practiced a "quick draw" in her life. With no hope of winning a gun fight, Ruth intended to prove that she was that kind of a frontier woman.

Prairie's Children
Chapter 3
By Starla Anne Lowry

Healing a Princess...9 (Sick)


 Healing a Princess...9





by Tim Knight



            “I’m going to be sick.” Tonya warned.  Her eyes

Prairie's Children, Chapter 2

Prairie's Children

Chapter 2

By Starla Anne Lowry

Prairie's Children, Chapter 1

Prairie’s Children

Chapter 1


By Starla Anne Lowry


What are all those editor buttons for?

 A brief explanation of each of the buttons in the editor bar. This is for the Wysiwyg editor, not the mini-editor for people who prefer to write their own HTML. To use many of the buttons, you have to highlight some text with the cursor for the button to work on. Some of the buttons have warnings with them. Some have hotkeys which I have indicated.

Healing a Princess...8 (Escape)


Healing a Princess...8



by Tim Knight



Healing a Princess...7 (The Dance)

Healing a Princess...7 (The Dance)

by Tim Knight



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