December 2012



You might not know my name but if you’re reading this, than it worked, maybe...

Well those predictions about the end of the world as we knew it in December of 2012 are coming true. How you ask?

In 2009, scientists in Denmark reported the fading of the earth’s magnetic flux. By June of 2009, not only was the field strength fading, the location of the magnetic North and South poles seemed to be wondering. Magnetic deviation charts no longer were reliable. By 20010 most scientists were in agreement that the earth was entering a period of instability. At worst was the likelihood of a change in the location of the axial poles, those points on the earth which the earth spins around its axis.


The relationship of the earth’s axis of rotation in the plane of the solar system would not change much but the crust of the earth floats on the magma and does have room to slip, as it were. Like weights balancing a spinning tire, the distribution of mass on the crust affects the balance of the crust. That mass included the glaciers of ice in Alaska, Greenland, Scandinavia, Chile, and Argentina, along with the ice pack in the Arctic, and the ice shelves and the ice covering Antarctica. As the ice melted, the mass that had been pinned to the crust flowed away to be redistributed around the earth with a bit more by the equator in the bulge created by the rotation of the earth and the gravimetric pull from the sun and the moon.


As the earth’s crust became unbalanced, the stress increased on the tectonic plates. Volcanoes, dormant for most of mankind’s history erupted and earth quakes again racked the world.. Several notable disasters struck the United States in 2011, the super volcanoes that are, no were, Yellow Stone National Park and Long Valley California, erupted with the subsequent ash clouds destroying all crop land in the United States and plunging the Northern Hemisphere of the world back into winter as the sunlight was cut down. At the same time the faults in the earth’s crust along Puget Sound, and at New Madrid Mississippi ruptured. Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, and Vancouver were destroyed on the west coast. Memphis, St Louis, Nashville, Knoxville, and Birmingham destroyed in the Southern Heartland.


As the magnetic flux waned, communications world wide failed, news from elsewhere was no longer available, storms intensified and became unpredictable, and incidences of random radiation burning became epidemic and deadly. Perhaps this is the end of days.


Out of Tibet and Nepal, monks studying ancient texts predating even those of China revealed that mankind might escape. News of this was sent telepathically, to the surprise of all the worlds citizens who had not known that they had this skill. The means of this escape would-be by the astral projection of each one’s soul, into the alternative realities. No it was not something that could be learned in time. The monks of these two religious orders would gift the world, with a single transference, via a service telepathically broadcasted. The requirements were that you had to be mentally willing to suspend conscious thinking so as to be malleable to the force. Lessons in mediation were broadcast for the week preceding the final event.  This will be a one way trip, there is no choice in body, society, location or time of history, not even what that history would be. We would be born into society, perhaps even by birth.


Now, it is time, if I awake from my meditation, still in this reality, than I have failed and I will try to survive the tribulations to come. If that is the case, I shall destroy this narrative, but if this story is left here....

December 21, 2012 (I think that is the date?)

Very good -- I have been thinking about writing a story on that, but it cannot be about Lizzie Jane and Linda. Linda is from the 23rd century.

Oh well, I don't know how I would end it, so it would be best not to have lovable characters in it. They would perish.


I Like The Story Except For One Minor Niggle.

You destroyed my home when you listed BIRMINGHAM!!! Sorry, but I must protest. :-)
May Your Light Forever Shine


The story's reasonably effective, except for the premise.

Magnetic poles don't have anything to do with Earth's axis. As I understand it, they've changed several times since the last continental shift.


December 21st, 2012 12:12pm

It seems that I am still here. Reports of my impending demise have been premature, live long and prosper.

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