The Family Tree

One day, the Grandfather led his Granddaughter to a lone Sequoia Red wood standing in the woods. The Grandfather laid out a picnic for them to eat as his Granddaughter got ready for a swim. Under her shorts and top was her girls swimsuit.

The Granddaughter felt that she should have been born a Woodland Nymph for she loved the forest and feared no animals there. Her knowledge and wisdom of the forest far surpassed that of most people.

As she swam and played in the pond, the Grandfather prepared a very special drink for his Granddaughter. for he was a Wizard and was going to grant his granddaughter her deepest desire.

It was under the lone Sequoia that his powers worked for it was the Family Tree. His Mother was a Woodland Nymph who still guarded the tree and her family. To her son, she gave magical powers that worked only under the tree because he was only of partial Nymph Blood, but his magic was powerful and lasted away from the tree.

Soon, he had the draught ready and drank his potion. The grandfather was soon youthened back to a young man so that he could raise his Granddaughter properly. For when she took his potion, she would receive a most wonderful gift.

As evening darkened, the Granddaughter finally returned and dried off. Then she sat down with her Grandfather and they dined upon the feast. After filling up, the Granddaughter soon felt sleepy, but she waited until the Grandfather handed him a potion. Upon drinking the potion, the granddaughter felt her body change as her body accepted the magic of her heritage.

Then she saw her her reflection in a nearby pool and knew that she was a Woodland Nymph like her Mother said she was.

She squealed and hugged his Grandfather for granting her wish, then they gathered up their belongings and went home where she learned about the Tree and her legacy. When she had turned eighteen, she returned to the Tree and began to tend it, in time becoming another Wood Land Nymph and married and lived happily ever after in the woods.

It was a short yet very

It was a short yet very interesting blog to read. When I googled for tree management kerrville, this link appeared and I clicked on it. The content here is no use to me but I liked reading it, it was a very interesting story.

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