The Wish


One day, there was a young woman named Sandra Lee. She had begun learning about magic in high school with her parents consent and love and was ready for the final transition into a Earth Mother.

An Earth Mother uses her knowledge and powers to tend the land, Sandra Lee had grown to love the land from her parents who were both Earth Healers in their own right. Both were proud of their daughter and knew that she would be the best for Sandra Lee had inherited both of their gifts.

From her Father, she received the gift of speaking to animals and her Mother, the gift of speaking to plants. Very few Earth Mothers had both gifts, bur Sandra lee had both and th gift of healing as well.

All was well for her until a great tragedy struck her and took away both her happiness and gifts. Both of her parents died while on vacation, leaving Sandra all alone with a farm to run. She called upon her best friend to come help her as she was not a farmer. For she had lost her knowledge when her parents died.

Bobby Joe agreed to help her as he loved farming and was sweet upon her. He fell in love with her and she with him. he loved her parents and had spent many an afternoon helping her parents, for he was an orphan in the local home. In school, Bobby Joe was always playing sports while Sandra Lee was a Cheerleader and Homecoming Queen.

Bobby and Sandra were quite happy as young lovers and they knew that they would one day marry. Sandra and Bobby went onto college where he went into Agriculture and farming so that he could help her parents while Sandra went into teaching e for she loved children.

Working the farm, Bobby and Sandra grew closer together and wanted children, but she was not able to give birth, so Sandra made a wish upon a falling star. "Star light star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may I wish I might to be made a mother tonight."

The next day, they sold the crop and went into town to purchase a few luxuries they had denied themselves. Bobby and Sandra were heading to the lifts when a Magician sold them a wish.

"Ah I see True Love here and a secret desire as well."

"Sir, just what is that desire, tell us and I will buy whatever you sell, if not, we will leave."

"My good man, the desire is simple, both of you wish to be parents, but your lovely wife is barren. If she simply wishes her wish while riding the lift, her wish will be granted."

"Bobby, let me go up and see if it works."

With that Sandra stepped into the lift and rode it up, then down. At the top, Sandra was magically transformed, she felt her body change as her wish was granted.

Looking at her reflection, she saw that she was now a woman. Stepping off the the lift, Bobby grabbed her and saw the tears in her eyes as she said, " Oh Bobby, my wish was granted!! I am now pregnant with your child!!"

They turned to thank their kind benefactor, but he simply smiled and vanished after saying," I'm glad that your wish was granted. I came from your parents to heal you. Now go and be happy."

Bobby and Sandra were very happy indeed. they raised many children and were truly blessed.

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