Silver Blood

Well, here I am, the last one alive in the research lab. The vampires have either turned or killed everybody else here. Luckily, I am in a sealed off self contained bunker with its own sealed water and air recycling systems. Now I can put my plan into action to destroy the menace.

It all started when we received an aged corpse in a wooden coffin filled with dirt. What was unique about the corpse was that it had fangs and pointed ears. Who ever it was use to be a beautiful woman from what we could tell. Our mission was to examine the body and artifacts and determine if it was a vampire.

I lead a research team of doctors, scientists and engineers in combating the viruses and plagues that are afflicting the world. We are also involved in cancer research and cloning as well as developing bionics. We have already defeated our share of superbugs and have transformed a few areas that were unsafe into healthy, vibrant land by cleansing away the chemicals and waste dumped in the landfill or swamp, river or lake.

When Professor Moriarty decided to give it some blood from our cache in the blood bank, I knew that it was a bad idea. I tried to reason with him and to at least conduct the experiment in one of the sealed off labs so that we could control it if it revived. But he was too impatient and gave the corpse a pint anyway.

As son as it was given the blood, it began to reanimate.It was amazing to see the organs reform and start working as muscles and veins took shape. Then as the body took shape, I could see that it was a woman.

She was a lithe redhead who looked to be in her early teens and the fact that she was now wearing a very brief dress and sandals made her look like she was simply waiting for breakfast, but I didn't want her snacking upon my blood.

 I cautioned that it was a vampire and to not let it live again, but I was overruled. I knew from the legends that she could hypnotize any man and control those that she turned, making her their queen. I knew that if she ever escaped from the hospital, that she would decimate the city and turn it into her kingdom of the undead.

So I gathered my research team into the bunker to develop countermeasures to thwart its takeover of the hospital. We built sunlamps, water guns filled with garlic and silver iodine water. wooden stakes, crosses and mace cartridges filled with garlic and silver iodine.  we were ready to deal with the vampire when tragedy struck.

My team and I had armored up and we each had a cache of weapons , ready to  deal out mayhem upon the monster and her minions converted from the hospital staff and patients when They swarmed in as we opened the bunker door.

All of her minions were lady vampires like her, But even more startling was that she had not only turned them into the undead, but she had turned the men into women as well. I saw my one-time brother James, now Jaimie die as I nailed her with a stake in the heart. As she returned to normal, I heard Jimmy say  "Thanks brother, you have set me free, then he died with a smile upon his face.

That was when the leader came forward as the last of her army died. She called out, "Who is your leader?"

I responded, "I am, who are you?"

"I am Drusella, Queen of the Vampires, now tell me your name."

"I am no man, and I will kill you for murdering my brother James."

"You fool, I can easily turn you as I did him into a lady vampire for the pleasures of my King!!"

"Try bitch, just try and you shall eat garlic!!"

Then she attacked me with all of her fury. I was hard pressed to defend myself until I lucked into stabbing her in the heart with a wooden stake. She dissolved into ashes, but with her last breath, she said, " I may be dead, but my King and his army shall find you in good time!!!"

Then she died, but as she died, she reverted to a male form. Her male form was ancient and hideous. Before she actually died, she looked at me and handed me a diary. As I took it, she told me to read it aloud so that the others would know the truth, then she turned into dust and faded away.

"My real name is Charles Brandon Leonard lll, Lord of Castle Hanson. I was the Chief Adviser to King Robert The Bruce for several years until tragedy struck me. As I was riding to a meeting with the King, I met a lone, wet and cold lass in the woods near the King's Castle. I rode up and dismounted to help her. As I approached, she dropped her cloak to reveal red wavy hair and green eyes. Her petite form was exquisitely clothed in a very brief light blue dress with a hem that ended at mid thigh.
"Greeting, fair maiden, how may I help you today?"

"If you would, please come and help me gather wood for my fire."

"Gladly my Lady, please lead me to where the wood is so that I may help you?"

"This way kind Sir, then she led me to a great stockpile of  wood where she sat down, showing her underclothing, "Come to me and I shall reward you kind Sir."

So I approached her as I took off my armor and grabbed her by the arse. as I felt her, I found to my surprise that her leggings felt silky smooth. Then As I prepared to enter her, I felt a sharp pain as I entered her.  As I opened my eyes, I saw my face. Then I felt the differences and knew that she had switched bodies with me.

"You are now Drusella, Queen of the Vampires. Enjoy your new undead existence. From then on I would terrorize the local villages until stopped by the King's Men. They are out there awaiting a signal to start conquering the villages.

Now I shall close up the bunker and leave to fight the vampires through the city, for the city.
I leave this document behind for any survivors soi that you may know that you are not alone.

Then as I sealed the bunker and made my way up to the roof, I saw where the last survivors had rebuilt the hospitals windows and doors with armored glass and security mesh with iron and steel bars and fencing reinforcing every weak point. According to a report that I was handed, our water , fuel, power and consumables had been secured.

We had hydroponic gardens set up for food and recycling the air, and our resource teams had been busy gathering supplies from stores and homes as well as converting the parking decks into living quarters.

We were going to retake the city one building at a time and had warned the country of the menace. Now we are isolated from the nation, Luckily, the Air National Guard has evacuated the airport and the dock while the army has destroyed all roads and shoot any that try to escape.

Now I am on the roof where my team awaits in an Osprey provided by the Army. But before we leave, we and the pilot gather together and stare at crowd that is gathered below, humans enslaved to vampires.


Then as I passed the megaphone back, they applauded and the pilot aid, "The charges are set, they will detonate as we lift off."

"Good, hopefully our surprise will end tis battle," then we boarded the Osprey and lifted of as block after block exploded in a frenzy of heat as gas mains ruptured and released their contents into the darkening gloom to consume the undead.



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