Silver Blood-Epilogue

Silver Blood-Epilogue
As we lifted away from the now burning city, I heard a voice emit from a solitary figure in the back, "Well done, but there are questions to be answered."

We looked at Mister Mysterious and knew that things were not yet under control. He always wore a black suit with a black shirt, tie socks, shoes and belt. His dark skin bespoke of his African heritage, he only thing of any color was his teeth and eyes.

"And who wants to ask the questions? You?" He knew that we were conditioned to never reveal our secrets, so even if he tortured us, he would get nothing for his efforts.

Shaking his head, he le out an evil chuckle, "No Bludd, not me. It's the President that wants to ask."

"You mean as in the Leader of the Free World?" asked Jesse, my Assistant Research Chief. She as second only to me in the Sciences.

"Yes, and your boss Marcus here had best answer them or else," His evil grin grew even wider.

Then his evil grin broke through my fear of him as I grabbed him by the throat and held him against the bulkhead, " ALRIGHT YOU< I HAVE PUT UP WITH YOUR ANTICS LONG ENOUGH!!! MY SECURITY CLEARANCE FAR EXCEEDS YOURS YOU PAPER PUSHER OR THE C.I.A.!!! SHALL I COMPLAIN TO YOUR SUPERIORS OR WILL YOU DROP YOUR BULLY BOY TACTICS!!??" I asked in a calm, menacing voice that Darth Vader would envy.

"Do you know who you are assaulting?" he asked as he wet himself.

"Yes, Avery Whipple of the C.I.A.'s secretarial pool. I checked you out through my contacts, they said to let you do the job until you went too far, and as you can tell by his action, that my boss has had enough," Jesse replied with an evil grin of her own.


"Well, I guess that you'd best clean up your mess Miss Whipple." I sneered as I dropped him to the deck.

As Jesse and I reclaimed our seats, Avery sat in the puddle of his urine, his spirit broken by us.

As we touched down, the pilot announced, "I hope that you enjoy meeting the President, and don't worry about him. I broadcasted the entire scene and his superiors say to leave him here for them ti discard."

"Thanks, it's nice to know that there is some justice being served." Jesse said as I gathered her in my arm and escorted her out the hatchway where the rest of the team awaited our arrival with a grin, for they knew that we were sweet on each other.
On board Air Force One, we were given the royal treatment as we were allowed to shower and change into fresh clothing they provided for us. I must admit that Jesse looked sexy in her new L.B.D. with matching pantyhose and sandals. She knew that would arouse me because I aw the impish gleam in her hazel eyes as she touched up her honey-blond hair.

"Tiger, as soon as we get through with the President, we need to settle down because you and I are expecting," she purred in my ear as I held her lithe body in my arms.

"After this nightmare, this is the best news that I could get Beloved. Oh Jesse, I wanted for us to be married before we got pregnant, let's get married by the President, we will have a proper wedding later," I wept as I thanked God for bringing us together.

"Married by the President? Why not? I am sure that mu Uncle President will be happy to to it," she accepted with a smile as my jaw dropped in wonder.


"Yes, The President is my Uncle."

Then we left the 'head', I had a smile on my face as I thought about life with her. I know that me wearing that black tux made me look like a James Bond actor what with Jesse being next to me.

Out in the lounge, we saw our tam seated around a desk behind which sat the President. Next thing I knew, Jesse squealed in delight and ran into his outstretched arms, "Unca!! It's so good to see you!!"

The President grinned as he released his niece, " And I you sweetheart, I'm glad that you survived that nightmare."

"Me too Unca, but I'm also in need of your help," she replied sheepishly.

"What do you need Jess?"

"I'm pregnant, and need you to marry me."

"Marry you? You know that I'm married to your Auntie Joan," he chuckled.

Then she poked him in the chest, "Silly, not you, Marcus, the father of my child."

Then he looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes, "Well, I see that you have captured her heart, congratulations."

"Thank you sir."

"Jess, yes, I'll be honored to marry you to Marcus. That'll be done as soon as you people answer a few questions, And yes, I approve of the way that you handled that C.I.A. operative."

"What do you want to know sir?"

Sitting down behind his desk, he inquired, "Why Silver Blood as the name of the team?"

"Well sir, it comes from my lineage, I am the last of my kind, I am a Slayer," I said with conviction.

"A Slayer? As in Buffy?" inquired a guard.

"Yes Phil, like Buffy, but I am immune to vampires, and werewolves."

"So that's how you knew that she was a vampire."

"No Mister President, she could have been a Slayer , we Slayers give off the same 'vibes' when dead."

"How can you tell the difference?"

"By a drop of 'MY' blood, it would have restored her to life."

"And the garlic and silver iodine mixture in spray bottles and U.V. lights??"

"Those along with the wooden arrows tipped with garlic and silver will kill any vampire."

"But why destroy the city instead of releasing an antidote?

"Because I could not sense any humans in the city and they had begun to feed upon each other, a second bite ends all hope of a cure."

"What of this changing gender?"

"She was inter-sexed. As such, she could choose her gender, change genders of her victim, or if inter-sexed, switch bodies."

"Thank you Carlson. With your new equipment and training of new squads, we will be ready for them when they surface again."

Jesse and I were married and settled down in a small town out west where we began training the new squads as well as heading up a research lab to design new equipment. Jesse gave birth to triplets as was usual when a Slayer has children, all three were Slayers with the hallmark hazel eyes and black hair.

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