Intrepid Heroes : 9

The Original 'Intrepid Heroes'

by Edeyn Hannah Blackeney
parte the ninth

More Important Than Sausage

Eldin the Hermit. That's what the folks at the nearby village called him. He lived alone. He hunted alone. He ate alone. He even slept alone. So, he guessed it fit fairly well. Not that he was happy with the situation. The only one that ever really visited him was his mother, and she used the elven magic he had yet to master to get there. So when he heard a cart rattling down his seldom-used trail, he was justifiably surprised.

Could be bandits, though. Not really worth the trouble of confronting them, as he didn't really have anything they'd want to take, except the meats in his smokehouse. So, in addition to his superior elven senses he decided to use his awesome agility (also an elven forté) and he climbed *whud*

... he climbed *whud*

... he climbed *whud*

... he climbed *whud*

He hid behind the smokehouse.

*   *   *

Lily pulled the cart into the neatly kept half-circle turnaround and tied off the reins before jumping to the ground.

Agnar grumbled and climbed down a bit more leisurely, then brushed off his beard and said, "I'll check out th' goods. Lily, you see to rousting th' owner."

WE and Tana wandered into the surrounding woods to establish that they hadn't walked into a trap.

Lily couldn't seem to get an answer at the door. But she accidentally discovered that her completely legitimate lockpick kit had one that fit perfectly into the door. Well, the gods wanted her to go inside then, right?

She looked about and saw that the interior was rather sparsely furnished, but it was kind of nice. No one was home so she headed back out -- locking the door behind her. It was the least she could do, there could be thieves about!

Agnar was poking his head in the smokehouse and mumbling to himself. She had almost reached him when there was an ear-splitting shriek from the woods.

The two turned and sprinted as fast as their short legs would carry them toward the sound -- which was Tana's voice after all -- but stopped short upon arriving at where WE was, holding his belly and bent in half laughing.

"Wha's all this then?" asked Agnar, a bit miffed at having had to run.

"Just hehehehehehe just look hawhawhaw look up ahahahahahahaha!" cackled WE Needsmore.

Puzzled, Lily and Agnar let their gazes travel upwards until they saw a very angry-looking Tana hanging by her left ankle, arms crossed and scowling.

"Cut me down, already!" she demanded.

Agnar and Lily responded in the only civilized way.

They fell over laughing.

"Hey!" screeched the elf, "Stop laughing! This isn't funny!"

"Maybe you should look at it from here, lass," chortled Agnar.

"Yeah," snorted Lily, "maybe it's just you have a bad angle!"

The three tried several times to get a grip on their laughing, but it just was no good. Every time their gazes lit upon the haughty elf, the giggles began anew.

Eventually, the rope broke and she tumbled down into a heap.

She stood quickly and brushed herself off while the others still laughed.

"Let's get out of here!" she thundered (as well as an elf can thunder, anyway) as she stomped off back toward the cart.

"Better not stomp so hard, Princess!" called WE in a parting shot, "There could be pitfalls, too!"

"Eep!" she shrieked and settled into a more careful gait.

When they were finally under control, WE wound up the fallen rope while Agnar asked Lily what she'd found in the cabin.

"Oh, nothing really. There wasn't much there to look at. No one home, either," she reported.

"Hm. I was fancying meself some of that sausage for dinner t'night. Ah well, we'll hold until town," grumped the dwarf.

"We're not taking any of the meat?" asked WE.

"No one here t' take what we aim to pay for it, so no. We'll be fine, lad," said Agnar reasonably.

"Oh," said WE, "paying for it would be a good idea. Yeah. AWP!"

The last exclamation was due to the shin-kick that Lily tossed his way, and Agnar chuckled as the three headed back toward the cart after Tana.

"For the best anyway," said WE, "Wouldn't wanna run into anyone who liked trapping things. Like whoever set this snare."

He pushed the end of the rope under Lily's nose and her eyes widened as she looked up at him. He placed his index finger over his lips in a gesture that she shouldn't mention what he'd shown her. They made it back to the cart, loaded up and headed out. Hoping to make town the next day so more than porridge would be on the menu.

*   *   *

Eldin watched them head to their cart and pulled up the stake the rope had been tied to with the bit of rope still tightly fastened to it. He sheathed his knife and nodded to himself as he darted from tree to tree to make sure the strangers never saw him.

When the cart was underway back up his trail, he finally relaxed enough to go to his door. Dang. She'd locked it back! He was STILL locked out!

Intrepid Heros 1 through 9

Indeed more important than Sausage...

Your story that is...

Enjoyed every words of all nine 'chapters'.

I can't say I recall the specific circumstances mentioned but the 'gist' of your story is all too real and reminds me of so many 'adventures' I have noted, in passing, at one time or another.
I'm not admitting to having experienced any such meself, mind ye now.

Too Marvelous for words. I look forward to reading more.

T D Aldoennetti

Very Kewl

But'cha need more!!!

I just sat down and read it all, and I love the characters, the style, and the setting. MORE!

Melanie E.

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