Intrepid Heroes : 1

This story is based on notes from a game that I GM'd 3 times weekly for nearly 2 years.

The Original 'Intrepid Heroes'

by Edeyn Hannah Blackeney
parte the first

Introduction to the Heroes

Dramatis Personae
Lily (later Lily Giantslayer) - Halfling - Thief - Devout follower of a Thief gawd - CG
WE Needsmore - Human - Ranger/Thief - Would rather lose than look bad winning - NN
Agnar Axehaft - Dwarf - Dwarven Paladin - Boy scout-ish to an extreme degree - LG

And now, on with our story...

Agnar slipped the farrier a whole gold tip along with the stabling fees, a guarantee that Yoke would still be in one generally pony-shaped piece when he came back for her. With a quick glance around he noticed the lack of temples at all in this "city" -- as if you could call it a city with a total lack of Dwarf Cultured influence... this was just a case of too many humans in one place -- let alone one devoted to Darls Windhammer. Unwashed pagan scum. That's all humans really are, for the most part, anyway.

With a slightly-less-than-heavy sigh, he turned toward the only War chapel in the city. Some human god with some unpronouncibly human name. These heathens needed to be taught the Dwarven tongue, and soon... humanity has been allowed to go on it's spoiled-rotten way for far too long. It was only a few streets away, but with the press of people everywhere and the humans' propensity to ignore anything below eye level, he'd be a good half-candle getting there.

*   *   *

Breathing in great gulping gasps of air, WE leaned against the alley wall and listened for pursuit. Dammit, he hadn't cheated this time. That gold was his by right, fair and square for once! Go back and get it? Aw HELL no! That big guy had to have some Orc blood in his family somewhere back down the line. Well. At least his pants hadn't gotten torn in that scuffle. Jerkins are easy to replace, but a really good pair of pants that don't chafe... and takes the dyes well... that's another matter.

No one coming. He allowed himself a chuckle and shook his head. The job-board has been getting toward full, lately. Maybe it might possibly perhaps be time to move on -- people around here knew him just a bit too well. Time to go see who's hiring. After a stop at the jerkin shop. Green, this time, to match his coat and hat. With a grimace to himself in regards to the press of people, he moved off toward the shop.

*   *   *

"... two hundred sixty-seven, two hundred sixty-eight, two hundred sixty-nine, two hundred seventy! There. Your share minus the tithe to the church's coffers," said the childlike voice of Lily as she dropped the silver pieces into the bag. She never hired out help unless that was understood. Whoever she contracted out to had to know that whatever their share was... they had to tithe to her god after divvying up was done. Whew. 1500 silver pieces weighed a LOT. Well, minus the 540 she gave the two human idiots, it was 960, and it would only be 810 once the church's bag was dropped in the offering.

Thinking of the weight on her hip, she mused to herself, [Hmm... that new "bank" just opened in town. Maybe I'll give them a try.] So as the two human hirelings left the pub and melted into the throng, she swung the bag in front of her to limit access by footpads and headed out the door herself, waving merrily to Chauncy behind the bar. She loved humans. Gross! Not in THAT way, don't even THINK that way! They were such easy marks and they loved her cooking! Not to mention the way they just... parted for her going down the street. The bank-thing was just around the corner, so it didn't take long before she was standing at the door, once again wondering why humans had to put the knobs so dang-blasted high on the doors.


A character introduction, nicely done but what happens next?

- Joyce

More later

Tonight I have plans (yes, I do stuff besides work and home!) and will be back in the wee hours. I'll post through part 5 at least, before going to bed

Edeyn Hannah Blackeney


... if I'm so knackered from being ill I can't see straight, then I'll do it from work the next day. Yep.

Edeyn Hannah Blackeney

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