Intrepid Heroes : 2

The Original 'Intrepid Heroes'

by Edeyn Hannah Blackeney
parte the second

Axehaft's Recruitment

"Excuse me! Many pardons, madam, sorry 'bout yer hat. Geroff my boot, yeh urchin! Tha's my head yer leanin' on, sir. *censored censored CENSORED(!) and your mother too, yeh daft -- uhr? The Mayor you say? Well, good-day to yeh, yer Honorship. Just across the way to the temple, chapel, what-have-yeh -- oh, if it's closed when I get there, I'll bleedin' knock the doors in. And if I give yeh a silver, yeh'll bugger off? IF ONE MORE PERSON PULLS ON MY BEARD I SWEAR I'LL -- Oh, there's the temple," would about cover the conversational highlights of Agnar's trip. And yes, it did, indeed, take nearly a half-candle to get there.

It wasn't overly large, or ornate, but it seemed... loved. Yes. The temple to "The Many Gods" was a popular idea in smaller towns like this -- but most didn't have an alcove devoted just to the gods and goddesses of War. The altar was even properly built, with enchanted swords used as the legs of the thing. Agnar smiled to himself and settled down kneeling in front of it, proceeding to begin his devotional. A long prayer. Maybe the Third Movement of the Seventeenth Prayer of the Twenty-Third of the Forty-Two original Paladins of Gröenthogleburg? Yes. Long, but not terribly so, only 5 hours -- 4 if he skipped the footnotes.

Feeling at peace again, and right with the world, Agnar dropped a gold in the offering box on his way out as his stomach let him know that attendance to necessaries had to be next. Right. Outhouse, pub, restaurant, inn.

The outhouse needed mucking, the pub had weak ale and was out of mead, the restaurant had a nice meaty stew, ah... but the inn had one of the softest beds he'd felt in -- well, years. So after a good night's sleep, up with the crier.

His habitual stop at the announcement board just made him frustrated. At least, until he told a boy -- at least, he thought it was a boy... damnable beardless humans -- a silver to read the job postings. Not much, but there was something about escorting a coal shipment to Friestatt in Bretonia. He thanked the boy, gave him the silver and a three-copper tip for being polite about it and turned to see that the mining supply to inquire about was right behind him. Maybe his luck was changing after all.

First thing he sees is that the Mining Chief is a dwarf, and thanks Gröenthogleburg that he can negotiate for a job in a civilized language... the human tongue was just so, so, guttural.

After a brief negotiation and a lengthy discussion about the difficulty of living with the human market as customers, the price is settled on and Agnar finds himself recruited as a team leader for delivery. His first duty will be to secure an expert in overland wilderness safety measures (that is, someone that can tell when Highwaymen are about to strike) and an expert in discerning urban threats to cargo (someone that can find thieves in a town or city).

Björnen nods to Agnar, hefts the bag of ore he'd been carrying when Agnar walked in, heads off into the back room, and shouts back over his shoulder, "You have until sundown day after tomorrow to bring me folks to approve and hire, Agnar, and we'll set your team off the next morning. You may want some more folk to defend the wagon, too, but that's up to you. The price is split when you get there by you, not anyone else, so you're spending out of your pocket."

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