Intrepid Heroes : 5

The Original 'Intrepid Heroes'

by Edeyn Hannah Blackeney
parte the fifth


Agnar and Lily went to meet "boss-guy" as she said, and he approved of her. He went off in search of his other expert and she waited while the cart was loaded. She sat on the roof of the cart and held the reins of the horse as she guided the cart through the streets to the inn that she decided had the best food. The novelty of being above the heads of the tall-folk amused her... and distracted her. She felt the thump more than saw what happened when she ran the man in green down. She pulled past him and then hopped down to see if he was alright -- last thing she needed was a busted up tall when she had to leave the next morning.

"Hey you," she said as she poked at him. "Are you injured?"

With a bit of a groan, WE rolled over and looked at his assailant. "Is my jerkin alright? No torn bits?"

Lily blinked a bit, then glanced up and down his jerkin. "Doesn't seem to be... look, let me help you to an inn."

He allowed himself to be led down the street and into the inn. He rested in the bed she had until a dwarf came in.

"Yer not gonna be makin' an issue of Lily smushin' yer scrawny self wi' th' cart, are ye?"

The conversation that followed continued down into the inn's Common Room after the majority of patrons had retired to their rooms, and they eventually found out that despite his ridiculous voice and dandified appearance (and obsession with his appearance) WE Needsmore was both a weapons collector -- and versed in their use. Agnar made the decision and offered the second expert position to him.

WE accepted the position mostly because it got him out of town quickly and at someone else's expense. The last thing he needed was for Otis and his sister to realize that he really had cheated.

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