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Thank you

I have tried over and over requesting a new password and today I got in here. I found it in my spam folder. It may have been going there all the time, but I check my spam folders. Perhaps I kept missing it. I tried a new name, but that did not work. I could get in, I kept forgetting my new name. Well, I am back as Starla Anne and using a password I am a acquainted with.

Are you back?

Are you back? Really back? Can I start writing again?

One of the writers on Fictioneer is deceased

Larry Welch, who had written some short stories on Fictioneer, passed away on February 16, 2012.  I think his family want his stories to remain on Fictioneer as a memorial to him.  They have asked me to copy them for his daughter to keep in his memory.  Love, Starla Anne Lowry

Discourged, but still around

I have found a new word processor and am not having the problems I had before (or at least not at the present). I have added a new short chapter to "Pairie's Children, Back to the West".  I have been discourged because nothing was going right, but hopefully everything is straighten out now.



Desperately need advice on story

The pastor in Chapter 2 of "Pairie's Children -- Return to the West" is based on an actual person in Birmingham, Alabama.  What is written about him is not considered extreme. He was a kind minister, always stopping on the street to pray with someone (has even stopped fights that way) and would actually give the clothes off his back to some needy person.

I need to read my own stories

I had to change chapter two of "Prairie's Children, Home in Alabama".  Ruth was converted to Christianity in the original "Prairie's Children", so she doesn't need to get saved twice. So, I do need to read my own stories.

Publishing houses

I have noticed a few ads on the right side of the Fictioneer site about publishing our work.

Poor Authorship

Maybe it was the type -- maybe I am a poor writer -- I have noticed

that very few have read the last chapters of my serial.


Am I a poor author?  Do I need to quit writing?




Type correction on "23rd Century Girl..."

If you found the last chapter of "A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th

Century" to difficult to read as I did, I finally obtained access to

Microsoft Word and corrected it. It is much easier to read now.





If anyone sees any error in any of my writings, please let me know. I continually find new mistakes every time I read something.

This time it was a misspelled word.  I wrote "rein" instead of "reign". I realize that I am not a professional writer and my stories may not be very good, but at least, I want it to look more professional.

With love,

Message from Starla

I have been longer than I wanted or expected on "A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century," so I thought I would bring it to a close.

I am still here

In case someone is wondering, I am working on Chapter 17 of "A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century."  I am just going slower than usual -- guess I am getting old.  I do not have writer's block.


Hooray! I have my computer set up again

After nine months of barely getting by financially, I now have my computer moved and installed at my apartment.


My plans are to start back immediately on my stories if I can remember how to get them back on line.



Starla Anne


Starla Anne is still alive -- additional note



Maybe I can have my computer moved and be on line in about a week or so. I have been in the process of moving and left my computer at my old address so that it could be used by my neighbor.



Please read and comment

The Adventures of Lizzie Jane is my baby. I never expect to write anything else like it and I hope that all of you and everyone else will accept the newly revised version. When I read it, I can see places where I put my heart and soul into the story.

Complete information on the "Lizzie Jane Adventures", now complete.

I have just completed and posted the final chapters of the revised "Adventures of Lizzie Jane".

There are 20 chapters, broken up into 6 parts -- each part being a story that will stand alone except Chapter 6, which goes into Chapter 7.

The six parts are: Part 1: Country Girl (Chapter 1)

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