Thank you

I have tried over and over requesting a new password and today I got in here. I found it in my spam folder. It may have been going there all the time, but I check my spam folders. Perhaps I kept missing it. I tried a new name, but that did not work. I could get in, I kept forgetting my new name. Well, I am back as Starla Anne and using a password I am a acquainted with.

You would not happen to have my old stories about Lizzie Jane would you? I would like for them to be back here. It has been published, but by now the agreement with the publisher has expired, so this is good place to put them. If not, maybe I can find them somewhere.

I want to finish Prairie's Children, Return to the West. I have a temporary close, but it is too short and not satisfactory. I also have a new story which I want to start soon.

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