Poor Authorship

Maybe it was the type -- maybe I am a poor writer -- I have noticed

that very few have read the last chapters of my serial.


Am I a poor author?  Do I need to quit writing?




Keep Writing

Develop your skills. Don't worry about what others
read and don't read. You write for yourself and to
improve your skills for the day "that must tell story"
comes to you. A lot of stories that get read are good
but a lot of them are appealing to a small group with
a gender bender identity. Tell your story or just
write to improve your skills. That is the only reward
you will get. Plus some people, though the group is
small, may truly enjoy your stories. Improving writing
skills and expressing ourselves should be our primary

No worrys.

Haven't read you yet, but I wouldn't worry.
Seems that there is enough people reading the stories here.
Just one thing that I think would ease the way.

Making a 'frame' in where the authors parts are presented directly.
So when you read something you just 'click' on that to come to the next chapter.
I didn't see any such function?

Maybe it exist?
Even though I missed it.
Stay cool, but not to cool ::))


I've been pretty guilty of not postign but

Seems like there aren't too many readers on Fictioneer. Makes me want to add some tg content so I can post on TopShelf.

Oh well. I've gotten a few good comments. Time for me to read more of yours Starla.

(Amateur cabinetmaker - that's what the name means)


Traffic has dropped off in recent months. I need to do something to build it back up again. Sorry.

- Joyce


....and I have been away for a few months trying to afford a suitable computer. I had my old one repaired for $120.00 (and that is cheap around here).

It needed a new disc, so I lost all of my previous documents. This site is the only thing I have left.

I have started working on the next part of Pairie's Children -- at home in Alabama.


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