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I have noticed a few ads on the right side of the Fictioneer site about publishing our work.

Does anyone know anything about these firms?  Are they real?  Could someone let me know any information that you have accumlated on these firms?  Since they are ads and I assume the Administration is getting paid for them,  please send me a personal message if there are negative comments.

Love, Starla Anne

Well, that's really painfully

Well, that's really painfully awkward if you ask me. scary games for kids


The ads are placed by Google. I have no real control over the content except that I can exclude ads from domains I blacklist. If I have no reason to blacklist a domain, of course, I won't.

I will say that most of those ads for book publishers are vanity presses. Some are good companies in that end of publishing but personally, I'd go with Lulu or CreateSpace since you can publish a book with them and pay only for the books you actually order.

If you KNOW that you are going to print 500 of something, you may be able to get a better deal than Lulu or CS but beware of the upsell.

Other than that, I'd suggest doing a Googlle on any advertiser you are interested in along the lines of "problems with ...." and see what turns up.




I am going to self-publishing with Lulu (publish on demand and will order and promote myself based on my finances.)



I checked two of the ads -- one is self-publishing, the other is not. I did not know if I could trust the one who does not advocate self-publishing.


Look for real publishers

Look for real publishers first, if they refuse your work, but you still feel it good, you might consider paying for it.

But make a 'Google' search before doing anything. There are people rating the publishers out there, and telling who they deem to treat authors right. You should do that before sending any manuscripts for publishing.

Also those publishers that create their living out of the net might be interesting as they have a less overall cost, and therefore also might be interested in your work even if it just would crate to some specific smaller segment of the reading public.

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