Return to Gorilla Island, Chapter 5

        This is a short chapter, but more is coming very shortly.
 Also, the next submission will have a new title.
   WARNING: This is the chapter that includes the sad part I have mentioned.
       Return to Gorilla Island
                    By Starla Anne Lowry
                           Chapter 5 
                (A sequel coming next!
                    It ain't over yet!
                 Look for a new title.)
Being his usual playful self, George soon had all the children having fun in the jungle.  The boys particularly liked swinging through the trees, the girls were objecting somewhat.  Linda was present to make sure that they all started low, just above the ground, so as not to break any bones.  She was not expecting any of them, including herself, to become as proficient as Lizzie Jane.
Linda often carried Lizzie Jane's hand written experience in the jungle, written well after she got back to her own time.  Actually, it was not the original, but copies had been made down through the years.  The family wanted to save the original because the paper was getting worn, so it had been placed in a glass cage for future generations. Copies had been made from copies.
Sitting under a tree on this particular day, she came to the page that had caused the family to think that time travel was possible, but the meaning of it had always been a mystery.  Lizzie Jane had stated that she never got a chance to return to that time, but a promise was a promise and she had made a promise to George (the young gorilla) that she would try to return. She always regretted not being able to go back, but believed that something would happen to fulfill that promise.
She had been asked a few times if there was anything that came out of the jungle experience that she did not expect and her answer was that "that would be discovered when the time came".  Linda's family believed that their mission was to fulfill the promise to George and that Linda's family were the means of "something happening" to fulfill that purpose.
Also, the statement that something would be "discovered when the time came" -- Did that indicate that she believed that someday there would be found another way to go back "in time"?  Still Linda wondered about that statement.  What had happened that Lizzie Jane did not want to mention and when would the family discover it? Also, was it something bad?  Too terrible to mention? 
Although this had been discussed before, Linda thought that perhaps she and her mother would be the ones to find out what Lizzie Jane did not want to reveal. While she was thinking on these things, George swung down from a tree and pulled at her her, wanting her to play, so Linda had no choice but to join the jungle games.
Meanwhile, up on his lofty spot on the ledge at the cave entrance, Jeff was on duty watching for signs of someone else being washed up on the beach.  He saw a yacht come in and began to sink.  Evidently, it had been damaged. 
He called to Andy, "Come here.  We have more visitors."
Andy took the binoculars and said, "I see them.  There are two men coming this way, evidently to explore their surroundings.  Let's go meet them."
"Okay," agreed Jeff.
Andy and Jeff did not have to go too far into the jungle until they met the men.
"Hello," hollered Andy before the men saw them.
"Thank goodness.  We are not alone here.  My name is Joe and this is Luke. What island is this?" inquired one of the men.
"Joe, you have been caught in a time warp caused by the Bermuda Triangle. We have seen some things on this island you would not want to be around," answered Andy.
"Well, our boat sunk and we have some people building a big fire, hoping someone will see it and send rescue."
"No -- don't do that. Go back quickly and put it out.  That lets some very bad characters know you are here and they will attack," said Andy.  Then he added, "or so we have been told by a reliable source.  After you do that, there is a ledge on the side of that mountain over there and a cave.  There are others of us there -- and a giant gorilla, but she is very gentle."
"A giant gorilla?" asked Joe.
"Yes, do you remember a movie, King Kong, that came out a few years ago?"
"Well, if you saw it, you have seen our giant gorilla.  She is about the same size."
"Well right now, we have to take your word for it," said Joe. "We will go back and put the fire out and meet you up there."
The men shook hands and Andy and Jeff started back toward the cave.  They reached the ledge and saw the men talking to the others that were with them. Suddenly, from out of the jungle, came numerous men with spears and arrows and began to attack.
"That must be the savages the girls told us about," said Andy. "look how huge they are!"
"...And the men we met and another person is running in our direction," screamed Jeff.
"And leading the savages straight to us," said Andy. "Get all the weapons we have.  We are going to have a fight on our hands."
Overhearing the conversation, Mary screamed, "The children! They are in the jungle! I must get to them."  She ran down the path as fast as her legs could carry her.
As she ran, she began to hear gunfire.  She glanced over her shoulder and saw Momma Gorilla coming down path, probably to protect George.  Suddenly, Momma Gorilla fell as if wounded and the savages jumped on her stabbing her with spears.
'Poor Momma', thought Mary as she ran.  'They have killed her!'
She was correct.  The lifeless body of Momma Gorilla was still.  She had given her life, trying to reach and protect George.
There is another story coming up -- a sequel to this one.  It ain't over yet! Stay tuned. 
© 2008 by Starla Anne Lowry
All characters and places are fictitious and any resemblance to places or persons, living or dead, are coincidental. 


Starla, With The Ending Of This Chapter, I have To Ask

Now that Mother Gorilla is gone, who will be the main protector? And what about George?
May Your Light Forever Shine

I have to ask

Well, that is part of the continuing saga.

>Now that Mother Gorilla is gone, who will be the main
>protector? And what about George?

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