Return to Gorilla Island, Chapter 3


Return to Gorilla Island

"More Visitors"

By Starla Anne Lowry


Chapter 3

"Wake up, sleepy heads.  Breakfast is ready," said Mary as she dished out some eggs from some kind of nest they had found. The meal included a couple glasses of milk that had been made from milk powders savaged from wrecked ships.  Also added were some of the delicious fruit that was common on the island.
The children rubbed their eyes, trying to get awake.  They began to smell the tempting breakfast before they saw the delicacy that was set before them. Over to one side, Momma Gorilla and George could be seen eating their usual breakfast fruit, too.
It took the children a moment to realize where they were and what had happened. They had awaken from what may have been the most restful sleep they enjoyed in a quite awhile. Remembering the attack of the savages brought tears to their eyes.
Mary was anxious to find out more about what happened, but she knew it best not to rush the children. She watched as they ate, seemingly as hungrily as before.  Upon finishing, Linda asked if they wanted more, to which they both answered, "No." The little girl also added, "Thank you."
Mary sat between them and placed her arms around each child. She asked their names.
The little girl answered softly, "I am Shirley. His name is Jack." 
Mary remembered that one of the girls with Lizzie Jane was named Shirley. Strange that such a coincidence would happen, but was not really that unusual.  There were probably a lot of Shirleys in the world.
"How old are you, Shirley?" asked Mary, trying to discover the best method to determine from what year they came from.
"Six", declared the young lady.  She was one year older than Mary had assumed.
"Do you know your birthday -- I mean, the year you were born?" questioned Mary.
"August 1, 2000" was the answer.
'Okay', thought Mary.  That would indicate that they came from the year 2006.
"How old is Jack?"
"Three", replied Shirley. That matched the age Mary had assumed.
"Is Jack your brother?"
"Can you tell me when those mean men carried your family off into the jungle?"
Tearfully, Shirley answered, "I don't know -- a long time ago."  Mary knew that a 'long time' to a child could have been only a day or two.
"Can you tell me what happened?"
"Those mean men had knives and things.  Momma told us to hide under her dress and she walked as fast as she could to the bushes. She fell and we went into the bushes.  Momma did not move anymore because she had a stick in her back."
Mary assumed that the reference to a stick meant that the mother had been hit with an arrow.
"Did you daddy or grandparents run, too?"
"No -- I think they died," said Shirley as she burst into tears.
"Okay, that's enough. I won't ask any more questions about that. Okay?"
"Just lay back down and rest some more right now. "
Shirley and Jack went back to their home-made beds.  Mary watched as Shirley put her arm around Jack and petted him, trying to console the sobbing boy. With a quivering voice, she said "Everything will be okay."
Mary looked toward Linda.  "She is very brave," she said. "I think we know enough.  I don't think we ought to ask any more questions. Their wounds need healing as much as possible. I am sure they will have nightmares about this for a very long time." 
Linda nodded.
Mary continued, "It seems that there isn't anyone to rescue. The whole family evidently was killed. Since the bodies were not left, it leads me to think the savages are cannibals.  But, from Granny Lizzie Jane's history, they must capture some young girls alive.  Remember, Granny rescued her friend."
"Why do you suppose they had captured Granny Lizzie's friend?" asked Linda.
"Well, it could be for a number of reasons.  They may wanted her for a sacrifice to some god or they could have captured her to be a wife for some young man.  They may have planned to use her for breeding purposes -- but of course, if that is the case, they would have captured some males, too."
"Our family always taught that everything happens for a purpose. I am beginning to think that there may be more young people who escaped and our purpose will be to rescue them," said Linda.
"Or maybe our mission is to rescue other people, too," replied Mary.
"Oh, mother -- I feel so inadequate to do rescuing -- and I am afraid -- more so than ever before."
"At least, we have two 38 caliber revolvers. Maybe we can find more ammunition or possible more guns -- maybe rifles."
"Well, having guns makes me feel safer.  I don't think it is time for the children to play with George and me, so I suggest that we make another trip to the sea and search further down the shore for more salvageable items and particularly weapons."
"I think so, too", agreed Mary.
The children had cried themselves to sleep, so Linda motioned to George their intentions of going back to the shoreline. He joyfully joined them in their quest.  Linda's approved of George's companionship, thinking that, in case of a dangerous situation, George could rush to get Momma Gorilla to help out.
Linda continued to be amazed at how well she could communicate to George.  Whatever Granny Lizzie Jane had taught him, she did a good job.
The trio made their way to the sea at an angle to arrive further down  the shore faster. Wrecked ships were difficult to find.  Evidently, if many had washed ashore, the tide carried them back out to sea again and they sunk. What ships they could easily find were small vessels which contained grocery items and a few other usable items.
When they were about ready to give up on finding additional weapons, they happened to see a huge ship in the distance.
Running to it, they discovered a few skeletons.  Evidently the savages had killed more humans than they wanted to carry back to their camp. 
Searching the staterooms, they located numerous pistols, ammunition, and a couple of rifles. The wapons appeared to be from the late 20th or early 21st centuries.
Since food was so common among other wrecked vessels, Mary and Linda left some food items so they could carry more weapons. Even George carried a couple of guns -- unloaded, of course.
Suddenly, Linda stopped and shouted, "Look!"
Out at sea, the women saw a small boat -- probably a lifeboat with two men, two women, and two young boys and a girl -- coming toward the shore.  They ran to meet it as it neared.
"Man, am I happy to see some people," said a man aboard the boat. "Where is the nearest place we can get some help?"
"I hate to tell you this, but you are in the Bermuda Triangle, lost somewhere in a time warp," said Mary.
"What?? You trying to pull my leg?" exclaimed the man.
"No sir, there are dangerous giant savages on this island and that is why we are trying to salvage weapons," Mary said, displaying the guns she had in her arms.
"I find that hard to believe," said the man.
"Well, it is true. Walk with us up the shore and you will find some wrecked boats, but no bodies. We believe the savages are cannibals.  The only skeletons we found were in that huge ship over there (pointing toward the vessel they had just left), but we assumed the savages killed too many people to carry all of them back with them."
"How did you manage to escape when you arrived?" asked the man.
"We came here in a time machine."
"Well, let's get that time machine and get out of here."
"It is gone."
"Gone?  Gone where?" the man barked.
"It is so complicated. Come with us and I will explain later."
"Go with you?  Where?"
"To a cave.  Believe this or not, we are living in a cave with a giant gorilla, bigger than you have ever seen," replied Mary.
"This I have got to see, but if there are any tricks...."
"No tricks. Please believe us. I will tell you what.  It is late, but tomorow morning we will escort you to the other side of the mountain and let you see the prehistoric animals that live over there. I suggest that you go armed because we may see some savages, too."
The man replied, "I don't believe you, but show us anyway.  I am from Missouri."
Mary had no idea what that meant, but she replied, "Okay. It will be scary, but that is the best way I know to prove what I claim."
On the way, Mary said, "You will discover evidence of what I am saying when we get to the cave -- a giant gorilla, but don't get excited. She is as gentle as a kitten.  That is her baby there (pointing to George)."
Realizing that the man did not believe anything she was saying, Mary was sure they could be convinced when they saw Momma Gorilla.
Needless to say upon arrival, the entire group were shocked to see a gorilla 18 feet tall. One man reached for his weapon, but Mary grabbed him by the arm. 
"Keep in mind like I said, she is very gentle and caring for us because of Linda. We call her Momma Gorilla. She thinks Linda is my great, great grandmother who was here before we came. George, her son, thinks so, too, and Granny was his playmate.  Granny came here when she was nine years old. She was here a year before she found a way back home."
"How did she get home?" asked the man.
"Believe it or not, she has only been gone about a week in this time period.  She rode out through a fog and, on the other side, she was back in the 1950's."
"We came through a fog, too."
"Is the fog still there?  You may have come in through the same fog cloud that she went back through."
"No, it is gone now."
"Well, it is getting late. I will fix everyone something to eat for dinner and we will go to the other side of the mountains early tomorrow morning.  Just do not build a fire outside this cave and we should be okay for the night."
"Well, okay.  After seeing Momma Gorilla, I am starting to believe you."
-- To Be Continued
Copyright 2008 by Starla Anne Lowry
All characters and places are fictitious and any resemblance to places or persons, living or dead, are coincidental. 



Show Me Missouri Starla

Now that they have a raft and a ship, they can possibly now leave, but I think that you will kep them there for awhile.
Are the descendants of Lizzie Jane from Alabama?
May Your Light Forever Shine

What it will take to leave...

The reason that Mary asked the stranger if the fog was still there, she knew they could possibly go back to their own time through the same fog and she would have told them that. That is the way Lizzie Jane and her female friends got back.

Since there wasn't any fog, everyone seemed to be trapped there for awhile. The question is, how often does the 'time warp' fog return? A year? Remember Lizzie Jane was there for a year.


Time Warp Fog

If they return that way, I look to them getting even with those that stranded them, perhaps they have a few friends that follow, what if a sea borne dinosaur or pteradon follows them or even the savages?
I know, i might be getting a bit silly, but it was fun and I still would like to see the Dad again. Maybe they wind up in the future with him in the end.
May Your Light Forever Shine

Time Warp Fog

Well, there are a lot of options. There are a lot of possiblities going through my mind. I don't know where it is going, but hopefully we will get there -- that is, if nothing happens to me. If it does, I hope someone will finish all my stories.

History does not have to tell all, you know. Sometimes it is distorted.


Starla, I Would Be Honored To

Continue your stories, I know that i could not do them justice, but i would sure try to maintain the atmosphere of the stories. But That i hope is a long way away my friend.
May Your Light Forever Shine

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