Escape from Gorilla Island, Chapter 3 (Final Chapter)

   Escape From Gorilla Island
 Chapter 3

        By Starla Anne Lowry
             (A sequel to "Return to Gorilla Island") 
Arriving back at Uncle Jed's house, Lizzie Jane opened the front door and called, "Aunt Maudie!"
Maudie came running, thinking something was terribly wrong.  As she saw all the children piling out of the car, she exclaimed, "Lan sakes, what is going on?"
Lizzie Jane said, "Let's go into the kitchen and I will tell you something you won't believe."
Aunt Maudie said, "I think I am about ready to believe anything."
"First, let me introduce my two friends who spent the year with me on the prehistoric island -- Shirley and Christie (the two young ladies bowed) and the rest -- well, they are from the prehistoric island, also.  The most amazing part is this young lady here (Lizzie Jane put her arm around Linda). This is my great, great, great granddaughter who got trapped on the island and escaped the same way I did -- and these other children escaped the same way."
Aunt Maudie eyes grew larger and larger, causing Lizzie Jane to giggle. 
She soon gained her composure and continued, "We think all their parents were killed by the savages."
In the corner stood George, the small gorilla, looking like he was disappointed about being ignored, but Lizzie Jane walked over and took him by the hand, "This is George -- my little playmate and his mother was killed, too."
"What are we going to do with this group?" asked Aunt Maudie.
"Well, I am getting married and within a year, I will be 18 and I am going to adopt them all," said Lizzie Jane with a big grin.
"What do you think Jake gonna say about all this?"
"Well, he better say okay or the wedding is off."
"You would swap Jake for these children?"
"Yes.  Linda is my great, great, great granddaughter and she rescued and accepted the responsibility of taking care of the other children. I think I can honor that by taking all of them, too.  Besides, we have a common bond.  We have all lost our mothers and we have all have traveled through time."
"Well, I always thought you were an unusual child, so I should not be surprised at something like this," replied Aunt Maudie.
Ruth Ann, Lizzie Jane's grandmother, overheard the conversation and asked what it all about.  The entire situation was explained, beginning with Lizzie Jane's adventures on the prehistoric island.
"I dunno," wondered Ruth Ann. "With my adventures -- most of it being rumors -- and Lizzie Jane's and Linda's adventures, I must say that we have the most unusual family the world has ever seen. We have all rescued somebody when it looked like all hope was lost. All I gotta say is that Linda had better marry someone whose name begins with 'J'.  Lizzie Jane is marrying Jake and my husband, Josh, is expected here tomorrow." 
Needless to say, Jake was shocked when everything was explained to him. "You mean, we are going to have a ready-made family at the start?"
"fraid so," said Lizzie Jane. "Of course, if you wanna back out..."
"Oh no you don't. You ain't a-gettting rid of me that easy," replied Jake. "I have put up with so much to get you. I am a-gonna claim you and nothing is going to stand in my way. If I have to take a ball team to getcha..."
"I love you, too" said Lizzie Jane as she cut off Jake's comment and threw her arms around his neck. "Thanks for taking my new family."
The wedding wasn't anything lavish, but just a simple little ceremony with the young couple, Lizzie Jane's two girl friends, her schoolteacher, Doc Brown, Uncle Jed and Aunt Maudie, grandmother Ruth Ann, and her great, great, great granddaughter Linda -- with five beautiful children in the background.
Getting married at the same time, making the occasion a double wedding, was Sam and Carol -- the two friends of Lizzie Jane that helped her through her amnesia.
So, thus began a new chapter in the life of Lizzie Jane and her soon-to-be-adopted daughter, also her great, great, great granddaughter, Linda.
One cannot help but wonder what lies ahead for Lizzie Jane -- and Linda.  We will just have to wait and see.
Oh yes, what happens to George?  He is a part of the family, but spending most of his time in the forest behind Uncle Jed's house. He has more playmates now -- Linda and the other children -- and sometimes Lizzie Jane.
-- More adventures to come soon
For new readers, I have started posting"The Adventures of Lizzie Jane".  Eventually, the story of Lizzie Jane on Gorilla Island will be posted, but it will take awhile.
© 2008 by Starla Anne Lowry
All characters and places are fictitious and any resemblance to places or persons, living or dead, are coincidental. 


Starla Anna, Great Chapter, But There Is One Problem That You

Have, and that is sending George to school.
It will be fun to see just how Lizzie will explain having a house full being a newlywed because nobody will believe the truth. Maybe Lizzie and Jake can adopt them as orphans without papers from some abandoned town.
As for George, he had best stay way back in the woods.

May Your Light Forever Shine

One problem that has been mentioned

Since Lizzie Jane lives in a backwoods community, the rules of adoption could be very different from regular society.

Keep in mind that Lizzie Jane lived in the 1950's as a young person and a lot of things have changed -- laws for example.

For instance, a girl could get married at 14 in Alabama with parent's consent if it was an emergency, such as being with child. Now, if a 14 year old girl had a baby, law enforcement officials would be looking for the father to charge him.

(The law may still be on the books -- I don't know.)


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