Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 9

Nine – Preparations

Kate took Amanda to the mall that evening; they needed to shop, and time was limited, so they went to a couple of the big department stores and another specialty clothing store to look for a dress for the dance.
Amanda hadn’t been clothes shopping in quite a while and found this trip to be a very strange experience. She couldn’t see the clothes, so she used her other senses. As she expected, the various kinds of fabric had distinctive textures but she discovered that they had their own odors too, some pleasant, some neutral, a few actually unpleasant. She chuckled to think that she was actually judging clothing on how it smelled in the store. Going into a fitting room with her mom was really strange. She wondered what the store clerks and other shoppers thought when they saw that.
She tried on four or five dresses, and with each one, Amanda ran her hands over her body, down her sides, and down her arms, trying to feel what she’d look like. One dress felt right. It was knee length, hung loosely, and was made of a crinkly, sheer fabric over a more solid, satiny material. The top had spaghetti straps and was open to about midway between her breasts. It even had a little padding built in; she could feel that it would definitely show the little bit of cleavage she had.
Her mom told her it was a dark bluish-green and the sheer fabric had a sparkly look that caught light and would look great while dancing. Its color went well with her hair, eyes, and skin color, and while not slinky tight, it clung to her closely enough to emphasize and complement her shape while still being loose enough to swirl as she moved.
For a special touch, they bought some black satin bikini-style panties, and her mom joked that her date had better not find out anything about them. They were her secret and would make her feel sexy. She couldn't wear a bra with the straps and neck line on this dress, but it had a little support built in and she didn't need much anyway.
At the jewelry counter they found some dangly silver earrings that would sparkle as she moved. She already had a silver necklace at home that would go well with the dress and earrings. At the makeup counter, they bought some lipstick that would complement Amanda’s color as well as the dress. Next they picked out some black shoes with slight heels since none of her dressy shoes really fit anymore.
She hadn’t paid much attention to her hair style over the last couple of years and would need to get her hair done for the dance. Her mom said she would make her an appointment for Saturday afternoon. She wouldn’t get anything too special; her dark hair hanging freely with a little natural curl at the ends would work perfectly with the dress. She needed a trim and style but nothing more.
In the car on the way home Amanda asked, “Mom, what does he look like? I’m going on a date with a guy I know nothing about except how he sounds. Should I be embarrassed to be seen with him?”
“Well, he’s a little taller than you and looks fit. He has dark blond hair, blue eyes and must have spent some time outdoors over the summer because he still shows a bit of a tan. He’s been wearing jeans and shirts, and while not particularly stylish, he’s definitely not out of it either. He has a really nice smile, and you have to have noticed his pleasant voice. To me, he also seems very polite and easy to get along with. Both of those are pretty important factors. Overall, I’d probably rate him a seven or eight out of ten. You definitely don’t need to be embarrassed to be seen with him. In fact, I think he’s someone a girl would like to be seen with.”
“That sounds good. I was a little worried but then who am I to be choosey.”
“That’s not fair honey, you need to be more confident in yourself.”
Am I pretty?”
“Amanda, you know that isn’t a fair question to ask your mother. Of course you’re pretty. Your shape has grown more womanly over the last couple of years, your face is cute, and your eyes are beautiful. Being totally honest, you probably are a little thin, but thin is in anyway. When you dress up for the dance, you will blow that poor boy away. I guarantee it.”
“That’s good to know at least. I guess your pictures will probably come out nice. It’s funny to think that my completely useless eyes are my most beautiful feature.”
“Sweetheart, you’ve always been pretty, and as you’ve matured, you’ve become a beautiful young woman.”
On Friday morning, Amanda brushed her hair out and wore a blouse and sweater her mom helped her pick out instead of the normal baggy sweatshirt, along with her jeans. She actually put a little effort into how she looked that day and tried to dress more stylishly and more feminine. Her mom teased her a little on the way to school, “What’s with the new look today? Are you suddenly out to attract the guys?”
She didn’t appreciate the comment, “Damn it, I’m just wearing something different, no hidden meaning, so don’t fuck with me.”
Kate wanted to complain about the language but decided that she’d just keep quiet for the rest of the drive. Her daughter had pecked a crack through the shell she wore like armor, but she wasn’t ready to do more than peek through it yet. Hopefully, the day would go well, and the evening would go even better. She’d really like to have her sweet little girl back with her, and maybe now there was finally some hope.


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