Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 4

This chapter has a scene with a mild sexual situation. If that disturbs you I'm sorry but I felt it was important to the plot. Remember how things can change in the course of a weekend when you are a teenager?


Four – A Wild Weekend

In Ken’s opinion, Kelly was a great cheerleader, her natural perkiness and energy, along with her compact but curvy body, made her perfect for bouncing around the field with pompoms and shouting cheers. He figured he wasn’t the only one who thought she was the star of the squad, but that didn’t bother him since he WAS the one she’d be going out with after the game. That thought kept him warm and smiling the whole game. During halftime, Kelly came up into the bleachers and shared his cola, then sat on his lap as he leaned back against the row of bleacher seats behind them, his arms around her, holding her to him. They shared a few brief kisses, but mostly they just cuddled and talked until it was time for her to return to the field for the second half. Gateway won the game twenty eight to twenty four, and he was sure that the key to the team’s victory had been Kelly’s cheerleading.

At the end of the game, Ken waited in the bleachers for Kelly to finish her post-game cleanup. After about fifteen minutes she climbed up and stepped into a hug and a passionate kiss, then Ken draped his letter jacket around her, took her hand, and led her out to the pickup. He drove to the Sonic drive-in near the school, a post-game hangout for many of the Gateway students, for drinks and a hamburger. With their victory tonight, the crowd was in a great mood for joking, laughing, and telling stories while they ate and talked.

Snack and socializing finished, Ken drove to a secluded spot in Lakeside Park. The whole park was a teenage make-out haven, and he passed several other cars as he drove along the road looking for the right pullout. Once he’d parked and turned off the engine, he cracked the window slightly to ventilate the cab, locked the doors, and slid the seat back as far as it would go. Kelly shrugged off his jacket and did that girl contortion trick where she moved her arms around inside her sweater and magically pulled a bra out her sleeve. He leaned back against the door and put his leg up on the seat. Kelly crawled up to face him, and he wrapped his arms around her, brushed her lips with his, gently kissed her nose, and then moved back to her lips. After a few closed mouth-smooches they both opened their lips and slid their tongues out to meet each other’s.

As their tongues danced in their connected mouths, his hand strayed down to the hem of her cheer sweater and back up under it. Her skin was warm and smooth as silk, delightful to touch, and he slowly walked his fingertips over her waist and ribs coaxing a sigh and wiggle from his girlfriend. His hand continued up her body until it found a naked breast, a firm, delightful handful. After a little more kissing and touching, he reached into the glove compartment for a condom, and they steamed up the windows and rocked the truck for a pleasurable interval.

Afterward, while calming down, they cuddled and talked, all the time touching each other and sharing slow comfortable kisses. As her midnight curfew approached, they straightened their clothes and started up the truck to clear the windows. Kelly stuffed her bra in her purse and wore his jacket as he escorted her to her door, ending the evening with more kisses. Life was good. 

Saturday morning Ken woke up feeling great. He washed the truck and cleaned out the garbage inside and in the bed. It’s seemed to be a funny fact of life; all pickup trucks automatically accumulated trash in their beds, and most of it wasn’t even his. After lunch, he worked on programming for a computer game he was writing, and when he got bored with the program, he looked up computer accessibility for the blind. He found a huge amount of information on assembling computers with speech synthesizers, building games for the blind, large character keyboards, and even making web pages accessible to the blind. He had never realized how much information was out there on the topic. On web page design, some things seemed obvious, but pages had to be put together correctly to make them work with the special equipment blind people used. Thinking about some of the sites he’d built, he realized that many of the “coolest” features he’d put in them made the pages almost impossible for a blind person to navigate.

He drove to the movie theater for his four-o’clock-to-closing shift. He was taking tickets tonight and would also do some usher work and cleanup. If things got too busy, he’d work behind the refreshment counter. Working at the theater was an easy, mindless job that paid okay and gave a valuable fringe benefit. He and a friend could get into any of the chain’s movies for free. With the high price of movie tickets, that little perq helped a lot toward making dates affordable.

Sarah and Patty were working behind the counter selling food and drinks. Both were cute sixteen year olds. Sarah went to Ken’s high school and Ken saw her there now and then, usually with her current boyfriend. Patty was a really vivacious petite, redhead with an attitude to match her hair, who went to St. Paul’s, the local Catholic high school. Patty was Ken’s favorite target for teasing and flirting while at work. She gave as good as she got, so Ken never knew how she’d respond to anything he said. Ken had asked Patty out early last spring, but she’d refused, saying she was already in a relationship; however, that never stopped her from teasing him.

Today, as Ken walked up to the counter, Patty taunted him, “You ready to dump that cheerleader and find yourself a real woman yet?”

Ken laughed, “Sarah’s taken so I guess I’m stuck. Do you see another real woman here?”

Patty laughed, stuck her tongue out at him, and turned back to her work.

Later when the lobby was empty of customers, Ken told Patty about his experiences with Amanda. The only advice Patty could give him was to go with the flow. She felt sorry for Amanda, who obviously was unhappy, but had no insights about how to communicate with her. Patty asked him why he was concerned. Was he interested in her? He replied that he simply was frustrated about not being able to have a civil conversation with her. Since neither could come up with an idea, they decided that with only five days left, if he just stuck to the reading, he’d get through pretty painlessly and be finished.

At about fifteen minutes before closing, Ken was standing just inside the door of one of the theaters, waiting for the last movie to end. He closed his eyes and thought about whether a blind person could enjoy a movie. There was a lot of information in the sound track, but for this film at least, the plot depended too much on visual action. There was a long stretch where the only sound track was music, and you had to watch the screen to know what was going on. He decided that for a blind person to follow this film, they’d have to have a narrator giving them hints on key parts.

Working until closing at the theater always left him exhausted, so Ken woke up late on Sunday. After lunch, he called Kelly to see if they could get together for something in the afternoon. She asked him to come to her house.

When he got there a few minutes later, she was sitting on the porch step with his jacket folded over her lap. She stood up to meet him with a brief kiss and hug, and asked him to sit down.

“Ken, we’ve been going together for a few months now, and you know I’ve enjoyed being with you.” 

This did not sound good.

“I went to a party at Todd Carter’s house last night, you know, the center on the football team. Somehow, he and I really connected, and we ended up spending pretty much the whole party together. At the end, Todd asked me to go to the homecoming dance with him, and I said yes.” 

“Kelly, we’ve been planning on the homecoming dance for a month.”

“I know, but Todd is so cool and fun, and now that I’m a varsity cheerleader, I really think I should be going out with one of the football players. The other girls on the squad have been telling me that for weeks.”

“That’s bullshit; what do you mean, ‘should be?’ You’re Kelly first, cheerleader second. You should be doing what’s right for Kelly. I thought we were in love. I mean, just Friday night…”

She interrupted, “I thought so too, but I had a really great time with Todd, and I want to keep it going. I’m sorry we didn’t work out, but I did have a lot of fun while we were together. Here, take your jacket. I really hope that we can still be friends.”

It was a pretty clear dismissal. He didn’t think arguing would get him anywhere, and it would just make him seem pathetic. Besides, after what she’d said, he wasn’t sure he wanted to argue. A Kelly who thought being a cheerleader defined who she could be with wasn’t the Kelly he wanted to stay with anyway. He stood up, still a little stunned, and started toward his truck. “Bye, Kelly,” was all he could say.

This was not the way Ken had expected to spend Sunday. He went home and tried to sort out his feelings. He still had trouble believing this hadn’t been a bad dream. How could Kelly dump him so easily for a stupid football player? And what about Todd? He had to have known that Ken and Kelly were together. Those damn football players thought they were the kings of the school and could have anything they wanted. He thought about trying to beat the shit out of Todd, but beside it being a futile gesture, Todd was the football team center and was huge. He debated with himself whether he even wanted Kelly anymore after the way she’d treated him. How could this have happened? On Friday night they were in love, and by Sunday it was all over. Guess he should be glad that she’d shown she wasn’t the girl he’d thought she was before… before what? He had really thought this was love. Under his breath he whispered, “Fuck you Kelly… Fuck you Todd…” and he wiped the moisture from the corners of his eyes.

In the end, he nibbled on some chips, surfed the web a little -- ending up on a site about blindness and education -- did some homework, and lay on his bed staring at the ceiling. What did he do wrong? What was wrong with him? Why did Kelly decide he wasn’t good enough? He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and tried to wipe away the feelings and take a nap. Thoughts just kept running through his head until he dozed off into a troubled sleep. His mom woke him up for dinner, but he told her he really wasn’t hungry and just needed to sleep. Near midnight he got up, took off his clothes and crawled into bed.


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