Two Trouble Makers

"Momma, Momma," shouted a raven-haired, little 5 year old girl.

" Yes, honey" answered the mother.

" Can me and Sue go play?" Blurted the 5 year old.

" Yes as long as you both stay in the yard." The mother answered, the soap suds, rising into the air as she washed each pot and pan.

The 5 year old raced back into the living-room, right up to the sleeping Sue, who had no idea what was going on, she was curled on her favorite blanket. The one that her mistress had brought the day she had been brought back to this new place she had began to call home.

" Sue, Sue" bubbled the little voice softly griping some fur to wake up her sleeping friend.

Sue’s eyes fluttered open, a yawn soon followed. She stood and stretched her forelegs and then her, back legs. Shaking away the rest of her sleep she turned an attentive look to the 5 year old child.

Who bubbled with joy, explaining that they could go outside and play. The child satisfied with what she explained to her friend, Hollered " come" and floated out the room, on legs made of lighting and grease.

She followed, at her own pace. Time had shown her that the little one would always wait at the door. She was the there holding the door open, to the backyard. A place where Sue had learned to not dig up the roses, chew on the flowers pots, and play with the lawn chairs.

Today the 5 year old planned to do what her mom did to Sue every weekend, bathe her and brush her. She readied, the garden hose, pulled out the kid sized pool, and laid all the grooming brushes, out. She seen the stuff out and it perked her interest to investigate further. She noticed that treats led up to the kid sized pool, looking inside she found more treats. So, her long wavy black coat, swished against the side of the pool as she entered. Not realizing the ambush in store for her. Just as her head came up after the last treat, water squirted out of no where. Out of fright she, skirted around it and ran toward the house. The water flowed with the giggles of the little girl.

Sue stopped and turned to look at who was holding the hose. Realizing that it wasn’t a threat, she walked back to the pool and jumped in with the ease of a dog who did this kinda thing a lot. The water poured and the soap bubbles flew. Every once in a while Sue would shake, to keep the water from seeping into her ears. The girl would giggle and continue with the soaping process. Soon the hose was pouring over Sue again, water began to go in her ears, and Sue shook, soaking water all over the little girl. Who only laughed happily.

The little girl got the towels and began drying Sue off. Leaving puddles along the way. The towels were then dropped on to the wet ground and forgotten. Sue stayed with the girl as she threw balls out into the middle of the yard. The little girl noticed that Sue’s black and tan coat was almost dry and ran to get the brushes. Sue followed, the little girl to where the brushes were. Staying standing Sue was brushed from head to tail. Special care was done for the ears, and feathers. The little girl then pulled out two burgandy colored ribbons , and with a giggle place one around each ear and pulled out a third, and tied it around Sue’s slender neck.

Running over to the screen door the little girl bellowed at the top of her little lungs. " Mommy, Mommy"

The mother walked out the screen door, to see, her daughter covered with mud and soaked to the bone.

"Anne, honey what have you been up to." The mother glanced around the backyard, seeing puddles of water, dirty towels, strung out along the line of the hose, and every dog brush she owned laying through out the yard.

She noticed Sue then. The bows tried and hanging to the side. Sue’s black and tan coat, shinny , and clean. Every piece of hair slick and groomed.

Smiling the mother turned to the grimy little girl, " She’s beautiful , where are you going to take her?" The mother asked raising a brow.

" To the puppy show, like you do." Came a very proud response.

"That’s grand. Although you forgot one little thing." The mother smiled, putting a gentle hand on the top of the little girls head, " the handler must be just as clean."

Surprise came quickly to the little girls face. Realizing that she had better get clean. "Mommy I need to take a bath. " She grasped her mom’s hand and headed into the house.

After the bath, though, the little girl was hungry. Once she had eaten, thought she grew sleepy . They were sitting watching a dog show when the mother noticed that both her little trouble makers were fast asleep.

Her daughter, was curled up on the floor right next to her Gordon Setter. Both had matching bows and both where tired from all the work they had done. The mother smile, another day done. Now it was time to relax and enjoy the evening.

Picking up the sleeping little girl she placed her in her bed and went to her own, followed by the bowed Gordie that needed the bows removed and she too, was tired from a long day of babysitting. So the black and tan rests with her mistress until tomorrow, when the day starts again.


Very cute

Cute short story although that dog was way too well behaved. Nice job.

Amateur cabinetmaker - that's what the name means.

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