Tikki, A Cat With 9 Lives?

Tikki, A Cat with 9 Lives?

I did not know how to break the news to my daughter, her first pet, a kitten, would have to be put down. Tikki had a faulty heart and our vet has told us that she had but a month at most to live. We left Tikki at the vet’s, never to see her again.

A week later, my darling has not been the same, she blames me for her missing Tikki, at five she does not have a handle on death, perhaps a new kitten?

Daddy, would you hold these for me?

A pendent and one of Tikki’s collars, I was shocked as I picked them up from the bed. As I drop them I feel my skin crawling and itching, I see my arm hairs growing.


Mommy, daddy gave me a new Tikki.

Where’s your daddy at? Never mind, we should take your new Tikki to the vet to be checked over and get her shots.

I’m sorry miss, this kitten is suffering from the same problem as the last, and I’d advise that she be put down also. I do this at no cost, I’m sorry for your child though.

A month latter, As we pack to move out I wonder why he left us. My daughter is asking me to put a pendant and one of Tikki’s collars in her suitcase before I close it.

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