Liver And Cheese

One day there were three male dogs: a Collie from the Lassie series, a Golden Retriever from the Air Bud movies and the Taco Bell Chihuahua trying to win the heart of a lady poodle.

She said, "I will go with the one of you that can make the best use of the words 'liver & cheese in a sentence."

Lassie went first saying, "Like liver & cheese."

Then Bud said ,"I hate liver & cheese."

The poodle said, "No to both of you. I guess being used to portray a bitch is too much for you Lassie & you just copied Lassie, Bud. I hope you can do better, Taco Bell."

Taco Bell said with a smirk, "Liver alone boys, cheese mine." Then he left with her much to the other's chagrin.



Laughing Out Loud

LOL !!


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