King Of The Rim

In the far future, human have colonized the galaxy. Many planets called for the adaptation of the body to meet the conditions of the planet and in some cases, mutations happened as the populace adapted to the new environs.

The human race became separated into the many races that populate future. But the Galactic Empire and Galactic Navy have both banned all Adapted Humans from their ranks.

The only places where they are welcome are in the Rim where the Empire has yet to annex the systems into it. The Capitol of the Rim is Trilannii Falls, named after the Capitol City Trilanni City.

The Trilanni believe in total equality and actively support Adapted Humans. Currently, the Ruling Council governs until the missing Prince returns.

Prince John Carter has joined the Navy due to the Draft. He has risen to the rank of Executive Officer; second only to the Captain.

He has seen the way that the Navy abuses the Adapteds as deemed inferior. He has used his position to limit the abuses shown to the victims by applying the Rules and Regulations when he can.

He has become known as MR. CLEAN and the crew has been looking for a way to get rid of him, but the Captain has supported him and his best friend is the Security Chief. As we enter the story, the crew has finally gotten their wish.


"Well, look at that babe, i am sure that she is good for a bit of fun."

"Looking towards the door of the bar, John Carter saw a petite redhead enter wearing a green bodysuit and matching boots.

"Careful there Bronson, she is from a Merchant Cruiser, I doubt that she is willing."


"If you do what I think your gonna' do, that is a Court martial

"And you would be more than happy to send me packing."

"I just enforce the Regulations, i do not make them."

"Well then I guess that i will head back."

Then the drunk Bronson drained his mug of beer and staggered out. Then John Carter saw the redhead approach the table.

"Hello, I am Jane Meadows."

"I am John Carter."

Then John Carter held the seat as she sat down.

"My oh my, are we not a Gentleman John Carter of Mars." [giggle]

"Actually, my family came from Mars, but we settled out here on the Rim."

"Oh, which system>"

"The Trilannii System."

"Then you are one of the few that support the T.G."

"Yes, as soon as my tour is over, I am retiring and going back to the family farm."

"Then perhaps you could help me then."

"Sure, what do you need?"

"John, I am an Adapted."

"Whew! Jane, you look fine to me."

"Thank you, actually, I did serve upon a naval ship before I was found out."

"Don't worry Jane, your secret is safe with me."

"I know that, but I saw your shipmate leave and I need you to escort me back to my ship."

"You think that he will attack you?"

"Yes, and if successful, I could get,,,"

"Then I shall be your Knight my Lady."

"Thanks, but I am not a lady."

"Princess then."

"If you insist." [giggle]

Then after paying up the bar bill, John Carter escorted Jane to her ship, but as they neared, her fears were realized as Bronson attacked them with the aid of his cohorts. As they tried to have their way with Jane, John Carter knocked them out before they succeeded.

"Thanks John, they almost had me!"

"Glad to be of service. I will have Bronson sent packing along with Jones and Walsh."

"Only one thing John."

"What is that."

"Jones and Walsh were shipmates of mine, they know who I am."


King Of The Rim

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