The Inverse Corollary of Sturgeon's Law

The blogging phenomenon is unprecedented in history. People used to write letters but I think very few letter writers ever had the output of even the average blogger today. And almost everyone blogs, it's staggering. If 90% of everything is crap does it follow that 10% of all of the blogs written are worth saving?

Yow, scary.

Now that I've inverted Ted Sturgeon and shook him for his pocket change could somebody step on that quarter?

- Erin

To someone perhaps

One man's rubbish is another man's gold.

Does it follow that if 90% of blogs are rubbish, making 10% worth saving? I don't know. I haven't seen 90% of blogs, so I really couldn't comment... oh wait, I already am!

I suspect to someone, everything is worth something, for whatever reason - whether you should consider keeping them is quite another matter.


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