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CreateSpace "Breakout" Novel Contest

Why you should read the linked page is that this time they are allowing previously self-published novels and have a Young Adult category, too. Prize is $15,000 dollars and a publishing contract with Penguin.

Chapter Numbering in Title Boxes

 The main things are: 1. Always use the <strong>same pattern</strong>. 2. Use <strong>arabic numbers</strong> [1...295...???] for the chapter titles in the title field.

Story Contest

 Would anyone here be interested in a story contest? We could offer actual prizes, perhaps?

- Joyce

What's the internet good for?

Toxic Mice

Toxic Mice

For authors

 A new feature here at BC, "My stories". The link should be in the right hand column if you have an author account. How do you get an author account? Write and post a story! I usually upgrade accounts from Member to Author within 24 hours.

- Joyce

Teasers and editors

Teasers are just part of the body of the story, with the end of them marked by the use of the <!--break--> tag. If you don't supply a Break tag, the software will guess how long the teaser is. Sound familiar? :)

The Inverse Corollary of Sturgeon's Law

The blogging phenomenon is unprecedented in history. People used to write letters but I think very few letter writers ever had the output of even the average blogger today.

New Site on the Block

Fictioneer as a new general fiction site updates the idea of a blogging site for authors. Why just blog when you can post stories, get comments from readers and discuss things with your peers?

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