Healing a Princess... map

Healing a Princess...map



By Tim Knight



Here is a link to a map of the world in Which Tonya, Rikki, Monyka and the rest are traveling.

I hope this helps you visualize better.



I'll be adding more details and other maps as they are needed.


Tim Knight


Thanks Tim, The Map Does Help Out A Lot...

It looks a lot like Europe with Ripona looking Like England.
May Your Light Forever Shine


Maps! Me likes Maps! Pretties!!!
Thanks Tim

Could it be somewhere else?

Dear Tim and friends.
I would suppose it could be a map of BCT (or as many of us like to put it B.Cr) of the world seen from the Chinese horizon. Before China closed it's borders for us Long-Nosed persons they had communication with EastAfrica but perhaps not a very deep insight beyoud the costal areas, that's why Riponia is just shoved as the parts really known. The Ju-Ju islands would therefore be today's Indonesia Blaire is the northern parts of China Adwana the countries south of China proper. Japan, as an eternal enemy to China was just excluded. Thami would be Rurik's land (Russia), Morpeth is Europe and what is north of that was not even known then. Described simply as Ultima Thule by the Romans. The Americas not shown even if there are evidences that China had trade connection with Sout America. The map leads me to this, but the time spent on the travels do not confirm it. Will be back with other things another time.

Thanks, Tim...

The map's much appreciated.

Presumably the blue routes through the continent represent water. Are the pink ones roads? They seem few and far between...



The pink lines represent kingdom boundries. This particular map doesnt have the roads drawn in. I was more concerned about getting some of the town details. I hoped that they would be more usefull to keep track of the Party.

glad it could help a little.


Will you continue HAP ?

Will you be continuing this excellent story? I really appreciate this map, but except for it, we haven't had any new chapters for a month. Your work is truly incredibly detailed, and I understand how much effort that requires to research and develop a continuing story line. I sincerely hope that you haven't lost interest because I would hate to see this tale wither and end without a conclusion as so many fine serials seem to do. Please continue with it.



Due to my busy schedule, with home and work, it has been difficult for me to get addiquate time to concentrate on HaP. :( I have not given up on it and am eager to continue. I just need a bit more time.

I'm thrilled that you are enjoying it. check back in about 2 weeks. I hope to be posting a chapter then.

thank you for reading, enjoying and commenting

Tim Knight

Will "Healing A Princess" continue?

I hope that I speak for many others as well as myself in asking if you are going to continue HAP. It has been almost 3 months since the last chapter was posted here, and my experience has been that serials seem to die when the interval gets that long. Readers forget what happened last, and tend to lose interest.
You need to know that at least one avid reader is hopefully waiting for the next chapter, and then, many more, to be posted. You have shown a great talent with the story so far. It would be a regrettable loss if the story, and as others have already said, a great story, were to die right here and now. Thanks for sharing your talent and creativity with all of us.

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