Drew's American Trip is over Chapter2


Drew's American Adventure is over.

by Sharp

(A Gaby fanfic based upon the characters created by Maddy Bell)


Silver ladies and Royal Leprechauns.

Alexis, “Leprechauns it appears that the Silver lady has elevated one of your number to Royal Leprechaun 1st class. Once Ally takes her place officially then she will choose others. For now she will be under my guidance and that of my sisters and cousins. Astrid will see to it that should Ally and companions need help then all my Leprechauns are to give it. Now though Ally you are to return to your friends.

Back on RAF1 everybody was fast asleep. They are still all fast asleep as when we left them and I have been away quite a while.

Alison, "No only a few seconds have elapsed. I also had better be getting back to my duties. They will not remember Helen or anything that has happened here, other than Gaby being taken ill and having to be flown home. See you soon." With that Alison vanished.

A few seconds later Gaby Bond awoke, "Oh Ally it is you that is looking after me. I have been having another strange dream. Just of late I have been having all sorts of weird dreams. I will be glad to get home and be Drew again.

I am glad you are awake; will you look after my baby while I go and powder my nose?

Gaby took the bundle off Ally. Then she started to talk. "I always feel more relaxed when Ally lets me have you for a short time. I suppose I could tell you about my dreams. I even dreamt you where a living leprechaun and Ally was a fairy Queen. Can you imagine that? If she was then all she would need to do would be wave her wand and I would be winning the race. I even had a dream that my own mother was a dragon. I know she can be scary at times, but even that was far fetched. I even had a dream about those children Ally; Rhod and the rest of us helped. My imagination is working overtime. You know I wish I had a doll just like you. My hormones may be wonkey and as a boy it is not the done thing. I though need somebody I can tell my private thoughts and concerns to. They all think I am numb and do not realise what is going on.

I have had several e-mails and one has intrigued me. Somebody called Baby has written to me stating they wish to sponsor my team. I have asked my parents to take me to see this Baby. Well mum has been looking into what we may receive and what we can not have. Well I found the place she wants to meet me at and, it is ideal for children. I had hoped some of my friends could come along with me but unfortunately even sleeping Rhod has other commitments. Maddy and the others get a thrill out of dressing me as a girl. Then they tend to forget I am not one. I am forever getting myself into situations. I have to see that doctor when we arrive. Mum said she was a specialist consultant on my condition. Well my little friend I am getting tired again and Ally is not back so you had better snuggle up with me."

Ally eventually returned to find Gaby asleep clutching the Leprechaun tight to her chest. Ally, "Have you discovered what our Gaby is yet little one?”

The leprechaun nodded and then managed to say I nearly drowned in all that milk she is producing I had to start drinking it and then I realised what I was doing. She needs help in more than one way. I doubt that she has told anybody about her problem with the milk. So I will have to help her, is that ok with you? She also said I wish I had a doll just like you to talk to I always feel relaxed after Ally lets me borrow you."

Ally, "I love you dearly but her need is greater than mine, so I will loan you to Gaby."

Thank you mistress that makes it easier to tell you I already have sampled the princess. She has told me that she wanted her friend to go somewhere with her but none could make it.

Leprechaun I hope you realise that you have just drunk the lifeblood of a golden Queen. You need her as much as she needs you. I will tell Gaby when she awakes she may borrow you. I think the loan may be of a permanent nature."

About an hour before the jet was due to land they all awoke. Gaby said, “Sorry Ally I fell asleep holding your doll. I always feel safe when ever you lend me it."

"Well Gaby I think you had better borrow her for the time being. Always keep her close to you and you can safely confide your deepest secrets in her."

Thanks Ally for the loan I will take good care of the little one for you. Shortly there was an announcement that they would soon be landing at Robin Hood international.

"Oh good we will be nearer home than Manchester."

Drew, “Mum I am feeling a lot better now. It must have been that long sleep I had. I have had plenty of weird dreams. Ally has loaned me her favourite doll and asked me to take good care of it for her. For some reason I feel safe when it is close to me.

Jenny looked at her husband and said, “We will have to get you your own so Ally can have hers back Gaby."

"Mum Ally has loaned me this so it helps me get better. I still feel weird like there is a fire in my tummy and I keep springing a leak. Ops I was not going to tell you that."

Dave looked at Jenny, "I think you and I need to go to the toilet young lady."

Jenny looked at Drew in the toilet, “We have nothing to help you now but I will get you something when we get home. I have heard of this happening before but normally it is nursing mothers that it happens to.

"Mum I can assure you I have never had a child or even considered having one. I am far too young for that"

Drew I think you had better stuff some tissues down there to soak up the excess. Then once we get home you and I need a good heart to heart talk about your condition. I also have to make that appointment with the consultant. She though is not going to tell me anything I can not see with my own eyes. I do think though it is in your interests to move you to a new school. That is something we can discuss once we get home.

A second or two late the captain's voice appeared on the tannoy system and asked everybody to fasten their seatbelts as they where on the approach to Robin Hood international. With that the group complied.

Waiting for the group to arrive was quite a gathering of media newshounds. Gaby started to hyperventilate when she saw the media. Ally touched her and said, "Sleep friend." With that Gaby collapsed and had to be taken off RAF1 on a stretcher.

One reporter asked, "Jenny have you any news for us.

"Yes my youngest child has collapsed again and we need to get her to a specialist hospital. So please do not delay us." As she spoke an ambulance came with a police escort and drew up in front of the aircraft. "Sorry we have to go now."

Jenny got in the ambulance with Drew and asked Maddy to accompany them. The police officer said, “Sir if you and the remainder of your Family get in my car we can get the patient up the motorway to Leeds. I have instructions we have to have Blues and twos all the way to Saint James Hospital.

Ally shouted, “Do not worry about your cases we can deal with them. Tell Drew to look after my friend."

With that the convoy set off.

The children arrive home.

It was a relatively short distance from Robin Hood international to the children's home. The children where all rather subdued when the coach arrived. Rhod spoke to the headmaster "Sir Gaby has had to be taken to hospital. We all thought she was recovering and then just before we landed she collapsed. The Ambulance came with a police car and took the Bond and Peters families to the hospital. We have the cases belonging to both families."

The poor headmaster, "Thank you for that information I will let you all know how everything is going."

Silve, "I will take their cases as I have a spare key to the Bond household.

With that the children all went home to their respective parents. Ally & Rhod went home together. Once they where home Rhods Grand mother said, “Mfawney exactly what happened this time.”

Ally, "Grand mistress you recognised me straight away. Gaby is in no danger. In fact she is just taking a little nap. When she saw all the reporters she started to hyperventilate so I placed her in a deep sleep to stop her getting worse. Did I do wrong as I know I am supposed to look after her and when I saw her panicking it was the first thing I could think of."

"So you also recognise me. You where quite correct to put Gaby to sleep. I would have taken the same course of action had I been near."

"Gran what are you talking about? I saw Gaby and she just collapsed on to Ally."

"Mfawney it is time you called your other friend Li to come here."

As she spoke there was a knock on the front door. Silve said, "I will get it." On the doorstep stood Li and her parents.

"Is this Mfawneys home? We where not quite sure which one it was. We came because we all need to talk. Li's mother curtsies when she sees the Grandmother. "So what Li told us is true. We had to come and see for ourselves.

Mfawney ran over to Li, “I was going to call you as gran wanted to see you."

"Yes we realised she might when I told mum what had happened to Drew. When I got home virtually everything was packed up and the removal firm arrived. Like you I have to go and live with Gaby in a new home about 90 miles away from here."

The grand mother, "We need to go and see the headmaster and inform him several of his pupils are moving away."

A quick telephone call and it was determined that the headmaster was still at the school. They set off in Li's parents Range Rover. They where soon back at the school the children had only departed from a short time before. A knock on the door and somebody said "enter."

Rhod's grandmother, “I have come to build a few bridges and tell you that there is no need to worry over legal action from the Bond family. Mr Bond was letting steam off and unfortunately you where in the firing line. From what I understand Drew will be changing to Gaby fulltime shortly and it would be appreciated if her records where amended to show that. She is shortly to start training at the national cycle centre and so to facilitate this will be moving home. Likewise the same is applicable to Rhod who as from today has become Mfawney fulltime. Mfawney, Li & Ally will all be moving with Gaby."

"I have been asked to give you this letter. I know the contents and ask that you abide with it. Gaby will still need her friends and so the writer has agreed to sponsor your school cheer leaders providing they appear at all Gabys races."

The headmaster spoke into the intercom and asked Mrs Jones from the Education Authority to come through. She read the letter and then asked a few questions. "So this person wishes to sponsor the Sherwood Foresters. Are we allowed to use the mini coaches for other things?

"You may use them as you want but remember the cheerleader have first call on their use. If two events clash then the cheerleaders get the mini coaches. I hope I made that plain." The Headmaster signed the document and then so did Mrs Jones on behalf of the education Authority.

"I will send you details of where to send the documentation for the pupils who are moving away."

Mrs Jones, "Have you heard how Gaby is as we under stood she was taken away in an ambulance with a police escort?"

"Well she needed a blood transfusion in America and then I understand she collapsed just as she was going to leave the Aeroplane. I do know she was taken at high speed to Saint James Hospital in Leeds. Other than that we know nothing." As they were speaking Mfawney telephone went off.

Jules had decided to ring Mfawney and let her know how things where going. "Gaby is recovering but she is to be kept in for observation. Will not be returning home. Once Gaby is recovered we will be moving to our new home. Please tell others Gaby will be ok now."

Li, "Sir we will be here in the morning to say goodbye to our friends. Our furniture is being moved as we speak. So we are staying over night at the Sheriff of Nottingham."

After they left the Education officer telephoned Saint James and asked about Gaby. She explained who she was and why she was ringing.

"Sorry Madame I am not allowed to divulge that sort of information but I can put you through to the ward."

Jenny was called to the telephone, "Yes she is doing fine. Oh have they been to the school already? Yes I knew of the sponsorship but Gaby does not as yet. Currently she is sleeping. It appears she is sleeping herself better. Once she awakes we have to take her to meet the sponsor and tell her we have moved home. Please tell the headmaster he has nothing to worry about it was just my husband letting off steam. Gaby will be disappointed she will not be there to say goodbye to all her friends but she will still meet up with them. I will send you a list of her schedules so that can run smoothly. See you all soon.”

Out side the school Li's mother looked at Ally, "Please Ally will you show us your true self? So my daughter is not only friends with a dragon. The legend is correct the sliver lady has also appeared."

Ally, "People keep calling me that including Mfawney grandmother."

Li, "Ally only a golden Queen or Empress out ranks the Silver Lady. She is one of the most important personages of the Fay people. Both Mfawney and I in comparison are way down the scale normally, however we all said our vows together and are now companions. We have been selected to look after a young queen and act as her guide and protection. We all know the blood of Draco runs in Gaby as we can feel it.”

Ally, "There you are all wrong Li as it is the blood of the golden Empress herself that flows in Gaby. I know who donated their blood for Gaby. First off was Maddy, Gaby's true love. Then the other was the Empress Alexis and her twin sister Alison."

Mfwany, "Gaby told me herself that she had received three transfusions from Maddy & Lady Alexis & Alison Middleham. She said nothing of a Golden Empress Ally.”

Ally looked around and waved her arms. All around knelt down. Ally spoke, “Leprechauns come to me I request your help. With in seconds a multitude of leprechauns appeared. My friends here have to move house to help look after a golden princess. It is my request that they are given help to move. Now which is the smallest? Ah you will do you are elevated to Royal leprechaun first class. The other of your number has an important job to do she is looking after Gabriel Bond and so I need a replacement."

"Mistress I am leprechaun Lindsay and it was my cousin Tiny one you chose before. Two of my cousins wondered if the two dragon girls would also like a leprechaun companion to talk to."

Li , “If it is the Silver Lady's wish then we will both agree. I was also wondering about Maddy and the others who are due to join us at our new home."

Ally; Maddy will have leprechauns coming out of her ears before she is done. Do not worry Li there will be plenty of leprechauns who want the job of looking after Gaby and Maddy. They tend to act like children and love nothing more than practical jokes. Tiny one already has attatched herself to Gaby and will not be returning to me. She is quite content where she is."

One of the leprechauns was heard to say, "You would not catch me abandoning the Sliver Lady for a Human regardless of how well known she is. Tiny one has let the side down and I will tell her when I next see her."

Ally, "I heard that and just to put your mind at rest. Tiny one has done nothing wrong. I personally loaned her to Gaby who is my friend. Tiny one discovered what I already knew. Gaby has the blood of the Golden Empress herself coursing through her veins. Whilst on loan Tiny one realised the position was going to be longer than she envisaged after discovering Gaby had a lactation problem and she asked for my permission to stay.”

"Sorry Silver Lady I was speaking my mind. I did not realise she was a young Golden. If little one has fed from her then there is no way she will ever return. It is as if the Empress herself has adopted our little one like she did with Baby. Then no greater honour could be bestowed on us. I have other children if she needs a companion for little one."

One of the sisters of little one slipped away. “Well I am going to find out myself if what they say is true. I always know where little one is and I will ask her.” The leprechaun failed to notice Jules in the room with Gaby, "Little one it is I Isis your sister I came to see if you are Ok.

Jules bent down and picked the leprechaun up. "What have we here you look just like Gaby's doll, but you talk?"

“Please mistresses do not hurt me I came looking for my sister who is pretending to be a doll. We do that when strangers are about or we are unsure about them. In my haste I did not see you. I was told my sister was helping Gaby with her lactation problem. I came to find out if it was true and to be cheeky and ask if a second Leprechaun was needed.”

Jules, "I lifted the other leprechaun over here so she did not get lost. You say you heard she had been drinking milk from Gaby?”

"Yes mistress and if it is true then little one will need help and your sister will wake up quicker. So I decided to volunteer for the job."

"Well Isis I will lift her back across. I love Drew as my brother and when she is in Gaby mode. Please do not tell her though as I like to have a fight occasionally with Drew."

Little one spoke, "Sister in your haste you have dropped us both in it now as you have talked to a human. The Silver Lady asked me to look after this one and I have been doing so."

Jules "Fear not I will not let on what you are. Somebody must think Gaby is important to send two Leprechauns to look after her."

Isis, "Little one was selected to help your sister and I just came to see if further help was needed that is all."

Little one, "Mistress now you have seen the two of us we will speak to you when you are alone. My sister is correct I do need help and I am pleased she has arrived. But she should know this is one position we can never abandon. I realised when the Silver Lady loaned me to Gaby."

The three of them failed to hear the door open and Dr Helen walk in. She watched for a while as Jules kissed both of them. "My sister needs help and I for one am willing for you to help her out if that is your wish."

Helen decided to let them know she was there. Leprechauns I saw you both there so you had better come and show yourselves. A Royal Leprechaun 1st class and a Leprechaun sister."

Isis when she saw Helen said, "Ops I am making many mistakes today."

Helen, "I have known for some time you where here and now a companion has arrived to help you. Jules place those two near the breast so they both can get a drink. This one must be rather thirsty being near the radiator. As for this other one she has just managed to up grade her self to same rank as her sister."

Little one, "Isis shut up before you get us both into trouble. Do you realise who this is? Sorry my sister can be a bit of a fool at times. I one time saw you with Lord Percy so I know you have something to do with him. I also know Baby has met Lord Percy so although you appear normal, you can not be."

Helen, "You are quite correct Lord Percy is my grandfather. I do not see him often. As for Baby I see her everyday before I go to work."

Isis was opening and closing her mouth. "Well Isis I agree with you Gaby should have another leprechaun and you will do fine."

“Mistress I did not expect to find a daughter of a dragon lord looking after Gaby. She would be safe in your hands alone."

"Yes but you two can provide a service I can not. In fact it would be better still if we had one more of your race."

Isis, "I can summands our remaining sister to help us if that is your wish."

With that there was a flash and the elder sister appeared. "Greetings sisters of mine and greetings to you golden companion and cousin of the Empress. Greetings sister of Gabriel. I am Hera. Isis you came here yourself and look at you. You are petrified now because the youngest of us has recognised Lady Helen. Lady Helen I believe one more is required will I do or should I go back to my task?"

Jules watched on in amazement as Hera started organising the other two. A second or two later said, "Lady Jules my sisters are now having their meal. Have you any other tasks for me or can I go?

Jules smiled and picked up the leprechaun, "Yes first kiss me if Gaby can have those two I am sure I can have you. You can help me to look after Gaby, as you appear to be the most sensible of the Leprechauns."

Hera looked at Helen for guidance, "The same blood flows in Jules as in Gaby & she has asked you personally to help her. Now allow me to up grade you to the same rank as those two sisters of yours Hera."

There was a low moan from Gaby. Hera said, "She will be awaking soon. As long as I can remember I have ended up looking after these two. While I will be your personal leprechaun I still have to look after the babies you have seen how stupid they can get without me around.”

Jules, "Are you able to assume a shape similar to me?

Hera, "If that is what you wish then that is what I will do. Is that better?

Helen pointed her hand again and said, "Hera you better look and dress like a nurse while you are here in the hospital."

Jules, "Hera you look like me, in fact we could be twins."

Hera, "Sorry I thought I would just become larger although I knew some Leprechauns who are close to their Mistresses have taken their shape."

Helen, "Hera you are bonded with Jules. Jules asked you to be her companion and this proves your soul also agrees with your decision. As your sister is waking up I will leave. She should be fit enough to visit me as previously arranged."

After Helen left Jules said, “I noticed a while ago that somebody is pretending to be asleep and I am going to tickle the soles of their feet."

At this Drew pretended to be waking up and said, "Hi Jules oh my eyes must be going funny as I am seeing double." Gaby felt the laughing on her tummy and said, "Ok you two can come out as I want to see you both." With that both leprechauns crawled out from under the covers. “I take it you both have had a good meal?”

Isis, "Yes we have had sufficient. We are both wondering if we will have bonded like your sister has with ours. Have we permission to see?

Gaby started to laugh and said, "I can think of many practical jokes we can play especially if we have Maddy on side as well."

Hera, "Before you do that do either of you feel strange?

Little one, "Not strange but as if I could run round the room faster than a jet plane."

Isis, "I feel extremely mischievous like a naughty child."

Jules touched Gaby just as Ally had done previously and said, "Sleep little Sister until we return." With that Gaby again fell into a deep sleep.

Jules, "I am sorry about having to do that to Gaby but something very important has happened. With the long dry summer we are having, everything is tinder dry and several of the moors have gone up in flames. Rombalds moor, which stretches from Skipton in the North to the outskirts of Bradford in the South, has gone up in flames, as have the nearby Bronte moors. Alexis has put out an all Fay Broadcast asking for help recovering the injured and those in danger." Outside The hospital they all could plainly see the smoke and flames from the fires, and even smell the burning embers.

Ally came up to them and said, "I see you heard the news we have to be going now. There are many in danger. Jules as you have already worked out you also are of dragon blood and are impervious to the flames."

Within the next few seconds they where off. The fire fighters where concentrating their manpower on attempting to stop the fire from reaching Leeds-Bradford International Airport. Below they could see bulldozers attempting to build a firebreak. Planes and Helicopters went over head dumping gallons of water on the moor. Fire-fighters from many different towns where fighting the blaze."

They soon spotted the first group of trapped and injured Fay. They where sheltering by the Stone circle on the Great Allotment of Ilkley moor.

Ally said, "Good they have found their way here I will open the doorway and they can all escape.”Little one can you stay here and send all through the door tell them the queen commands it. We will have to search further a field. You little one should be safe from the flame, as Gaby is Fire and Light.

Soon they found more Fay and pointed them in the right direction. Sweeping the area they decided to go back over the ground and they saw little one running with something.

Little one, "The Mother had hidden these under the Great Rock and she could not get back to them because of the flames. You where correct I can walk through flames, or to be more exact run through them. My dress is a bit Smokey though.”

Ally, "We had better go through the door ourselves and close it behind us. Nobody else can come through this way. They found the mother holding the door open but she had collapsed. Ally picked her up and said, "All through."

Jules looked around she was amazed when she saw so many tiny people. When she and Ally appeared the little people all either bowed or curtsied. Ally said, “Did you all come by the door way?"

Silver Lady all in this room did. “That tiny one and the one being held by the Dragon held the door so we all could escape.”

The little lady came round in Jules Arms. “My babies are they safe did you get them?”

Little one was all covered in smoke but said, "Yes I got them I have gone and placed them in the Royal nursery. As soon as I have cleaned myself I will take you there."

Ally waved her hands and all in the room appeared clean and in new clothing. Then a procession entered. Upon a small white horse did her sisters follow Astrid? Congratulations we get everybody to safety, which of you is Little one?

Little one stepped forward, “I am."

"I understand you left your post to go and rescue some babies and the mother of the children took your place is that correct?

"Yes I did and yes the mother did substitute for me."

"Good that is what I wanted to hear. The Empress Alexis has ordered you both shall receive a class one dragon heart to show all you both braved the fire to rescue others."

The mother, “I abandoned my children to try and find a way out and then I could not get back to them. I only did the little leprechauns job in holding the doorway open for others, and then I fainted with the heat from the fire, but my body kept the doorway open."

The Empress knows full well what transpired as many others have told her and asked for you both to be presented. Silver Lady you should be aware the fire awoke Lord Rombald from his slumber on another part of the moor and, he has built a massive firebreak to contain the fire. He was exhausted after building the firebreak and, so has moved to Crookrise to get some more sleep. So please if any of your number decides to relocate there do not disturb him. Others will also be getting awards in due time. Little one mother wants to know what made you think you could survive the flames?”

"I drunk of the princess and was full of fire and fire can not burn fire so I knew I was safe. I just felt as if I had to run as I was unsure how far away the children where or just where they were hidden under the great rock but, I found them and covered them up, and ran back through the fire. I was also unsure how long my protection would last so I had to run to ensure all of us did not perish in the confragation. Now I would like to resume my normal duties and get back to my young mistress if possible."

"Yes I think I had better take you back. First though I want to show you something. Astrid opened the door again.

The mother of the rescued children said, "May I also see?"

They looked around and the ground was scorched but if you touched it, the ground felt icy and wet. That is the work of the Water and Ice dragons they have been wetting and freezing the ground the fire is now in one small area near the Airport and normal means should now contain it."

Ally looked at the little woman and said, "I presume you lost your home?"

“Silver Lady I may have lost my home but my life was saved and I owe a debt of gratitude to this leprechaun for saving my children. I know dragon milk does not make you impervious to fire but it does enable you to run very fast. My friend risked her life to save my family and for that I will be for ever in her debt."

Little one fainted and Ally picked her up. “We better get you back to do your job in case you are required again to rescue strays.”

Jules, “As you have no home would you have any objection in coming to live with me. I have a dolls house my father built for me some time ago. It may be need of some decoration but it is sound and we have plenty of food that you can share.”

Isis, "Friend we do not even know your name although you recognised the Silver Lady, and her friends call her Ally. I am Isis, Sister to Hera and Fraya also known as little one Royal leprechaun 1st class. This is Princess Jules of the golden flight. So you can take that offer of a home from her as an order from the queen herself."

“Please Princess I wish to accept your kind offer of a home for my family. I am Pixie Petal we are some of the smallest of the Fay. I must also help my Leprechaun cousins if they are looking after Royal Princesses. My children need food and all my supply has gone until I get some substance."

Jules whispered to Isis, "Take them to Gaby?

Ally, "Well now you have seen the charred remains of the moors. The Bracken and Ling. will eventually all grow again but for now you are our guests. I think we can find plenty of honey for you to digest.”

Jules, "Come you can visit my sister with me. She has not been well recently."

Petal looked at the sleeping form of Gaby; "Princess your sister needs Petals help. I have seen many before like this. She is confused; she does not know what she is. Usually I sprinkle pixie dust but the Silver Lady will have already done that. I see she put the patient in a sleep trance."

Jules, "Actually I did as I did not want Gaby awaking when there was not a friendly face around."

Petal looked and realised Gaby was feeding her babies. "No, No, No should never ever give Petals babies that. It makes them go zip." Sure enough the babies where flying around like express trains.

Fraya, "Petal they have not had much and it will soon wear off. Look I have caught one and Isis has the other. I know how they feel as it had the same effect on me and Isis was similar affected. We have a job to do though and disposing of the milk is part of it."

“Princess Jules this home you promised me, would your sister be nearby?”

“Yes Petal once she awakes she has to go on a trip and then she will find we have a new home. We will not be living far from the Golden Empress or her youngest daughter who gave you that medal you proudly display. Also Ally or the Silver Lady as you call her will be living with us.”

Helen entered and noticed the new comers. "I see you have pixies with you. Watch out they are more mischievous than leprechauns."

Petal, "I will let you know The Empress daughter gave me and Fraya these for bravery in the face extreme danger. I may be small but I did my duty."

Helen, "So I was informed by the Empress who further informed me you have taken a position looking after Gabriel here. I suggest you also have a drink and then you can catch the babies if they decide to go flying off again.”

"Petal and babies already travel long way from home. We came looking to see if rumours that golden one had returned where correct. Petal finds Silver Lady and Leprechauns playing tricks on her. Golden Empress also not averse too playing tricks on Petal. Well Empress your halo tells me who you are just as when you pretended to be little girl who gave me medal. Just wait untill all Pixies here Petal's got medal from Golden Empress herself. You already fed Petals babies and they will come back for more now they have tasted you. Petal is going to like this new home. I will do as my babies and it will give me energy to tidy new home. Soon many Pixies will come. Petal will tell them to come."

Jules looked puzzled, "Petal nobody is playing a joke on you this was my brother Drew and now she is my sister Gaby."

Helen, "Petal are you looking at halos?"

"Petal always looks at them, people not always what they seam. You like sister have almost same but it is a fraction different. While Gaby & Astrid & Golden Empress are same."

Helen, "Alexis I presume you heard that can you bring your sisters and daughters to show Petal no joke was played on her."

Petal looked around, "Many different form but only One Golden Empress, I serve all your forms. Petal looks after sleeping Empress and play games with Little Girl Empress. Royal leprechauns play zip catch with Petals babies.”

Alexis held her arms out, “Petal come here, Astrid is my daughter and also me as is Alison here."

"Petal confused she only sees Empress in many shapes. Petal work for all shapes of Empress and will live with sleeping Empress."

"Petal, Gaby who you see sleeping has been very ill and I and my sister had to give her some of our blood that is why you are confused. Soon she will be even more confused; it was bad enough for her when she started to change from a boy to a girl. Now she has to learn she is not entirely human at all. Three of my Leprechauns will also be looking after her, as is the Silver lady. Now you said, "You have to inform the other pixies that both the Silver Lady and the Golden Empress have returned."

"Yes Petal has to arrive with Red dragon, Sorry I forgot about that. Red Dragon needed to bring sick and aged pixies to Empress. Lots and Lots of pixies. Petal found Red dragon with sore head and took thorn out of foot. Red dragon promised Petal help when she needed it. I should have called Red dragon before but could not find scale to call Red Dragon with because of smoke. See Petal telling truth.”

Petal got excited when Draco entered the room. She threw her self at him. "Steady on that is some greeting to get from one so small."

"Sorry grumpy dragon Petal needs help as you promised her."

Draco looked round, "Alexis I suppose I am here for a purpose."

"My little friend and companion here needs help from the Grumpy red dragon with a sore foot. Does that ring any bells? She promised her pixie friends she would find the Golden Empress and then come and collect them all with the aid of the Red dragon that she previously helped.

Draco thought,” a doorway would be more direct and enable the leprechauns to move everything quickly. I will go with she who bears a dragon heart.”

“Pixies all think Petal tell tall stories when she tell truth. They all laugh at Petal. Now they see Petal is brave and brought dragon back.”

Astrid opened a doorway and all but Helen & Gaby went through. Alexis looked around and at first all they could see was charred moorland. Then a voice said, "Petal you escaped and brought help. We all moved to the rocks but we have no food. We are all around the rocks fire did not come here."

"Petal brought friends as she said she would. You come and live with Petals friends and Leprechaun cousin's yes."

Isis looked around. "There is nothing for them here and they all need nectar. As far as the eye can see appears to be barren.

Draco, "My friend Kestrel will check and see if there are any more pixies stranded on rocky outcrops. A short time later the kestrel reported in "Three more rocky outcrops and one tarn with survivors. Have already instructed eagle squadron to collect all survivors on Petals orders.”

Alexis, “Kestrel once the Eagles have brought all survivors to me I wish them and you to search all the other areas that have been on fire recently and to bring all survivors to my home."

One pixie stopped by Petal, "Sister you did as promised and brought the lords of the skies to help us rather than just one as promised. I have the remnants of the pixie army and although they are weary, hungry and tatty they wish you and the Silver lady to lead them."

Ally looked at the tatty rabble, "Well I better do something about your attire, and then Petal my General of Pixies will lead you past the Empress and I will come behind you with two of the dragon princesses.”

One of the tiny Pixies also ran to Petal, "Mum I told them all you would be back for us. We worked hard to try and stop the fire but it still came after us but, it could not get up the rocks. Aunt Sepal decided we would behave better if she treated us like soldiers. So we are the Pixie Army of the Pixie Queen.

Aunt Sepal, "You would find the Red dragon and bring us help well you have done that and more. You taught me and the others to recognise all Dragons so we know who is a friend. But best of all you brought the Pixie Queen and now we all know we are safe. Sorry Golden dragons if I have not greeted you all. Mum and aunt will be telling me off for not greeting you all correctly. Has mum taken service with you or the Silver Lady?"

Petal, "Woo slow down Iris you are talking far too fast. So now I head a pixie Army and I suppose my sister is the other major officer.”

Astrid, "Well I think it is a great idea. In fact I will present you with this banner and your mother needs these as a field marshal and your aunt as a General of Empress Alexis Silver Lady Regiment. Will you allow me to lead you past the Generals and Golden Queens who we will salute?"

"Yes Sir, Sorry yes Miss."

Alexis chuckled, "It looks like Astrid has acquired many more playmates. Sepal I have a job for you and your sister. The next time you see the pixie army its ranks will have swollen considerably as have the Leprechaun Army over the recent months. My daughter Astrid will look after them all. For now I want you two to look after a group of young dragons which also includes the Silver Lady."

“Golden Empress I was going to ask if I could do the same job as my sister. I see she has won a dragon heart. That alone makes her the highest ranking of any pixie ever."

Alexis, "We have a problem for now at least one of the group does not realise she is a Golden dragon and others have only just discovered they are dragons and so will need advice and help. Like wise the Silver Lady has only just realised her vocation. Three Leprechauns will also be joining this group. As your sister already knows after working with one to earn her medal for Valour."

Empress my sister told us all how one day she came across a Red Dragon in great distress. He had a splinter in his talon and he was in great pain. Flames shot out of his mouth as he was in pain. That did not deter my sister so she must have done something very brave. Well she eventually got the splinter out and he promised help if she ever needed it. The children and I always believed her but some of our people doubted that the Red dragon existed."

Alexis, "No wonder she stood the heat from the moor fire so others could escape. She has already been exposed to dragon fire and survived. Even then you can only last so long before passing out. If you and the children are as brave then the Silver Lady regiment is a very brave one."

Empress I soaked my clothing and that of the children in Pixie dust. My sister told us it protected her from the dragon fire when she helped him. I remembered and then decided to do the same with the children and myself. It enabled the children to fight the fire and rescue many of the sick and injured you found on the rock. Eventually though even the flames got too much even for us and we also had to retreat. You found us shortly after that."

"Sepal I would like you to show me and a friend of mine exactly what you did?"

As they where speaking a white eagle settled down close by. "Alexis the eagle squadron has returned home with many of the Fay from those sites. I came because they all tell the same story and several of the older ones informed me they are sorry they teased Petal when she said she had endured the dragon fire to help a dragon in pain. They all witnessed the families of Petal and her sister time and time again plunging into the fire and bringing out both Fay and animals.

To some of the pixies it was as if the children where in their element and where fire pixies. Regardless of that the pixie council has decided that all that plunged into the flames to save others should receive the highest honour the pixie council can bestow. The four leaved clover and bar. That also includes the Leprechaun and Petal. When the Pixie council learned that Petal had held the door open so others could escape. They have also decide the story about the dragon must be true and are awarding Petal an extra bar for valour in extreme danger Astrid has already made one alteration to the Pixie army. She has decided while the existing name will remain that perhaps this 1st Pixie army should also have the banner The children of Fire 1st Battalion."

“Other members of the Eagle squadron have been dispatched to the areas of moor land fires. They have instruction to bring to your home any survivors they found. Elderly and aged pixies have also praised the families of Petal and Sepal.”

One elderly pixie was heard to say, "I have no doubt they are under the close protection of a fire lord and very close to him if not his children." This caused Draco to splutter.

Alexis, "Father have you been consorting with Pixies?

"I was a little grouchy that day.”

“Well you would be with a massive splinter stuck in your talon. The pixie did get it out and then she covered the wound with something, and she had to remove a scale or two. But honestly I never ever mated with a Pixie. Honestly Alexis can you imagine the largest and the smallest of the Fay."

Alexis and the white eagle chuckled." Sepal did you and Petal have children before Petal met Lord Draco? That is the correct title for the Red Dragon.”

"To be honest no, and neither of us is sure how the children came about because we never consorted with pixie boys. But the children appeared, they did. Every eight weeks and another batch arrived regular as clockwork we are."

Alexis thought for a moment and said, "By any chance did you get any dragon blood on you?

Sepal, "Soaked she was I had to clean her up and I also got covered in the stuff. Could not believe how much blood came off her. Told me she used Pixie dust to stop the flow of blood. It worked Dragon Lord is lot better and not grumpy like he was.”

Petal, "See I still have box with two scales in as momento of meeting Lord of Heavens. I showed sister and she held one and looked at it. That is all we ever did.”

Helen had been listening with interest and said, "May I have a sample of your current Blood Draco and may I also have the box with the scales in. Alexis the pixie dust will not protect them from the fire. Getting covered in Dragon blood would though. In fact it would have the same effect as drinking dragon milk. I am also wondering if it also changed the genetic make-up of these two so they are more like our Mer cousins. I also think sealing the wound exposed Lord Draco to a large amount of Pixie magic permanently.”

Draco started to count back and then said, "Oh, Oh, My encounter with Petal could have had a far greater effect than I ever envisaged. For some time I have been puzzled how I could sire a golden dragon. Exposure to Pixie magic allowed me to create you Alexis. You know from personal experience what happens when your blood comes into contact with another. That person becomes a clone of you regardless of their size. I never ever gave it a thought that a Pixie is just the smallest of the Fay.”

“Ladies please forgive this grumpy dragon. I have inadvertently transferred to you both similar powers I would have given to my daughters. The old pixie that described your children as fire pixies is not far out. As far as I am concerned I will have to treat you both as if you where my daughters. One thing as your new father I am proud of you both. The bravery you both exhibited was tremendous for one so small. Now to that other problem you both have. Your Mer cousins have only to look at a boy and they are having his children."

“Father we never went with any male, Honestly Empress. One time we both saw a human we both liked but a female soon claimed him. We both stole items of clothing of his. We should return the items he lost. That is the only time we have ever considered a mate and of course we are far too small and he would have never looked at us."

Alexis held her hand out, "I will return the items for you both." As she read the name on the clothing, "Sorry ladies you had better keep these to remind you of your lost love. He is no longer with us. As for the babies, Your Mer cousins just think they are pregnant or are not pregnant so I suggest you do that if you have enough children. As for you two as father has claimed you then that make you my smallest sisters and my companions. As for your children regardless of how many there are, they will all be treated and regarded as mine. It makes no difference your duties still remain the same. Only now you know you can call on the aid of all Dragons. Now you had better get back to your duty and I will arrange with the Pixie elders a day for your award ceremony.”

Draco, "Well Alexis why could you not return the clothing?

"Read the name tags and you will see yourself."

Draco burst out laughing, "They have no idea it was you they took the clothing off. Well at least Astrid is looking after her little sisters."

Back at the hospital Petal and Sepia where talking and said, "The Empress was not even cross with us pinching that clothing. She even forgot to hand it back to us. Well we no longer have it so we can not return it can we. I suppose we could do as she suggested and think we are not expecting again. As we have this one to look after that might be a good idea. Look she is waking up. We had better pretend we are dolls like the leprechauns told us."

"You two come here it is no use trying to pretend you are dolls and you can tell me where the leprechaun is?"

"Please we are not supposed to let others see us. So we will have to be dolls if others enter. Your three leprechauns had a job to perform with your sister Jules and so left us in charge."

“Well I sometimes people call me Drew and sometimes Gaby. Are you two Fairies?”

"No we are not but we are Fay like them we are Pixies and until recently lived on the Cornish- Devon boarder."

"I think I might have spotted some of your people before. I stayed with my aunt and cousin down there and entered a race or two. A very bad man tried several times to kill me. He succeeded in killing another boy and injuring me. Then he tried again and I almost drowned but your people found me and help was called. The old lady in the house was furious when she saw what state I was in and said, "John go to the main the road and get help." Endora look at this child and tell me what you see. A younger woman came over and looked and said, Mother she must be protected and the ancient ones must be told. I will summands the Great Sea lord."

I kept falling asleep but I did see an elderly man appear he looked at me and gave me a kiss. Yes you did right to call me. "Tell the imps and pixies and all who owe allegiance to you they have my permission to track down her attacker and bring him to justice. The police where later to find Meadows all bound up with what looked like silk. Apparently he was terrify and admitted all his crimes including attempted murder and murder. When the police found him he said, "Thank the lord you have arrived I thought it was going to kill me. They decided although he was guilty, but he was also crackers, and so locked him in a mental hospital."

Petal and Sepal looked at each other. "So he saw a giant spider & was he in a silk cocoon ready to be eaten?"

"That is what the policewoman told my parents after Meadows had been taken away. The policewoman said somebody had done quite a number on him and he was singing away to the police. As a result of his information many other criminals where arrested and imprisoned."

Petal, "That is unusual she normally does not let the victim go. All that is ever found is the husk or shell of the person, she digests all the rest."

"Well I can honestly say they helped me and even found my bike and placed it in a barn. I went back later with my parents but could not find any of them. I did find the house it was apparently empty. All the same I left a hamper of food for my rescuers. I also wrote a note to say thank you for calling for help. All the time we where there, I felt we were being watched.”

Sepal, "The enforcers found you then. She hates anybody who abuses children. If she summoned Lord Neptune she must have been in a quandary as nothing normally bothers her. She is the Justice of the Fay world. Obviously she has sided with you and woe betide any body else who tries and harms you. No doubt she already has her own protection for you closeby."

Petal spots a spider, "I thought so they are watching and reporting back to her."

Gaby, "Spider if you understand me shake your head up and down. Thank your mistress for the help she gave me. These are my friends Petal and Sepal. I should have three leprechauns also looking after me. You may inform your mistress I have to go to Forbidden Corner to meet up with somebody who has offered to sponsor me in my cycling."

The spider scampered out of the room. Petal, "Others will also be watching."

Shortly after the spider left a nurse appeared but Petal & Sepal did not remain quiet. The nurse said, "I do not know which is worse to have around here Leprechauns or Pixies you both are very noisy. Perhaps I should call the enforcer."

Petal, "If you do the Red dragon will come and gobble up the Enforcer. The Red dragon does not take lightly to his children being threatened even if it is by his sister.”

The nurse started to laugh. “No wonder you earned that medal Petal. Dos nothing scare you?”

"I am scared and terrified of you. But we have a job to do with our cousins, and that is to ensure Gaby here has permanent protection. Even the Red dragon could not protect us if we made a mess of this job."

“Well in that case we had better insure Gabriel gets the best of treatment and protection in future. Gabriel I will be accompanying you in all you future travels. You Gabriel though, are now well on the way to total recovery. My first reaction was to enact Dragon law and then I thought I better council my brother on the matter. It was more beneficial to terrify the man so he admitted his crimes and he would be dealt according to human laws. Admitting them though does not stop the imps from teasing him and half scaring him to death. They though know they have not to go too far or Alexis will be cross with them."

Gaby nipped herself to see if she was dreaming again. "Ouch I was not dreaming. You are all real."

"Yes Gabriel we are all real. And you did speak to a spider as well as us pixies and Leprechauns."

"Then the rest I though I dreamed could also be real. Do any of you happen to know somebody called Draco as that person keeps coming into my thoughts? He keeps saying Petal & Sepal have more guts than he realised. Tell them many far larger than they are would have been quaking in their shoes, if they discovered they had to take on Justice. You two on the other hand threatened my sister Justice with me. No doubt she found this highly amusing as we often used to wrestle when we where younger. Petal your award for bravery was well earned and congratulations on the Pixie award you both are also to receive. Not many of your sisters are as brave as you two or would have taken on Justice if needed. Alexis was quite correct in placing you with the leprechauns to look after Gabriel.”

“Now Gabriel I have a message for you to give to Justice. You are to inform Justice she is required to stay in the human form she has chosen. She will stay with you and your companions as a permanent medical assistant. Gabriel the Empress informs me that in the recent months you have had far too many close shaves for comfort. So Justice will be there too ensure nothing untoward happens to you or your friends. Also Justice you did the correct thing in nipping the finger of Gaby and injecting your version of anti venom.”

“Meadows shot you Gaby with a Hypodermic and it would have slowly killed you had not Justice acted as she did. As for the miscreant Meadows he is in a solitary high security cell far away from his colleagues who have placed a death sentence on Meadows after he turned Queens Evidence in a bid to get his charges reduced. Even then all the others can hear his screaming as the imps visit him each day.”

“Now perhaps you two will all become friends. I should also inform you and Justice all the leprechauns will meet you tomorrow when you visit the Forbidden Corner. You are to look out for them, as they will want to play tricks with water pistols as they normally do. I would suggest you get Justice to purchase water cannons for you and her before you go there. Now I must be going see you all soon Draco.”

Gaby, "He has gone. It was as if he was speaking directly to me."

Petal, “Gaby you are lucky Draco even spoke to you. Lord Draco is very shy most of the time with strangers and even members of his family he does not communicate a lot. He is right though Leprechauns love to get wet and so will often have water fights with their friends.”

Justice, "I think that warning was aimed at me so I would not harm the Leprechauns. Come to think of it they have soaked me before when I was younger and unprepared for them. Now you two can tell me how you meet my brother as normally he would not bother with ones as small as you."

Petal told Justice how she came across Draco a long time ago and how she had removed the splinter but not before she was covered from head to toe.

Sepal, "I helped clean her up and got covered in the process myself.”

Justice started to laugh and then she said, "No wonder he is calling you his daughters, normally the only time a living creature is soaked in dragon blood is when we give birth to that creature. It also enables the skills of a parent to be passed on to a child. Draco is a Red Dragon and so fire and light are his elements. Have you two any fire skills?”

Sepal told of them braving the fire and Petal told of the Leprechaun and her self at the moorland fire.

Justice, "Let me get this straight you stemmed the flow of blood with Pixie dust."

"Yes I had to keep packing it in untill the cavity was full and then the scales closed over it. I used lot and lots of pixie dust to fill the cavity. The dragon promised to help me if I ever needed it. Did I do wrong using it on your brother?"

"No Petal you did what you could in the circumstance. Pixie dust is sterile and I even use it if I can get it for minor cuts. This sounds as if it was a very deep wound you packed with it.”

Dragon skin is the hardest thing I ever sewn. I did this length and put in so much dust. Then I cuddled up to dragon to keep him warm and in morning scales had closed over where Petal had sewn. I then go home to Sepal who helps clean me up. Only Sepal in village believes Petal helped dragon, others think I am telling tall story. I show them my children and Sepals walk in fire and save many lives."

“Well Petal I believe you and so does the Empress. I think that was brave and resourceful of you to do what you did. You showed me you are not afraid to stand up to me or anybody else. So Draco is now embued with pixie power as well as dragon. No wonder things have changed as they have. To all he still appears as a Red dragon but your Pixie Dust is ensuring all he produces now become Golden. That also applies to you two and your children. You both are golden Pixies. No wonder you can walk in flames like you can. Even some dragons I know would balk at that. Come give me a kiss.”

Petal, "Gaby both Sepal and I are getting very tired and need to rest will you cuddle us both, Also we are hungry and need substance would you mind if we drank a little?"

"Gaby do as they request. You will find it quite soothing and they will not hurt as much. Now while they are relaxing would you care to tell me about Meadows?"

Gaby blathered on for some time and told Justice about Meadows and than about all her other problems. Gaby looked down at the pixies, "Both of them are fast asleep but they are clamped on like limpets. All I ever wanted to do was race bikes like mum does. My girlfriends all conspire to get me dressed in girls clothing and to be honest I do not put up much resistance. My parents where concerned about me and took me to see a doctor. It was discovered I was both boy and girl. Then a short while ago the girl part started taking over. This left me confused. Now I am going to live in a new town where nobody knows about Drew and I start a new life as Gaby. Mum knows I am producing milk but she does not know I have become a feeding post for Pixies or Leprechauns."

"Look at these two now they look like little gold statues!"

Justice, "I am not surprised at that. Both of them have been covered in Draco's blood and now they have fed off you. That will have finalised their change to the Empresses smallest sisters. The change will not only affect them but all their children also. There is one thing that is certain none of the other pixies will now have any doubts about the sisters Petal & Sepal. A Gold Pixie is a very rare commodity indead. Now there will be a golden army of Pixies. The old pixie was correct in saying they where in their element in the fire. You and I may have golden Halos but they being far smaller will all have change colour from what they once where.”

“You look surprised Gabriel. For some time now I have known this day would come. I even spoke to you up at the castle but you thought you were daydreaming about the castles former owner. In fact I was wondering if Alexis even knew I existed. Obviously she has been keeping tabs on me or Helen would not have known I gave you anti venom as I never told anybody about that."

"Justice I do not want to appear offensive but are you the spider or are you a dragon. Like your brother apparently is?"

"What am I is a good question. I will answer it and finish off by asking you the same question. As you will have gathered from the Pixies some of them call me Justice, I have many other names but Justice will do. I dispense Fay Justice that may be the same as human or it may be fatal for the recipient. I am sometimes a dragon and sometimes a spider. In fact I can change to what the situation needs. Here I am in one of my favourite forms and you heard the instruction I have to remain in it indefinightly. The best way to think of my family is as ancient gods who still walk the earth in various guises. My Brother Draco can appear as a human and he is very shy. Sometimes he appears as a Wyvern that is a little red dragon often found in Wales. Neptune who I believe you caught a glimpse of is the old man of the sea.”

Gaby, "Well thanks for being honest with me. Then there is some truth in the stories of the Greeks and Romans and Presumably the Viking gods. Until recently I thought I was a boy and was christened as Andrew. My friends shortened it to Drew. Then I started changing and eventually the doctors decided I was both Boy and girl. Now though there is very little of the Drew I once knew left. Soon I will have to be Gaby full time and perhaps occasionally I can bring still Drew out. Now I find one or both of my parents are descended from Dragons, as I am full of Dragon blood. Or to be more precise the blood of the Empress. Am I correct in thinking that when the Pixies drank from me it was the same as if they had fed from the Empress herself and, in effect they are her children as well as her smallest sisters?"

"Ah Gabriel you have summarised correctly. They are now both her children and sisters. As for your parents I am not sure which is related to me but obviously at least one is. Neptune realised that as soon as he saw you and immediately placed you under his care as he would his daughters."

"So Justice Do I get to call you Aunt? Like I call Maddy's Mum Carol."

"Yes I would like that Gaby very much."

"Aunt now I am nearly better I will be able to start Cycling again. Like mum I want to be the best of the best. Sometimes other competitors call me names. I would not want anything nasty happening to them just because they call me names. If they call me names I just have to show them who is the best, as it spurs me on to beat them.”

"You say Meadows is in Jail. He escaped before from Jail and came after me. He has vowed to kill me."

"Yes I know. My imps are making sure that he knows what will happen to him if he ever leaves the jail cell he is in. Each night they give him reminders of what will happen to him if he attempts to escape. So far he has informed the authorities of several escape attempts at the jail. Apparently he thinks the message means all escape attempts. His sentence was for life with no remission. I am informed he has become rather religious. All though that will do him no good unless he changes. Would you like to see him with out him seeing you?

Gaby nodded her head.

"Right Gabriel look into that mirror."

"Meadows is knelt down praying. Listen to him."

Lord of the Heavens, I am a sinner. I took a life and attempted to take a second. How do I repent and atone for that what I have done. I get very little sleep my personal demons come to me when I sleep and warn me what will happen if I do not atone."

Gaby thought she had better reply.

Meadows fairly jumped when a voice replied. “Meadows I see you are starting to atone for your sins. Your slate will only be wiped clean when you have created life ninefold of that you took or tried to take. Only when you become a disciple of the Earth mother will I know you have fully repented for creating new life as only a mother can do will extinguish your sins?"

Justice spoke to Gaby. "Why did you say that?"

"It was strange I got a very young Girl called Lucy in my head and she asked me to say those words. She also said to tell Empress Alexis, Guya will soon be returning to Earth along with her companions Flora & Fauna."

"It appears Gaby that Meadows has a chance to atone if he chooses the correct path. Guya is the eternal Earth mother & it appears she can speak through you."

Maddy burst into the room, "Gaby are you feeling better now. The doctor has said you can come home."

Justice, "I am Justine and I am the nurse who has to accompany Gaby for the foreseeable future. Do you want to push her in the wheelchair while I pack away her bits and pieces?"

Maddy needed no second asking. Part way down the corridor she stopped and gave Gaby a hug. "I have missed you like mad. Jules had taken it in turns with me to stay with you. We both went for some breakfast while the nurse looked after you. I have so much to tell you. Some of it is very strange. Oh while I remember I have these two for you. Ally says you have to keep hers and look after it and Jules got you an extra one. She liked them so much she also got one for herself."

Gaby grinned when she saw the Leprechauns and said, "I thought I had lost them. Thanks for returning them to me."

Meadows pay his dues.

Mean while in prison Meadows asked to see the prison medic. Meadows shook the doctor when he asked for a total sex change. The doctor thought about it and said, "That is something I can not do but I know somebody who knows all about it would you like me to make an appointment with them? In the mean time I can arrange for you to have laser treatment to remove your body hair. "

Meadows returned to his cell wondering if he had done the correct thing. Justice still watched him and spoke this startled Meadows. "For once in your life you have listened and taken the correct path. It will be long and at times painful but eventually you will find what you seek."

Several days later Meadows were called to the infirmary there he saw a young woman. She said, “It may be possible to do all you request. All though you will have to under go psychiatric assessment for two years and in that time live as a woman. To help you I could arrange for you to have breast implants these will be removed when your own grow. I would also need to remove your testis so the hormones you are given are allowed to work. Other than the Laser and hormone treatment nothing else will be done for at least two years.

Meadows, "If that is what I have to do then arrange it." It soon got round Armley Jail Meadows was under going sexual reassignment. 24 hours later Meadows found he was being admitted to St James Hospital. First of all he had a shield placed over his face and head. It was explained he was going into a deep laser scanner, which would permanently remove all his body hair. His facial hair would be removed at a later date. After that he was to be given a general aesthetic to facilitate the implantation of the breasts and the removal of the testis.

Meadows woke up and discovered he was still under guard. Helen spoke, "Well other than the laser treatment and hormone treatment you are to receive, you will be as you are for the next two to three years. I would recommend though you try and lose some weight or those breasts will grow massive and no woman wants that."

Meadows felt down below. "Oh that is still there I have just pushed it in a little and glued it down so you can urinate like a woman now. Legally you still are male and I hope it does not cause you two many problems in the Jail. That night Justice appeared again and said, "Congratulations Meadows but remember you now no longer have the strength you once had. A short time later Meadows found he was being moved to a different wing.

Meadows found he was being placed in a cell with a rather attractive young woman. The Guard said, "You two should get on well together and laughed." then he slammed the cell door shut.

The young woman. "I see you have started transitioning. I was once like you but soon I will be finished and then my sentence will be terminated. I will help you all I can. I presume those are implants. You will need to have them removed once your breasts start to grow. Sorry I have not introduced myself to you. I am now known as Angel Vivian. Previously I was a well-known Criminal Character. That person is now dead or at least once I am released his death in prison will be announced. Now I know who you where but we have to choose a new name for you."

Meadows, "My mother always wanted a daughter and would have called her Elizabeth Anne so I will give her what she wanted although she no longer is with us."

The first shock Meadows got was when he went to the toilet the urine seamed to spray everywhere. Angel said, "Bit of a shock but you get used to sitting down."

Each day Meadows had Laser treatment on his face and later he would practise with cosmetics. Meadows was also changing shape and one day Angel said I would have the implants removed now and ask if your voice box can be shaved at the same time.”

Meadows awoke to find he had indeed had the implants removed in addition his voice was now far higher and he had his nose altered and eye lids trimmed. Once the bruising had gone down Meadows said, "You know I could fancy myself now."

Angel, "Yes you have come a long way since you first came in here and now you no longer you have those nightmares you once has."

"I used to dream these spiders all clambered over me and covered me in silk and then a giant spider came and bit me and injected me with something. In the morning there was only a shell left." Meadows gave a shudder at the thought of the spiders.

Meadows, "Will you say a prayer with me Angel?

The two of them knelt down and started to pray. Elizabeth Anne said, "Thank you Heavenly Queen for sending your Angel to guide me and keep me on the straight and narrow. I heartily apologise for all I have done wrong in my life."

As they prayed the room was filled with a golden glow. A voice spoke, "Elizabeth Anne I am well pleased with the name you chose. I have been permitted to watch you as you changed. Soon you will be able to give me those grandchildren you failed to do as a man. Angel like you has been very naughty but soon she will have children of her own to tend to. I suggest you two remain together and help each other out as neither of you wants to relapse back to what you once was."

One day the governor called both of them to his office. "Well you both surprised me I thought you both would fail to complete, but now you both have served your statutory time period, and now can both go ahead with surgery if you still wish, or you can remain as you are, or alternatively we can change to back to how you where.”

Meadows looked at his cellmate, "Sir there can be no going back for either of us we have taken a new path and hopefully this time we will stay on the straight and narrow."

"Well if that is your decision then I will start the wheels to change your Sex and names and inform the surgeon of your decision."

Meadows picked a book up from the prison library and started to read it. As he read it he noticed a spider on the page. Elizabeth Anne spoke to the spider. "I have done all that was asked of me so far and I will complete my change."

Before her eyes the spider changed into a young woman. "I believe you will honour your promise. I am just letting you know that once you have the surgery you will not see as much of me. You have taken up a considerable amount of my time. I will from time to time keep checking up on you. Lucky for you Gabriel is very understanding and she did not want your death on her mind. It looks like your dreams are correct though only the husk remains of Meadows and that will soon be gone."

Angel, "You crossed Justice. You are very lucky the spider lady did not consume you as a snack. I know a little about her and there are only certain beings who can keep her in check."

"I spoke with the Heavenly Queen who told me I and my friends had to become disciples of Guya and her companions Flaura and Fauna. If I followed the code then she would call off Justice and her helpers."

Angel started to laugh, "You have to become a disciple of the Earth Mother so do I. the only thing I was not told was what to do."

“Well I know full well that I am expected to have a minimum of nine children and more likely double that. Angel they already know our every move. The appearance of Justice as you call her was no mistake. Ever since I attempted to kill that girl she has hounded me. Hell the first day I set eyes on her I might as well have taken a knife and chopped my old man off along with his companions. Did I ever tell you about myself or what I was and did? I suppose I had so that you know what you are letting yourself in for?" Unknown to Elizabeth Anne all she said was being recorded.

"Wow I feel better for telling you all that it is as if I have lightened myself somehow."

Angel said, "Is that all there is or have you more to tell me?

"No Angel I have told you it all in its entirety. One thing was that young lass had plenty of guts. We could do with more like her around. She did not hesitate to out me as a criminal and drug dealer. Neither did she hesitate to come looking for me when I escaped. She had more balls than most men I know. It's a good job her father never got hold of me he would have done me in for sure. He made it quite plain when I telephoned to scare them. Oh I have just realised I am wrong with nine. The number of lives I have to give Guya is far more than I imagined. How I am going to do that I have no idea." Even if it was possible for me to have a child I will be continually pregnant untill the end of my days."

"Yes but you will be free to go where you wish and not be encaserated in this Victorian establishment. You will not have to look over your shoulders when you go to the toilet or take a shower. So I would rather be imprisoned with my children rather than being in here. Do you not agree?" Well regardless tomorrow is our big day and then once we have recovered it is freedom for us both."

The two of them went to the hospital and at first it appeared that Angel was ok and then the curtains where drawn round her. The nurse came and said, "Sorry your friend Angel is with the Angels now.

Elizabeth Anne, "Can I see her before you take her away as I doubt I will be allowed to her funeral."

Elizabeth Anne laid her hand on her friend and said, "I promise I will serve your term my friend. You helped me. Now all I can do is pray to the Heavenly Queen to accept you. I will take your sins with mine and atone for the two of us."

Justice appeared, "I thought you might need me now your friend has gone. One day you will be reunited with her if that is your wish. For Angel her time was up but you have a long time to go.”

Elizabeth Anne kissed her friend, "We had all sorts planned and she was to be god mother to all the children I produced. Now I am totally lost. I can never go back and yet I do not know what is required of me. One thing I can do for her is to give her a funeral to remember. I did not have many that I could truly call a friend but Angel was one. Now she is an Angel literally.”

Back at the prison the Governor requested Elizabeth Anne to come and see him. I am sorry about Angel and know you are distressed. I need to place a young man in your cell. He is like you.”

Elizabeth Anne was about to say no and remembered how Angel had looked after her. A short while later a rather lanky feminine boy was led in. He appeared to be upset the guard spoke. Some of the other prisoners thought that as he looked like a girl that he should become one, and so took a knife to him in the showers. There was nothing we could do to salvage what he once had and now he will have to go to hospital for treatment."

Elizabeth Anne, "Tell the Governor I will postpone my own departure until he is ok." With that she went back to her cell and cuddled up too the extremely upset boy until they both fell asleep.

Elizabeth Anne awoke to a voice saying, "Elizabeth Anne you got a set of lovely twin daughters. It was what you wanted. Elizabeth said, "Was it all a dream or was there an Angel & a boy with me in the Jail?"

That must have been your entire dream Elizabeth Anne. Your husband is ecstatic and is waiting to see you. A young man walked in and Elizabeth Anne smiled, "That is our first two but we have a lot more to go yet."

Justice smiled and said, "Well Alexis she turned out well after all. Now may I get back to looking after Gaby and the Silver Lady?

Maddy took Gaby outside the hospital and Gaby looked for the family car. She did not spot the car and said, "Dad must be having trouble parking."

Maddy giggled, "We got a mini bus as there are several of us to move around."

Justine arrived with the case and said, "I believe you got mine earlier." Justine looked at Jenny and Dave and then at Carol."

"Mum, Dad this is Justine she is here to look after me and my friends and ensure we have immediate medical attention if needed."

Jules hugged Justine and said, "It will be nice having somebody my age around. Perhaps we could go to the disco together."

Jenny, "Jules, Justine is here because the hospital thought your sister might need help. Justine is not here for you to go to the disco with."

Justine, "When I have some time off which I presume I will, then I would not be averse to going dancing with you Jules if that is what you wish. For now though my main consideration has to be Gaby and so I ask that I am allowed to do that job."

"Now though I understand we are all going to Hidden Corner where Gaby is to meet a prospective sponsor."

Dave, "Yes I have booked us all in as I have been told it is a fantastic place to visit. I understand there are fountains and jets of water that catch the unwary."

Gaby looked at Justine, "I heard it was not fountains but naughty children. So I am going prepared as I have asked my nurse to obtain some water cannons as I intend to retaliate if I get soaked.”

Maddy, "Well so long as you do not soak me."

With that they all set off to Middleham.

To Be Continued

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