Sing Ho! For the Balladeers!


Sing Ho! For the Balladeers!

by Joyce Melton

They wore the King's Own azure
In the City of the Winged Sun
And their names are well remembered
Wherever a song is sung.

Karmu was a giant,
As strong as he could be,
I wouldn't want to see him angry,
At least, not ever at me!

Ruthvo sang the sweetest,
And smiled so prettily.
Danger made his heart sing,
Though every maid thought it was she.

Vignis told the future
And wrote the past in his scars,
The ugliest man you'll ever find
Though you drink in a thousand bars!

Saerlot was a bastard,
The secret son of noble blood,
The luckiest son of a son
That ever walked upon this mud.

They fought for the king's honor,
They fought for a round of beers,
For the memory of the Fearless Four
Sing Ho! For the Balladeers!

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