Race to Witch Mountain

Back in the seventies, two films were released with Witch Mountain in the title and although probably good for kids, even by those standards, they were lightwieght.

In this remake, we see Dwayne Johnson - Commonly known as 'The Rock' and as seen in 'Welcome to the Jungle', 'Doom' etc - as Jack Bruno, one-time mob wheelman trying to go straight and eking out a living driving a taxi.

The Planet Hollywood Sci-Fi and UFO convention provides Jack with plenty of rides, one of whom is scientist Dr. Alex Friedman (Carla Gugino), who scoffs at Bruno's skepticism, which is further tested when two children - Seth (Alexander Ludwig) and Sara (AnnaSophia Robb) get in and offer him $15,000 to take them... that way.

Things are not as simple as they seem as Seth and Sara are being hunted down by Henry Burke, a typical sour-faced 'man in black'. Jack has to use his formidable driving skills to keep Seth and his sister from falling into Burkes clutches, but that's not all...

This movie is a definite with popcorn and a few drinks. It's fast-paced and entertaining from one end to the other, with Dwayne proving that he can do what Schwartzenegger couldn't - act!

The special effects are stunning and the rather lame plot that existed in the originals doesn't appear to be present here, leaving the viewer with the feeling that perhaps like the originals, this too will have a sequel.

Nick B

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Thanks Nick

Been thinking about renting this one. A good popcorn movie is just what I've been looking for. :)


Race To Witch Mountain

Nice review Nick. I enjoyed it very much, a good "young adults" movie, which probably made it too adult for me,

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