miss posting...?

Yor has a series that is posted as mine?

Are you angry at me?

I have to keep trying to get back in the group, but am blocked every way I turn. As I have mentioned before, I am Starla Anne Lowry. Over and over, you do not recognize me. Why? I never really finished my last story, but I guess I can let it go. I placed a quick ending which I did not want to do.

May I start writing stories again? Please do leave me hanging.

This is Starla Anne Lowry --You would not let me in


I tried over and over to try to get in as Starla Anne and you said there was no such address as StarlaAnne@yahoo.com (twice), so when I tried to get a new password, you said that StarlaAnne@yahoo.com was being used. ???

I have a new laptop and had a problem using this email address, StarlaAnne@cableone.net. guess the "net" is what is throwing everyone. I finally figured out I had it referenced on the old Internet Explorer and that is the only way I got in here.

I wanted to know if you still had the first part of the Adventures of Lizzie Jane? I found the rest of them under my old name of Billie Sue on another site. The book has been printed, but not selling. I had all my first four stories in one novel and I thought I would go back and maybe self-publish each one as I had them here.

I do not want to go back and copy them from my novel. -smile-

If I could find an illustrator, I would place the two parts in small books for children. In the past, I could have found them under Yahoo mail, but it has been sold to Verizon and things are different.

I do want to start writing again. I may be rusty, but I have some more ideas in my feeble head. I hope I can remember how my new password and how to get here on my alternate email address.

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