miss posting...?

Yor has a series that is posted as mine?

Are you angry at me?

I have to keep trying to get back in the group, but am blocked every way I turn. As I have mentioned before, I am Starla Anne Lowry. Over and over, you do not recognize me. Why? I never really finished my last story, but I guess I can let it go. I placed a quick ending which I did not want to do.

May I start writing stories again? Please do leave me hanging.

HI Starla, Fictioneer has

HI Starla,

Fictioneer has been down and not really being maintained. We are trying to get it going again and you are welcome. What seems to be the problem?


This is Starla Anne Lowry --You would not let me in


I tried over and over to try to get in as Starla Anne and you said there was no such address as StarlaAnne@yahoo.com (twice), so when I tried to get a new password, you said that StarlaAnne@yahoo.com was being used. ???

I have a new laptop and had a problem using this email address, StarlaAnne@cableone.net. guess the "net" is what is throwing everyone. I finally figured out I had it referenced on the old Internet Explorer and that is the only way I got in here.

I wanted to know if you still had the first part of the Adventures of Lizzie Jane? I found the rest of them under my old name of Billie Sue on another site. The book has been printed, but not selling. I had all my first four stories in one novel and I thought I would go back and maybe self-publish each one as I had them here.

I do not want to go back and copy them from my novel. -smile-

If I could find an illustrator, I would place the two parts in small books for children. In the past, I could have found them under Yahoo mail, but it has been sold to Verizon and things are different.

I do want to start writing again. I may be rusty, but I have some more ideas in my feeble head. I hope I can remember how my new password and how to get here on my alternate email address.

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