King Of The Rim-3


After the court martial, John Carter now has an uncertain future.


"Doctor, I am worried about Bronson."

"Do not be, please. Bronson will learn about humility this way."

"Will you accept Bronson as a nurse after this?"

"Yes, I can alter any records as needed."

Then I shall leave him in your hands, I have to deal with Carter's leaving now."

Then a saddened Captain headed for his office. Upon entering, he saw that he had a message awaiting him. Activating the screen, he saw the message .

" Greetings Captain, I am Captain Trent Marcus of the Merchant Cruiser "Rim Queen," I am calling to see if I may purchase the contract of Executive Officer Commander John Carter from you."

"Why are you interested in him?"

"We Rimmers are always looking for good crew and Carter sounds like one of the best."

Researching the cruiser, the captain saw what he was looking for.

"I see that John was instrumental in saving one of your officers."

"Yes he was, we thought that we would reward him with a posting since he can never space with the Navy again."

"I see that the officer that he helped was your doctor and that she is an Adapted."

"Yes that is all true, are you denying me his contract?"

"No, Hell, I am giving you his contract. Take care of him."

" We will."

Then he broke connection.


"Brig, Brick here."

"Brick, bring Carter to me."


Brick then headed to Carter's quarters and rung the bell.


"The Captain wants you."

Then the door opened.

"This is good new I hope."

"Me too John, me too."

Then leading John to the Captain, Brick broke the rules by NOT training his Maser Pisttol upon him. But Carter took note.

"Are you not breaking the rules?"

"John, I trust you, besides, the corridor is secure. You would not get anywhere." [chortle]

"Very well Brick."

Then they were at the Captains Office and Brick again rang the bell.


"Brick here with John."


They both entered the office where the Captain sat behind his desk.

"Please sit, both of you."

They both sat in the awaiting chairs.

"Now, I need to find a worthy replacement for you John Carter, do you have any suggestions?"

"Promote Brick here."

"John, I am only a Security Goon, I am not Command material."

"Bull Brick, you were on the Command track like I was until you took the Security posting."

"But I never wanted a Command."

"Then it is simple, as my executive Officer, you will be doing very much as you have been as my Security Chief. And Reynolds is up for promotion to Chief."

"Then I shall accept the promotion sir."

"Thank you Brick."

Then, passing over a case, "Open the case Brick."

"Sir, these are Commander's Stars." he said in awe.

"Yes, you are now a Commander, wear them in good health."

"Thank you sir."

Then Brick adorned his uniform with the Commander's Stars.

"Now John, a merchant Cruiser has bought out your contract, so instead of transferring you to a Penal Colony, you shall serve that ship."

"Which ship sir?"

"The Rim Queen."

"I seem to recall that name, but can't quite remember it sir."

"Well, do not worry John, they are quite pleased with your record and specifically asked for you."

"How shall I get there?"

"We will jettison you in an escape pod that they will recover and will send us one filled with the items that we have purchased."

Then a bell sounded.

"That bell means that they are ready John."

"Good bye Captain."

"Fair skies John Carter."

Then they shook hands and saluted.

"Brick, please escort John to his pod."

"Yes Sir."

Then Brick escorted John Carter to his Escape Pod. Every Officer had a dedicated escape pod ready for their usage. The pod was often used as a personal shuttle between ships when needed as well as for escaping from a doomed ship. Each pod was equipped with a Star Drive and Reaction Drive capable of arriving at a planet or Safe haven within a 5 light year range.

"Well John, here we are."

"Yes my friend, a parting of the ways."

"Fair skies John."

"Fair skies Brick."

Then the friends wept as they hugged each other, knowing that they would not see each other again. When they broke their embrace, John Carter stepped into his pd as Brick secured the hatch and launched his friend into the ether of space.


The term 'Fair skies' Is a wish of good luck between spacers.

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