King Of The Rim-2


Commander John Carter; Executive Officer of the Patrol Cruiser Aztec was on shore leave with Crewman Bronson who attacks a beautiful spacer woman along with his fellow crew members.. Carter defends the woman only to find out that she is an Adapted woman and that she is known .

"Those two will tell Bronson and then they'll tell the Captain!! My career is over now!!"

Going over to John Carter, she gently kisses his cheek.

"I wish that things had worked out better for my knight."

"On my world, I am actually Knighted."

"Oh, so I am talking to royalty?"

"Trilanni is a Free Port World. We believe that all are equal."

"Too bad I was not born there, but it is time for me to return to my ship. But do not worry about your career."


"I am sure that somebody will buy out your contract with the Navy."

Then after the shared a long, lingering kiss and embrace, she turned away and boarded her ship the Rim Queen. The ship she boarded had a long oval body with delta wing attached housing the fuel and Star Drive nacelles. The stern housed the reaction drive and twin "V" rudders that guided it during atmospheric flight.

Then John Carter turned and headed for his ship, the Aztec. The Aztec was a long, lean version of the Rim Queen. Approaching the gangplank, he saw his best friend and Security Chief Brick standing there waiting for him.

"Hello John."

"Hi Brick."

"I heard that you opened a can of "WHUPASS" upon Bronson and his cohorts."

"Yes, did they say why?"

"No, only that you attacked them." [sigh]

"I guess that you did not believe them then." [chuckle]

"Would you?"


"Besides, I heard the sirens and saw them attack that woman."

"She was not a regular woman Brick."

"What is she then?"

"An Adapted."

"Then your career is over."

"I know."

Then, going over to Carter, Brick placed a massive, meaty had upon each of his shoulders.

"John Carter, I will miss you."

"Thanks Brick, I will miss you too."

Then they broke up and Brick escorted John Carter to the Captain's Ready Room where the Captain Hector Abraham was seated behind his desk while Bronson stood in front of the desk. Seeing Carter, he immediately began to show fear.

"Welcome John Carter, it seems as if he has a complaint against you."

"And I have a complaint against him as well."

"What are you, an Adapted lover?" sneered Bronson.

"Brick?" intoned the captain.

Then Brick grabbed Bronson by his lapels and growled menacingly," Have a care crewman Bronson. you are up for court martial. It would be my distinct pleasure to space you as you deserve."

"Easy there Brick, you may tend to him shortly, but I must deal with his charges against John." [sigh]

"Yes Sir."

Then Brick dropped the frightened crewman who promptly wet his trousers.Looking at the spreading stain, the captain then remarked, "Unfortunately for you, you will have to wear your uniform as per regulations, until all charges are dropped, your uniforms are confiscated."

"But Captain!! This is my only uniform!!"

"Should have thought about that before you wet yourself, now one of your shipmates can of course loan you their spare."

"Captain, the only one on board that is my size is Doctor Finley, and she is a woman."

Then the Captain flipped a switch upon his desk.

"Doctor Finley, please report to my ready room."

"You wouldn't!!"

"Yes John Carter, I would to show him just how it is to be treated as he treats women."

"But that was an Adapted!!"

"Yes Bronson and you have been brought up upon charges of rape before now. Your punishment is to dress as a male nurse for the crew until we reach a naval base, then you will be returned to normal."

Then Doctor Finley entered the room, seeing Bronson, she smiled.

"May I assume that Bronson is why I am here?"

"Yes, he seems to have wet himself and needs a change of clothing."

"Does he not have his own?"

"Normally he would, but he is court martialled for accosting a civilian."

"I accosted an Adapted you mean."

"Brick, if you will please follow me, I can tend to his needs momentarily."

"Please wait Doris, I have the sad duty of the court martial of John Carter too."

"But why? John Carter is the best that you have except for Brick here!"

"Doris, I stopped Bronson and his friends from rapingĀ  earlier tonight."

"Oh Johnny, you and your hi ideas. But at least you took out those three scum bags."

"Captain, what about them? "

"They are already gone, I sent them onto the Prison Barge."

"What are the charges against me?"

"Accosting three crewmen while upon shore leave."

"Will the record show why?"

"Yes and that you were defending a woman."

"Then I plead guilty."

"What about me?"

"Do you drop the charges against John Carter?"


"Too bad, because your friends dropped the charges. They will only serve out their term of service then get an honorable discharge. You however get a dishonorable discharge effective now."

"May I assume that it is time for me to help Bronson?"

"Sure Doris," he answered with glee.


Then Bronson slumped as Doctor Doris Finley administered a hypo onto Bronson's neck, knocking him out. Brick then easily carried the limp form into the Sickbay Ward where he placed him upon a diagnostic bed. His uniform was changed to reflect his new occupation. Then Bronson awoke.

"What's gonna happen to me now?"

"You shall be here as my male nurse, follow me to get your new wardrobe."

Then Bronson followed the doctor to a cubicle and followed her back out. He was now wearing the scrubs that a male nurse wears. A woman nurse wore a skirt.

"That is my old uniform from my academy days Bronson, now if you do a good job here, you will have it a lot easier than you think."

"But the men will be harrassing me."

"Yes they will, and you will be making visits all over the ship."

Then the speaker sounded, "Nurse needed in Engineering."

"Gather your kit and go nurse."

"Yes ma'am."

Then Nurse Bronson headed to Engineering where she had to deal with fresh men as she answered the call. After answering the call, he hurried back to Sickbay.

"Well, as you can see, he is getting a crash course in humiliation.."

"Just so Doctor, I am glad that I am not him."

"Take care John." Then she gave John a kiss.

"Thanks Doris."

Then Brick escorted John Carter to his quarters, while the Captain remained to talk to the Doctor.

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