Job Haunt

2012 and jobs in California are still hard to find, with the advent of high resolution computer graphics it is even hard to get a job as an extra on a movie or television filming, I need the help of professionals.


I know not what I look for as I perouse the list of agents at the screenactors guild hall, perhaps one will catch my eye, there near the bottom, The Unseen. Just the name for someone starting out and poor to boot. Hmmm never heard of that street, 2400 Fullmoon.

Took me most of the day to find the place, it’s still open thou sunset approaches, I’ll have to get something to eat after I’m done here.

I ask the receptionist, and have been informed that they have openings for “part-time persons”, if I would like to wait, someone will be out shortly to help me fit the position, a knock off of the “Twilight” series.

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