I appear to be blind

Unless I'm blind, it appears that "new" folks here can't post content until the Admin's grant this ability. My question, I guess, is how to ask to be made an Author? (A reply seemed to indicate this, but not how the admins decide one is "worthy" of being granted the "Author" appellation.)

Okay, so I'm slow. Everyone else seemed to figure it out...

Okay, so I have a strange sense of humor as well.


A hub of the blind and room

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Ahhhh h aa :)

"Waves magic wand"


Ehh, what group?
Are there circles inside circles here?

This sounds somewhat confusing.
And, where exactly do I post the story making it allowed to post a story?

Waves wand again, although now in a somewhat slightly more irresolute manner..?

Find that one have dropped it, and goes away looking for it, using the wand to support oneself while searching. . . . . . . .

Acting cool .. Mumbling something zen..

I appear to be blind (response)

You don't have to ask to be an author. Once you join the group and present a story, the administrator will give you author status. It is as simple as that. It may take a day or two before she notices it.

If a person had to be 'worthy', I never would have made it. I know my stories stink, but I love to write and will probably write until I die.

Starla Anne

And, now the links show up...

So, it's likely some magical, mystical, fairy that floats in, and waves a wand, making one miraculously an "author".

Amazing isn't it? :-) Now, I have to decide whether to post a story here - or if I just assume anyone that wanted to read it, already did over on BC.


Members and Authors

Because of spammers, membership has to be approved here at Fictioneer. One gets to be an author by posting a story, at which time I will upgrade one's account.

It's sort of klutzy but it's working so far. :)

- Joyce

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