From a Flighty Mind

You’re working outside, on a beautiful day, but as you work your attention is distracted.

At first you hear the engine noise with the distinctive modulation created by a revolving prop, the longer you hear it, the more you realize that it is not an ordinary small plane. The sounds on your audio horizon are just wrong and they do not change at a rate you would expect for the Doppler Effect for approaching or retreating sources.

Your eyes rise to the sky to find the audible intruder, searching back and forth while your ears serve as a pair of direction finders, balancing the volume between them.

Then you see it, a contraption of wheels, sticks, part of a parachute, with a seat followed by an engine block. The operator sits in the middle of the contraption. You realize someone had a sense of humor.

The parachute cloth of the wing bore the name and picture from a popular Arabian themed brand of cigarettes.  No, not the full flavor version, this is an ultra-light.


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