Astronaut John Crichton (Ben Browder--Stargate SG1, A Kiss before Dying) piloting "Farscape 1" space vessel, is swallowed by a wormhole and hurled millions if not billions of light-years from home into deep space, right in the middle of an intergalactic battle, whereupon, he collides with an alien vessel.

This vessel, piloted by the brother of Bialar Crais (Lani Tupu--who is also the voice of Pilot) a Captain of the ruthless Peacekeepers, is destroyed, despite Crichton's best efforts to avoid the collision. He gets away and is taken aboard Moya, a Leviathan or enormous bio-mechanoid, living ship, whose crew of Pilot--a being who's symbiotic coupling with Moya means that one cannot survive without the other and three escaped prisoners are as keen to get away from the Peacekeepers as he is to get back to Earth.

Before they can escape however, they need to replenish their stores and whilst visiting a nearby planet, they encounter the Peacekeepers, led by Crais.

Officer Aeryn-Sun (Claudia Black--Stargate SG1, Pitch Black, Moonlight, Queen of the Damned) is taken hostage and Craise tells her that she has been compromised, a serious issue to them, which is punishable by death. So she too ends up with John on Moya and the rest of the crew.

Ka Dago (Anthony Simco--Nim's Islad), a tall warrior with a tattooed face and strange-looking tentacles, thinks he's their leader, although Dominar Rygel XVI (a puppet, voiced by Jonathan Hardy) would argue otherwise. Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan (Virginia Hey--Castaway), a blue-skinned priestess makes up the last of the 'crew' and doesn't believe either of the other two.

John and his crew mates travel through the uncharted territories, trying to stay one or more steps away from Crais and the other Peacekeepers. However, a race of beings known as 'The Ancients' fill John's head up with wormhole information, making him a wanted man by just about everyone who wants to take over the universe, using the information in his mind to make wormhole weapons.


At the time, this was probably the best thing of its ilk to come out since Star Trek--The Next Generation and won praise and awards from all corners, with excellent special effects, good plot lines and darned good acting to boot, however, the series was dropped like so many others (Dollhouse, Firefly to name but two), though why is anyone's guess.

It's extremely addictive with the story itself drawing you right in as it's not just a series, but more of a serial.

As the interaction between the characters and their relationships with each other deepen, you find yourself almost emotionally involved--which is exactly how it should be--although sometimes I wonder why they didn't dump Rygel off on the first inhospitable planet they came to and leave him there.

If you're wondering why I've reviewed this, it's currently being shown on FX here in England and if you didn't get to see it first time around, you ought to give it a go this time. It's been a good ten years since this first came out and even with my memory, I can't remember most of it. It's almost like seeing it for the first time--again!

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