Chris & Julia's Big Day Chapter 7


Whats that ya say? Nena and Gaby? By 'eck nah there's a tale to tell! Sharp does his best with this brand new fanfic which includes characters from both my Gaby and Nena series!

Part 7

Day 5 A right Royal do.

There was a knock at Gaby's door. Outside stood both daughters of Prince Andrew. “If possible we would like to ride with you. If only to brag to our we have rode with the champion.”

“So the Royal jokers wish to ride with me. How would they feel about riding this weekend in the Champions ride on Saturday and then again on Sunday in the disabled ride. Both are charity rides the first for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and the Second for Martin's house childrens charity.

Prince Andrew came down the passage. “Well girls did you get your request?”

Gaby, “Sir I was just explaining to them.”

Andrew, Girls I know what your cousins call you both. I would like to stay, but I have to do my stint of working for a living. However I will be back this weekend.”

“Right Royal jesters Queen Gabriel has made a decision. She needs adversers who must accompany her when she goes riding. Are you up to it? I hope you are as I have a couple spare suits here.”

The shrieks brought their mother, “Hi mum you can go back to bed we are going riding.”

“Two wheels no thank you I would need three at least.”

This brought a devilish gleam in the eyes of the Princesses. “Mother if we manage to get you three wheels or more will you ride it at the weekend for charity?”

“YES” with that she went back to bed.

They got to the basement and Gaby noticed there was additional transport in there. “Oh this is a different one.” As she spoke members of the team appeared including Nena.

Jennifer, “I am feeling the odd one out the rest of you are all related in some way. Can I still call you Gaby or has it to be your majesty?”

Nena, “Jennifer Gaby asked you to join the team as she did with me. At that time neither of us realised we were related although we thought it was strange we had similar problems. To the team she is the junior captain. Now we need to get training.” Nena noticed there was more men stationed along the route than on the previous occasion. “What do you want to do today Gaby as it is a free day.”

“Well we just need Beryl |& we have the Yorkshire section plus jokers. Rather than just going to the shops or beach I would like to go to Peasholme Park and then the sealife centre. Should we tell the others?”

Beatrice, “There is no need so long as we are with you. Dad us tagged like the Royal livestock after there was a kidnap attempt on aunty Anne.” This brought a giggle from the others. “Seriously we have chips implanted under our skin and in addition all our clothing has chips in. If we go to the toilet security know. On the otherhand It also allows us some semblance of freedom.”

“I will have to ask Sigfried about the same been done to the team. Oh Beryl is here now so we can go.”

They walked into town and then went down to the Spa there they caught a bus to the North Bay. Prince Markus Bismark had been detailed to watch the girls. He saw the love of his life was with them. He approached them “Hi I got told you might be in this area, I was comming to see you as I missed you. Unfortunatly when I got to Munich I discovered the person I need to see is in England. Do you mind if I tag along? Gaby congratulations on your engagement to William I like him.”

“You know William?”

“Yes we have met a few times while in the Forces. He gave me this.”

“I hope you intend to marry my sister. She has been hell to live with after you went back to Germany. In fact I think I should order you to propose now so I can have some peace.”

Markus started to grin, “In that case Julia Bond will you do the honour of becomming my wife?

“Yes,Yes,Yes. You may accompany us on the coach. Greta appeared pushing Isolde. I saw you and thought we would join you. All the others are shopping. Markus be a dear and carry that on the coack for us”

Gaby, “Markus you did not tell me you know these two. Well girls he is off limits to you he has just proposed to my sister and she accepted.”

Isolde had her phone out in a flash. I am texting Marie with the news perhaps it will trigger his brother to propose.”

Gaby, “Perhaps I need to tell him to propose like I did with Markus.”

“Marie is in the Sealife centre and asks we meet her there. Is that ok with the rest of you or did you plan on something different.”

“No Isolde that will do fine. Oh look there are lots os ships they look like warships to me.”

“Nothing to worry about girls two Nato countries Britain & Germany are carrying out joint practise sessions in the North Sea.”

Nena looked at Markus funny, “By any chance was it Aunt Renata you wished to speak to?”

Greta, “Empress meet Prince Markus von Bismark your future brother in law. You all ready have met his father Fieldmarshall Ulrig.”

Markus shot to attention and bowed. “I agree you should suggest to my brother that he proposes to Marie. I was wanting to have a word with Renate before I formally asked your sister. The ships brought the rest of the German Royals across durring the night and also brought additional equipment for Sigfried.”

The coach arrived at the North Bay and Markus lifted the wheelchair off. “Allow me to push you Princess.” Soon they had arrived at the Sealife centre to find Marie in a passionate embreace.

The camera phones were out in a flash. “Gaby you thought your sister had it bad. Those two could not be any closer if they were welded together.” Eventually they both came up for fresh air.

Markus father says we have to go back at 17.00 Renate wants a quiet word with us. Guess we are in lumber over something.”

“Markus did you get permision to ask Julia? You know how father has to follow the rule book in everything.”

“Acctually I instructed him to propose and he suggested I do the same with you.”

He grinned like a cat that had got the cream. “Is that a direct order Gaby?”

All the girls replied with Gaby. “Yes.”

“In that case I have to obey. Marie as you clearly saw who I recieved permision from. I think we will have to have this group as your bridesmaids when we get married.”

Isolde, “Now down on your knee and do it correctly.” Beatrice filmed the event and sent it to her mum. She in turn sent it to the senior matrons.

Beatrice then noticed a ship close to the centre. “That looks like dads old ship come lets go have a closer look.”

“Hi” said a young man. “Do you want to look round it? It is a former mine sweeper from the Royal Navy I bought it hoping to make my fortune. Unfortunatly with all the building work not as meny people have been comming here. I was hoping to take groups diving on wrecks.

Nena, “What sort of money is a ship like this and what does it cost to run?

“Well currently the running costs are zero as I purchased the dockside. Showing visitors around keeps me ticking over.”

Beatrice thought for a moment, “Have you wetsuits or drysuits on board?”

“Yes to both along with everything needed. I can take any who have their Padi licence or higher.”

Nena, “I have my Padi instructors licence I got it in the Red Sea.”

Markus, “My brother and I are licenced German naval divers.” All the others but for Isolde had a licence.”

Isolde. “Well I still want to go on the ship can we book you, So the others can get a dive in?”

Sure I keep a well stocked galley so if you need some food it is available although it will be a do it your self. May I ask why you are in a wheelchair.”

Isolde replied. “I am recovering from aggresive cancer treatment and it has left me weak and so my friends suggested I use a chair and they will push me around.”

Markus carried Isolde aboard the ship and his brother the wheelchair. Greta dashed into the sealife cente and came out with a bag. “How much would it cost to buy this ship off you.”

“Not much if the bailiffs get their hands on it only around £3,000 would clear my debts. Currently I am only just managing to keep my head above water.”

Gaby, “So if my friends and I bought it off you and gave you a wage to look after it would you do that?”

“Er yes in that case I will not charge you for the trip. If you change your mind then please will you pay for the fuel used.”

Isolde looked around. “This appears to be rather nice for an ex Royal Navy ship.”

“I thought the same, Then I saw the log of the previous captain. This ship was fitted out for the Duke of York. Presumably when he moved on they decided to get rid of it.”

Half an hour later they dropped anchor. “I better come with you all and I will check everything is ok. All but Beatrice and Isolde went into the North Sea.

Beatrice, “I hope you can help with what Greta got. They found Greta had purchased a selection of flags. Using felt pens they put a GB and a crown on the Yorkshire flag. Then they did the same with the German & Austrian flags. Now to get them up for all to see. After we have done that we can look round the ship. Eventually they discovered the Radio room.

Beatrice sat down and inadvertantly pushed a button, “Hello world this is Captain Beatrice.”

Beatrice had a shock when a voice said, “Madam this frequency is for millitary use only.”

Beatrice not to be outdone, “This is the minesweeper the Yorkist of the Royal Northumbrian navy and you are speaking with Captain Beatrice Windor-Mountbattan. I must ask you to remove your ships from Northumbrian territorial waters. Otherwise I will have to take other measures.”

As look would have ir Prince Andrew was on board the aircraft carrier the Ark Royal; when the message went out. He was called to the wireless room. “Sir I asked the woman nicely to get off this channel. She did not and when I said unless she did as she was told we would come and blast her out of the water. Listen to her now she has hit the emergancy button.”

“Help this is the Yorkist of the Royal Northumbrian Navy. We are being threatened by an unknown pirate ship. I Princess Beatrice of York captain of this ship am calling for help. Code Red I repeat Code Red.”

“Sir we have a fix and the ship appears to be your old command.” Sir Ships of the German navy are already heading as fast as they can to those coordinates. Is this part of the practise? The person has just again called for help from all shipping. I must have scared her.”

Andrew, “Hi kitten I am coming to your aid as fast as we can. We were having a practise session with the Germans. Who else is you.?

“Only Isolde and me left, The others are in the sea. We got into the radio room. Listen they are fireing their guns at us. I will lock us in here till you get here Daddy.”

“Sir we have located her chip in the wireless room. Her sisters signal is weak and appears to be on the seabed.”

As the fleet arrived the tiny group surfaced. They quickly boarded the ship and changed back into their clothing. They wondered where Isolde & Beatrice had got to eventually they found them. Isolde hugged the young man I am so glad to see you again. Some pirates threatened me tried to take the ship and I called for help,”

Markus, “You certainly did that you got the attention of the British & German Navy.”

Markus , “Stand down all is in order. Prince Markus Von Bismark here I have secured the ship and the girls are all fine but a little shaken, Please send your best divers over there is a little something on the seabed that needs recovering.” The men from both Navy's used the Yorkist as a diving platform as they went down into the North Sea to recover the items Some of the men started to use the hoist. Loads of gold bars came up.

One of the divers came across to Marcus and saluted him “Sir we have recovered all we could see on the Seabed. There are two ships down there one is a German u-boat and it is laid across another ship. Both are relativly intact.. As we are having a joint practise with the Royal Navy could we perhaps try and recover both ships?”

By now Prince Andrew and Admiral Spey of the German Navy had boarded the ex-minsweeper. The Admiral spoke, “Congratulations on this simulated kidnap and abduction. It proves beyond doubt that the tagging system works. Princess Beatrice that was resourcefull of you getting to the Radio room. Now to the little bonus you have discovered.”

Nena, “The find should be registered with the reciever of wrecks and then he decides if we get to keep it or not. If not it goes to the Crown. But Gaby found the bars and the gold is in Northumbrian waters. Gaby is also entitled to any precious metal or gem found within her country. The original owners must have known about the wreck but chose to ignore it for some reason.”

Admiral Spey, “You Princess have missed your vocation you should have studdied law.”

The Duke of York. “Acctually Nena is correct. Now can some body tell me how you all got hold of my old ship.”

Nena was the one to reply. “ Well the Yorkshire section along with the Royal jokers and some German cousins wanted to go diving & we discovered the Yorkist was for sale.”

Beatrice, “I named it The Yorkist & Isolde helped me adapt the flags.”

The Admiral, “Captain Beatrice do you mind telling me how much you paid for this ship.”

The young man who had been quiet spoke, “I bought her for £2,000 from the Royal Navy and sold her for £3.000 to these young people, but I have done several repairs where weapons had been removed prior to the sale. I am also to be kept on to ensure the Yorkist is in full working order.”

The Admiral looked around. “Well I cannot see why the British sold this off. I certainly would not. I will have my sailors check it over and ensure the radio is brought upto date to current NATO standards.”

Andrew,”The ship was an experimental design. The sailors loved it as did I, The accountants though did not like her as she did not fit in with their requirements of the modern navy. I had no idea a multi million pound ship has been sold off for £2,000. Now Captain Beatrice may I take comand of Her Majesties Northumbrian ship The Yorkist. I wish to demostrate to the Admiral how fast she can actually go.”

As they approached Scarborough the Admiral said,”Well I can see why she does not fit in. In our line of trade though speed is important. This though has been stripped out and is ideal to get important people around quickly. Perhaps with a few more adaptions we can get her going a bit faster What is she made off? I presume is polycarbon or similar?”

Andrew, “Actually it is not what she is made from but what she is coated in. The paint will deflect fire from most weapons. Allow me to demonstrate. One of these will do if you would like to test it out.”

Gaby, “Hey just a moment what about asking the owners.”

“Sorry I was still thinking she was still my command. May I borrow one of these to test.”

“Ok but you pay for the damage.”

“Admiral if we take this to the weapons range at Catterick at test it with small arms fire and graduate to heavy duty.” Andrew brought The Yorkist into Scarborough.

The Admiral gave instructions A guard had to be placed on the ship and the only work done was to be the removal of the old radio set and a new one ordered but not fitted. Now you young man will tell me what you have replaced and where.”

That is easy I used this paint that was in the hold There was rather quite a lot of it.”

Andrew looked at it, “That is the trial paint they must have left it all on board when she was de-commisioned.”

“In that case we do not nned this door all we need is sheets of various materials painted with this to be tested. Young man I take it you are a local.”

“Yes Admiral. I was born and brought up in Scarborough. My father is a fisherman here.”

“Right subject to security checks it appears you have been apointed the Captain of thie Yorkist except when Captain Beatrice here takes comand. Your first instruction is to supervise the removal of the radio. At a future date you will be required to go on a six week intensive officer training course.”

A securicor van drew up on the docks in Scarborough and was loaded with the gold from the seabed. The Admiral had also listened to the sailor and ordered a recovory team for both ships Nena looked at the waiting cars and said.” We want to go back to the sea life centre.”

“Sorry Princess instructuins have changed and I have to take you back to the Royal. The press ar clamouring to see the happy couples.” The cars went directly into the basement and the girls went up in the lift. Markus & brother looked at the time and realised they had the meeting with the matrons

Renate, “Hello boys do you have anything to tell me or ask me?” Both Princes looked at each other.

Markus, “Yes we have been diving today. We had to go to the aid of a ship that requested help.”

Renate was getting annoyed with them. “Are you sure there is nothing you wish to ask me? Have I to give you a clue each Julia & Marie does that ring any bell with you both?”

Markus, “We both did intend to ask you. However we both got instructed to propose to the girls. We should though ask their fathers before we propose in front of the family.”

Nena's mother, “Boys you are being teased. Somebody sent us all this video. Including you both getting your instructions. Now I suggest you both go and get in uniform and get back as quickly as possable.”

As soon as the girls got too their rooms a team of hairdressers and makeup artists pounced on them. They did not get chance to argue as their clothing was removed and they were placed in long satin gowns. Their hair was pulled, combed and sprayed. At the same time their nails were being done. Gaby found she was being laced up in a corset. She complained. “Do not be a baby your sisters have been in one all day and did you here them complain.” said a woman that looked like the Undertaker in a dress. Eventually they finished.

Across at the Grand Ulrig was checking all four boys out to ensure nothing was out of place. “We can walk across the girls are nearly ready. As each boy entered the Royal their name was announced. A bevy of photographers took pictures of the boys. Then one by one the girls slowly decended the grand staircase. They each stopped to allow the photographers chance to take pictures of them. Then there was pictures of them as couples. After that ther was a group photo and then finally a family one.”

A reporter from the Yorkshire evening news asked several Question. Prince William how long have you known Gaby Bond? Also is it correct that there was an attempted abduction earlier today.

Markus was the one to answer. “If you do not mind William I will reply to that. The Princes first met the twins in America when they visited. They were smitten with the girls and badgered their cousins to go to the bike races with them. As for the report of an abduction that was false. As security is always a concern we decided to test several devices. Only the security chiefs knew what was going on. Well the trial worked perfectly. In fact units of the British & German Navy worked together to effect the release of the girls.”

“Jenny Bond how does the World Ladies champion feel about her daughters becomming engaged to British & Germam Princes?”

“It will be several years before the girls actually marry. The girls will all need lessons on how to behave in their future lives. For now though all of them will continue as if nothing has changed. Gaby in particular is the one who will have the greatest change. By marrying William she will one day become Queen of Britain and the Commonwealth. I know she still wants a life of her own and insists she still is allowed to race. Julia is also sporty and much prefers to play Badminton & Tennis rather than Ride like her sister.”

“Jenny how do you feel about now representing the new country of Northumbria in the Olympics?”

“Initially it came as a shock to me. However the goverment had to follow the decision made by other people. I should think the New Queen is still in a state of shock at the news. It is not as if she will have been trained for the job. She is going to have to learn as she rules. My heart goes out to her imagine being a schoolgirl and then suddenly being created Queen of a new country.”

Ulrig, “Sorry your time is up.” With that the reporters & photographers all were ushered out of the room. Markus & brother went to see the respective parents. They got the same responce “Well it is a little too late now to say no now.”

Both boys went down on their knee and formally proposed to the girls in front of the family. Their respective fiance replied in the affirmative.

Renate looked across at Martim Lampkin & his Grand daughter she went across.

“Do you mind dancing with me Martin? Sigfried prefers not to dance these days. As they danced Renate noticed the ring on Martins hand. Renate looked at it and then at Martin.”How did you come by this ring?”

My late mother in law asked me if I would do her a favour When I married her daughter would I use her ring. I decided as my wife wanted me to have also a ring to get a duplicate made. Alas my wife is now dead and Jennifer got the ring. On her death bed my mother in law asked me to make sure all her posetions got passed to the Eldest girl. Jennifer is the only grand daughter I have. My brother Arthur had all boys.”

To everyones suprise Renate Hugged and Kissed Martin on the dance floor. “No wonder Jennifer is good at riding it is in the Genes. This completss the set. Would it be possable to see their grave as I wish to pay my respects.?” Nena noticed Renate give a hand signal to her sisters. They went on to the floor and embraced Martin,

Jennifer joked with Gaby. “He has kissed them all in front of us. He must have proposed to one of them.”

“Perhaps it is my Granny or Beryl's mum they are both single. Then that make you a princess Jennifer.”

“No I do not think so he loved granny to much. Grandpa intends to get a headstone for Granny. He keeps forgetting as he is still busy coaching Arthur's boys.

Beryl said, “Your Grandpa looks nearer my mum's age if they got married you would be calling me Aunty Beryl.” This brought some giggles from the girls.”

Gaby, “I suppose I had better sort them out. Great Aunt Renate I am shocked at you losing control of your emotions like you have and in addition you persuaded your sisters to do the same. What an example you have just set to these young and impressionable princesses. Now to you Martin Lampkin I noticed you returned their advances and also you kissed one other in my presance. On good advise I am informed that such scenes of affection in front of a Queen means you also intend to ask for the hand in marriage of one of the ladies concerned. It has not gone unnoticed that during the short time you have been here you have been walking out and holding hands like teenagers in love with one of our group. I do not want to have to contend with another weepy princess regardless of how old she is. My sister Jools was bad enough.”

The room went quiet as a door opened and a woman came through. “You are quite correct Gabrial in telling them off. Now where are those grandsons of mine? Ulrig congratulations on your sons engagements I expect an invitation to their weddings. Now to the Bond-Peter's I was thinking an engagement of a little over 18 months would be a suitable time span. Have you any idea of where the wedding should be?”

Gaby, “Certainly in the Great minster of Peter in York as my coronation will be. Welcome your Majesty to my court. I have not actually discused any coronation with anybody. If the Germans & Austrians do not mind then I would like it in York.”

“It does not matter what they want it is what you want that matters. I thought I had better come and see the young lady who has taken half my kingdom and united the Austrian & German states. Then eventually you will also get my job or at least you will rule jointly with William. My goverment have been debating through the night & have asked Charles to stand aside. They have voted and the vote was unanamous that they would prefer it if you both were declared joint rulers. There is a presedent that was set with William of Orange and Anne Stuart who became joint rulers. As you have told me you wish your coronation to take place in York my goverment will abide by that. Now Andrew informed me you wish to know over awards. From what I have learned the man concerned can recieve a decoration from us both and I thought perhaps at the Yorkshire would be suitable. In fact they will be asking to change the name to the Royal Yorkshire with all the family there. I would like you to help me present the prizes on that day.

Normally at this time of year I go on holiday in to the highlands of Scotland to get away from it all. Now except for a official function or two I would like you to call me Grandma. Andrew informs me life gets very interesting when you are around.”

Beatrice, “It sure is Granny since we have been here which is not long we have bought a minesweeper. Found gold bars, had somebody fire guns at us. Seen German cousins propose. Seen Great Aunt Renate told off and to cap it all my Granny Lilibet turns up. It sure is more exciting than spending six weeks North of the boarder. Will you be stopping granny for the two charity cycle rides this weekend we are taking part?

Sigfried, "Elizabeth It is a long time since all the major branches of the family found themselves in one place. Security is not a problem as access from here onto the Saint Nicholas and Grand hotel is blocked only those with security clerance can now get through. Like wise the sea lift is for our perssonal use. At times it is easier to use that than go the long way round in transport. We had intended to go to York tomorrow for the day however I suppose we could alter the day a little.”

Prince Phillip, “Actually it will make a nice change for us. I for one welcome the chance to have a chat with our German cousins. I did notice as we drove here Ken Dodd is on at the Futurist theatre and Elizabeth loves his shows.”

Andrew, there is also a summertime special at the YMCA Theatre and The Max Jaffa band on at the Spa theatre. Father has also informed me he never got chance to visit my old ship and would like to take the Yorkist for a little run.”

“Phillip while you do that I will be with Sigfried and my ladies in the Spa theatre. Sarah come out of hidding you got here before me. What is this I here about my Grand daughters being named the Royal jokers?”

“Well they introduced themselves to Gabriel as that. I suppose they have a little wild streak like me.”

“Yes I believe they do and I would not wish it any other way. I presume you realise Andrew still has a candle burning for you?


Interaction between the differant factions continued to midnight when they all went to their relavant rooms.

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