Chris & Julia's Big Day Chapter 5


Whats that ya say? Nena and Gaby? By 'eck nah there's a tale to tell! Sharp does his best with this brand new fanfic which includes characters from both Gaby and Nena!

Part 5

Day 3 Julia is sick.

The following morning Nena was up and ready to go. Julia on the other hand kept running to the toilet to be sick.

“Nena I am going to have to give this mornings ride a miss. Hopefully I will have improved by the time you are back from the ride & then we can go shopping for those dresses.”

Nena joined the group for their early morning ride. Jenny Bond said,

“Is Julia not joining us today?”

“Sorry she is not feeling so well. She keeps being sick.”

Maria, “In that case I will stay behind and go and get the team doctor to have a look at her.”

A short time later Maria with the doctor knocked on Julia's bedroom door. A very ashen Julia opened the door.

“Julia, Nena informed me you did not feel to good.” Julia shot off to the toilet again.

“Sorry about that.”

The doctor, “I can see I am needed here. I understand you are one of the chaperones and also tour guide. I am called Dr Helga Goodchild. Now before we do anything else I better get some salts into you. Then I will give you a medical. Maria will you put some water in a glass and empty this packet into it.”

Julia, “Dr I do not think this is food poisoning I suspect it has a more natural cause.”

“Young lady I am the doctor & will decide what is the cause of your sickness. I take it your youngman knows about you expecting.”

“Dr we are supposed to be getting married in less than a months time. Maria here is to be one of the senior bridesmaids. We are supposed to be going looking for the dresses later this morning. I only recently got confirmation about my baby. Around this time Nena entered the room.

“Hi Maria I am just going to get a shower as I am rather wiffy after that ride.”

A short time later a refreshed and dressed Nena appeared.

“Oh Hi I did not realise there was another guest.”

“Ah you must be Nena. I have been hearing about you. I believe you are due to see me shortly.” Nena looked puzzled.

“Sorry I did not introduce myself. Maria brought me here to attend to Julia as I am the team doctor, I am called Helga Goodchild.”

Nena, “Oh” She then started to shake and then collapsed onto the floor.

Julia, “This is the worse she has been. Yesterday she went into a trance and I could wave my hand in front of her. As team doctor you had better read these reports from the hospital.”

Julia handed the doctor the letters.

“Ah I understand why she fainted now. Although as she is coming round now I might as well give her a full medical now.”

“Sorry doc I will be better shortly. If you read all my notes you would see my endocrine system is screwed up. In addition my bodys self defences are apparently destroying my Y chromosones and replacing them with a X. I actually promised a friend that I would accompay them to see you.” Nena takes a glucose tablet. “That should give me the boost I need. Sometimes my sugar levels drop low and I faint.”

The team doctor takes Nena's blood pressure and also takes a sample of her blood.

“That will do for now your blood pressure is a little on the low side. Your young friend has a similar problems to you although those problems are not exactly the same as yours. Gaby is due to see me on Friday. I would suggest you both do not go on the training ride that day as I wish you to be as nornal as possable. What I can say is it is good you both found out about each other. Now you both have somebody else to turn to. Julia I will be paying you a visit each morning to check up on you. In fact I might switch coaches to John's to keep my eye on you.”

“Maria I suppose you will wish my resignation.”

“Julia just because you are pregnant is no reason for your job to be terminated. Dr Helga will be your personal doctor and keep a check on you.”

Dr Helga, “Normally other than periodocal health checks I do not have a lot to do. However you, Nena, Isolde & Gaby are about to make my life very interesting. Now your job is safe and you should manage it easy.”

There was a knock at the door. Maria answered it.

“Team bridesmaids all prepared and ready for the off.” said Beryl.

This brought a giggle from Julia. Gaby worked her way to the front.

“We noticed the tide was still in and so we have all got our bikini's on under our sun drersses. Hopefully once we have tried the dresses we can get on the beach and try and sunbath.”

“Ha Gaby Bond just the person I was wanting to see. I need a blood sample off you and I should also take your blood pressure and pulse then you can go shopping and I can post these blood samples off.” The doctor was at the side of Gaby with the syringe.

Jennifer, “Gaby I am very excited about getting a dress. What colour of dress would you like? I think I would prefer pink.”

The needle was in and out of Gaby's arm before she realised. The doctor put a band aid over the site of the puncture.

“My dad has reminded me next week all the Lampkin clan are going to the Great Yorkshire Show. I thought I better tell you in case you wondered where I was.”

Beyrl, “Cool normally I go to support a couple of friends who will be riding there.”

Maria. “What is this show you both want to go to. Is it something Appolonaris should be going to?”

Nena, “It started out as an agricutural show. These days though it is biggest three day event in the North. Besides the farming side and the horse jumping you most of the major manufacturers with stalls advertising and selling their wares. Last year Specialised had a stall and they appeared to be doing quite well.”

“Dr, may I borrow your laptop for a moment or two?”

Maria typed in Great Yorkshire Show. The computer brought up many pictures.

Isolde, “That looks like it could be a good day out are we all allowed to visit it?”

Maria looked at the telephone number and dialed it. A man answred the telephone. “Yorkshire events ground how may I help you?”

“I was wondering about a presence at the Yorkshire?”

“All our large stands are taken. All I can offer at this late date is one small stand for the final day. We normally would be full but one firm only wanted the stand for the first two days. If you are interested we are already taking bookings for next year.”

Maria took the decision to book the stand and gave her bank details.

“Your men will need to be here by 19.00 the night before to set the stand up.”

“I also need to bring in a rather large number of people.”

While Maria was on the telephone Gaby had gone back outside into the passage to chat to her friends.

Gaby noticed a elderly man walking and talking to Maria's mother. “Hello Sir.”

Maria's mother asked why all the girls where waiting.

Isolde, “Uncle Siegfried we are waiting for Princess Maria, she is on the telephone.”

Siegfried, “Princess Maria, Countess Von Ezenbreg hand me that telephone at once and go deal with your younger cousins.”

“But Uncle.”

“No buts. I will take over the negotiations.”

Maria handed her phone over & Siegfried gave her his. “Now girls be gone. Doctor stay.”

All the girls went out.

Jennifer, “That old man called you Princess Maria. Was he joking or are you a Princess?” This brought giggles from the other girls.

Gaby, “I have met the old man before. He has invited me to his home in Bavaria. The last time we met he was the German Ambassador in America.” This statement brought about more giggles.

Maria for a moment was stumped what to reply.

Isolde, “As Maria is momentarily lost for words. I will answer your question. Maria is about 1,000th in line to the British Crown and is a German Princess. She is not the senior Princess here, that distinction goes to your friend Kat.” Gaby tries to do a curtsy but is stopped. “Don't you dare do that here or call any of us Princess!”

Gaby, “The team should have been called the Royals. I take it all the German contingant are related?”

Maria, “I and my cousins do not like to publicise our status. So as a senior bridesmaid I am telling you we are going to the shops. I do not want to hear another word about princesses.”

Beryl, “Maria I better tell you now, the York's and the Phillip's will be at the Great Yorkshire as it is the final quallifyer for the Olympics. All the big names will be there.”

Maria laughed, “Ha yes Anne Royal & Andrew York.” This brought more giggles.

Isolde, “Well I think William Wales is just dishy.”

Meanwhile Siegfried was speaking on the telephone. “Excuse me sir, did I hear you calling the young woman I spoke to previously Princess Maria?”

“You certainly did.”

“Sir the young lady she was enquiring about a corporate pass to allow all your guests access. She has already booked a small stand for the last day of the show this year and I was telling her the larger stands are going fast for next years show.”

“In that case I will book for next year a large stand and a pass for 120 people for three days. Now about this year I need to get tickets. Meals & seats in the grandstand for 120 people for the last day.”

“Yes sir I can send you passes and badges for your guests. They will be entitled to use the members pavilion and stand and in addition you will all be welcome in the international pavilion. Now whom do I make the reciept out to?”

“Did you say that some British Royals would be present?”

“Yes sir, some are competitors and I believe their Grandma is coming to make the presentations on the final day.”

“In that case list me as Siegfried of Bavaria, Thank you for that bit of information I better make sure my nieces are dressed appropriatly. Presumably Maria previously gave you bank details so now I must go and relax.”

“Sir I need an address to send your tickets to.”

“Appolonaris, The Royal in Scarborough will surfice.”

Boyce department store Scarborough.

Nena notice Isolde going white and sat her down. They had been in two stores already and had not found what they wanted.

“Sorry I keep feeling faint.”

Nena noticed Isolde had sat down in a wheelchair. A shop assistant said, “These have just come in, are you interested in one?

“My friends have gone to see if you have rather a lot of bridesmaids dresses if you have then can I pay for this in that department.”

The man smiled. “In that case I better accompany you to that department.” He took them both up in the service lift. “Sorry the chair would not fit in the normal lift.”

As they got there Maria spoke, “Nena they have everything we need here.” Maria's phone played God Save The Queen. It had a remarkable effect on all the German girls they all shot to attention. Maria looked at the chair Isolde was in and said, “We could do with a second one for another casualty we have. Now can we work out a deal for these outfits and chairs? Also would it be possible to have somebody take all the dresses to The Royal?”

The Manager could see pound signs in front of his eyes. “I can arrange that. In fact I will supervise their transfer myself. May I suggest each of you puts your name on a label so you know you have the correct dress. Will the young lady in the chair also need a dress?”

Nena, “Certainly she is one of my bridesmaids.”

Dr Helga arrived with most of the other ladies. “Oh you have the bridesmaid dresses already.”

“All of us but Isolde & Nena have been fit up.”

Sonja, “Isolde you had better put on a gown. Now while we are all here have you any presentation gowns?”

The manager snapped his fingers and an assistant brought some stock out of the back. “We have the same style in several colours.”

An Elderly lady with Maria's mother. “I will try a purple one unfortunately we do not have time to commission dresses. Now do you have red and white ribbon about 4 to 6 inches wide? An assistant brought an assortment of reels. “Yes they will do.”

Isolde came out of the changing room and walked up to the elderly lady and curtsied “Nana this is what the others have chosen.”

The old lady pointed to Gaby & Nena “You two lets me see you in the white dress.” No you both look to pasty try the yellow one.”

They come out again and both curtsied,

Gaby, “Nana I prefer this one.” That brought a giggle from the others.” Eventually all the young ones had tried on and chosen an additional dress.

The old Lady, “Maria you may take the girls to the beach now.”

“Yes Nana.” With that the girls left Boyces Department store.

“Now you sir could you organise us some refreshments?”

The manager thought about saying they normally do not serve customers on the floor. Instead he had chairs brought from the restraraunt and tea and biscuits brought out. The remaining ladies went to the changing rooms in pairs and each chose two dresses.

“I know some of you think I am senile, but I can assure you all I have all my marbles. Maria wanted to make her own way in life. She does a good job being a reporter. However she came up with this wonderful idea of the team & family going on tour with the directors. Now I have to thank you youngman for doing as I asked. Would it be possable to call your senior management down here? Sonja I have yet to meet the team captain I understand she is the only senior one who is not family.”

Jenny came and curtsied, “Captain Bond reporting for duty.”

“Turn round girl give us a swirl. Yes you will do. I wish to have a chat with my Captain. Sonja you can push me. In fact we could do with an extra four for the remaining coaches.”

The manager appeared again with the senior management team. “Gentlemen today I have enjoyed myself shopping in your store with my daughters and their daighters. The manager has been attentive and done all I asked of him. As such I feel besides paying for the goods I have purchased I should reward your company. Sonja have you a warrent?”

“Mother you know we normally only hand them out in German states.” Sonja handed a letter to the manager. He read it and then passed it to the others.

An equally old man spoke up. “Madam a long time ago at the end of the war I led an attack on a castle. There we found many high ranking prisoners. One I found chained up and released him. He gave me this ring. It bears a similar design to yours. I have always treasured it and I hoped to return it.”

The Grand Dutchess Renate had tears in her eyes. “At last you have been found. Had you shown the ring to the German Embassy you would have recieved your reward sooner. My brother I am sure would like to meet you so perhaps you and your family will come down to the Royal this evening.”

The ring was passed round and eventually reached Jenny Bond. She looked at it and then said, “I know of at least two of these. I spotted Denise here wearing one and my own mother had one and she gave it to my son Drew. In fact I am surprised you did not notice when Gaby called you Nana. You look like a slightly older copy of my mother so I should actually call you aunt. Mother did tell me she had a lot of sisters and they all got separated because of the war.”

Grand Dutches Renate, “May I have the warrant back please.” It was handed back to her and she wrote on it. ‘This person has presented me with the seal of Siegfried as such he is entitled to use by appointment to Siegfried of Bavaria, König of Germany and Austria in addition to the above. Signed Renate of Bavaria. ' She then handed the warrant back.

While she was doing this Jenny was telephoning her mother.

“Mum its me, is Carol there? You will never guess what has happened. Appolonaris is a family owned firm headed by Siegfried of Bavaria & I am here with Renate.”

“The telephone went quiet and then Granny Peters said, “Can you put me on to Renate please?”

“My mother wishes to speak to Snuggles.”

There was a grin and then she said, “There is no doubt that she is my baby sister. Snuggles here along with her daughters.”

This brought some laughter from the other women. After chatting for a while Renate handed the phone back.

“Your mother is being brought across with Carol & family. I have told them they will acompany us for the rest of this vacation. Now we need to purchase two extra dresses each for Carol & her daughter.”

“That is easy as Jenny is the same size as me and Maddy is the same as Gaby.”

Telephone call to the Palace.

Back in Harrogate at the Yorshire show ground the man who had taken the phone call from Siegfried decided to ring the German Embasy.

“Hello I was hoping to clarify a telephone call I recently had. Initially it was from a Princess Marie Von Ezenberg and then it was taken over by a man called Siegfried of Bavaria.”

“Oh I better put you through to the Ambassador sir.”

“Yes I can confirm Siegfried is who he says he is. I understood he was going on a months holiday with his wife and daughters. If he wants those tickets then he intends taking the family. Can you ensure they all get VIP treatment. I will need to ring you back for further tickets.

The Ambassador put a phone call to Buckingham Palace.

“German Embassy, I thought I better inform you Siegfried of Bavaria is in Britain and he has decided to make an official visit to the Yorkshire Show along with every major German princess. Will it be ok for the Bavarian Mountain or the Hannover Iinfantry to be present as security for him and the girls?”

“I will have to confirm it with her majesty, but for now take it as a yes. You do realise Her Majesty is also going to be there on the same day.”

Prince Pillip grinned when her heard the news and request. “If they are to be in force then we should be as well. Contact all the family and instruct them they have to come regardless of what they had planned to do. Also notify the MOD we will be having guests from the Bavarian Mountain & the Hannover Infantry comming to stay.”

The German Embasy had meanwhile telephoned Berlin where the call had been put through to Fieldmarshal Ullrich Hindenberg. He wasted no time and soldiers from both regiments were kitted out in the Imperial dress uniforms. Then they all boarded planes bound for RAF Catterick. Two hotels near the Royal found they were being asked to provide accomodation for the soldiers.

Down on the beach .

Back in Scarborough Siegfried had decided to join the girls on the beach. Gaby spots him and says “Hi come on over here. I'm Gaby, I noticed you are on one of the other coaches. Come sit down on my towel.”

“You are one of the English girls ja?”

“Well yes and no are correct. I am English with a little bit of Welsh in me. As for being a girl I am not exactly one yet. I was born male and named Andrew. However something in me is screwed up and I have started to develop as a girl. Sometimes it upsets me. The doctors have run tests on me and informed me I am turning into a female. These days my friends all call me Gaby.”

Siegfried notices the ring Gaby is wearing. “May I look at that ring?”

Gaby took the ring off, “This belonged to my late grandfather, he placed it on me before he died and said,”One day this might open doors for you. I have a spare as Grandma Peters gave me one similar only it does not have the words König on. Do you want to look at that as well.”

“No Gaby it does not matter. Your grandma knows you are here? Do you have her telephone number please?”

Gaby brought out her mobile and phoned her granny.

“Hi Gaby we are on the way to join you we should be with you in half an hour.”

“Hello this is Siegfried I am not sure if I should call you cousin or Sister in Law.”

“Yes I had a telephone call from Renate she ordered my presence. I got her back by calling her Snuggles. Do you know if anymore of my sisters are surviving.”

“Sorry we all got seperated and I had no idea where to look. The truth be told I was in no shape to look for missing family members. I was in a bad shape after being held prisoner by the Nazi's. I was discovered by an Englishman who carried me to a hospital. There I was tended to by Renate. Eventually we married & we had lots of daughters.”

Isolde came across, “Grandpa I thought it was you talking to Gaby. Her mum is the Apollonaris Captain.”

“Yes I know full well who Jenny is. I did after all apoint her to that position. It was done so I could not be accused of favoring one daughter over an other. Instead I have apparently appointed my niece.”

“Cool Grandpa! so we can call Gaby cousin if we wish.” Gaby was putting the ring back on. Isolde held the Gabys hand and read it. “What are you doing with Grandpas's ring?

“Its mine. My grandpa gave me this just before he died.”

Siegfried, “Isolde, Gaby is correct the ring is hers. I should have seen it before now. Can you call Maria over please?”

Maria came across with Nena. “Maria look at Gabys hand and tell me what you see.” Maria looked and then went into a full curtsey.

“Sorry Gaby I had no idea.” One by one the other girls all came and did the same.

Nena looked at it and then she also curtsied. “Gaby obviously you do not realise the significance of the ring. Apparently the prophecy was correct but not in the way we thought. Your Grandpa should have been the one to present this ring to the Bavarian Goverment. It is the great seal of Bavaria. Siegfried could only be Regent and could never take the title König although he is seen as König in Bavaria. You by birth are entitled to claim it.”

Mandy, “There must be something going on at the castle look at all those troops in those costumes.”

Siegfried looked, “Girls quickly get your dresses back on. I recognise the person leading them.” At the same time Renate came across the road with the mothers.

“Fieldmarshal Ullrich Hindenberg with Imperial Hannover & Bavarian Mountain reporting for duty.”

“Ullrich my duty as Regent is nearly over. Whilst there are some who may not like it, my young friend here shall replace me as Königin. Gabriel walk with me but hold your ring hand so all can see. In fact put your spare one on as well.

Ullrich, “My god it is the Great Seal of Ludwig.” This soon passed down the ranks. Renate looked puzzled.

“She should have my sisters ring not your brother's.”

Gaby, “Look if you wish I have both on now although I think Maddy should have the second one.”

Back at the Royal.

The Peter's had arrived. They had difficulty getting in the hotel. Granny Peters spoke to the guard. “Siegfried asked us all to come here.” The guard rather reluctantly let them into the reception area.

The receptionist, “Sorry we are having to move some guests over to another hotel. Somebody on the Apollonaris team is rather important hence the guards.”

“Oh that will be my sister Renate, has she been showing off again?”

“No we got a message to move all non Apollonaris guests out and the guards arrived half an hour ago.”

Even Godfrid and Bill had trouble getting back in. Eventually when Godfrid found his room key they were allowed in.

Bill, “Strange there was no security earlier and now it is rather strict. Did you see those guns they were brandishing.

“Yes my friend I noticed. Those are troops from the Imperial Hannover & Bavarian Mountain regiments. It means while we were away somebody of very high status has moved into the hotel. Now I have to phone Germany and get the mobile display unit brought over along with extra bikes.”

Cardinal Waibel was sat in the lounge thinking over the previous days events.

Carol, “Do you mind if we join you here, it's getting rather crowded in there and they will not give us a room until the others have returned.”

“Ah yes as you look like Jenny Bond you must be her cousin and this Gaby's twin.”

Maddy giggled. “People always say that. You should see us when we dress alike. From that I take it you have already met Gaby. Life seems to be one great adventure when she is around and rather boring when she is not.”

At the foreshore in front of the Futurist Theatre .

Gaby along with Siegfried inspected the troops. She walked up and down the lines. They stopped by two young soldiers.

“You and you what are your names?”

“Private Ellen of Hess & Private Isolanthe of Battenberg.”

“Good, Hess & Battenberg fall out. Princess Renate & Princess Isolde need somebody to push them. Do you want the job?”

Both girls look across at Renate who nods her head up and down. “Yes please.”

“In that case your duty starts immediately. I better see if there are any others who can help you.”

Siegfried barked an order out and the males and females seperated except for one and Gaby noticed two females drag that person into their group.

Renate scowled at that. Gaby walked to them.

“That was a bit messy. Did you forget what sex you are? Regardless of that you three fall in behind us I will get your names later.”

Siegfried also grinned when he saw the selection. Gaby chose another two pairs and said, “That will do for now.”

Siegfried, “Fieldmarshall, these nine shall be the König's personal body guard, have their equipment transfered to the Royal. You may go now”

As the guard departed Gaby uttered “Please will somebody explain in plain English what a König is.”

One of the new recruits said, “König is the German for King.”

Gaby started to laugh, “Now I know you are teasing as we learned at school the Germans had a Kaiser as their king and he lost his job at the end of the first world war.”

Renate, “Actually that was wrong Bavaria had a king who had two sons. One went missing before 1939 and the other was imprisoned. The old king died and the younger son became Regent. He could not become König as he did not have the ring. In addition my younger sister also had the Seal of Austria. You are now wearing both & I presume before long the Austrians will also want to send you some protection, if they do I reccomend you ask for the Tyrol Alpine. I should have recognised the ring when you called me Nana. If you do not mind I would much prefer that to great Aunt. Now before we go up in the lift I will introduce these girls. Somehow you managed to select nine more princesses.”

Siegfried, “Allow me Tatiania & Anastasia of Sax-Coberg, Heidi Brandenberg, Titania Hess & Heidi Battenberg sisters of the earlier two. And finally Sonja & Tara Brandenberg. All rather bad soldiers but quite good at being royal princesses. They all have degrees in shopping.”

Gaby laughed, “Just wait until they meet Maddy, she has a black belt in shopping. Now what was that episode about earlier?”

Ellen, “My cousin Titania prefers everybody to think she is a boy. We all know she is not, but some times she just forgets. Hence the reason the two Heidi's dragged her to the correct row.”

Anastasia held her hand up. “I am puzzled how can a princess become König? Even Titania could not do that.”

Nena, “The answer to that is simple, Gaby is the same as me we both were born boys but because of a genetic problem once we reached our teens we started to develop as girls. Because of how we look it is easier to dress as how we look. This is Julia my fiance and mother to our children. We are to be married shortly in Sheffield. Now as we appear to have additional bridesmaids I suppose we had better return to the store and get the extra clothing.”

With that they all used the sea lift to the town centre.

Gaby, “Siegfried can you take all the older ladies back to the hotel with the exception of Nana. Also if possable can you arrange a few extra bikes?”

As they walked in the store the manager appeared. “Your highness back so soon.”

Renate grinned and said, “Now I understand how the troops knew where we were, you telephoned the Embassy. Regardless of that we need extra dresses. It is a pity my diamonds are back in Germany, I did not expect to need them.”

“Madam if you do not mind wearing man made diamonds then we have quite a selection we sell to young girls for proms. Perhaps a tiara, earings & a necklace each all at a special offer to you.”

“Very good we will look at them. First though these girls need their dresses. Just like the others.” Before long the girls had been sorted out and each one was clutching two dresses and shoes. Then they looked at the tiaras.

Heidi looked, “Nana these all look real & would be suitable for us. Nobody would know they were not the real thing.”

Gaby was deep in thought and turned to Nena. “I hope you do not mind that you have had the number of bridesmaids increased. I have been thinking my goose is cooked so to speak. All I want to do is follow in mums footsteps and become world champion. It appears that I am not going to be allowed to go any place with out guards.”

“Maybe but they do not have to be obvious. You already have the answer in the Angels. Especially if we all get self defence training.”

Gaby gives Nena a hug and kiss. “Thank you I know what to do.”

“Nana Renata that man who was leading the troops, I need to speak to him can that be arranged? Now can somebody explain why princesses are in the Army?”

Titania was the one to answer.”In our country all young people have to do national service. Those that are in Apollonaris are exempt.”

They started the short walk back to the Royal Hotel . At the hotel Maddy launched herself at Gaby.

Nena, “Oh no two Gaby's - double trouble.”

“Hello Renata or should I still call you Snuggles. I see you have already met my grand children. If all these others are yours then you have been very busy. I have been thinking it over & I know all our other sisters made it to Britain. One I know that she and her daughter are both dead as I attended the funeral service. Beryl and mother please show yourselves to us. I am given to understand that you Denise have agreed to train the Angels I also realise life for Gaby is going to get difficult. Especially now others realise what the ring is that she wears.”

Fieldmarshall Ullrich appeared. “Somebody wanted me?”

Gaby, “Yes I did. Are there anymore Princess on the armed forces other than those I recently selected? I say Princesses but that also includes any princes who might look or act feminine. If there is then they are to be transfered to the Angels with immediate effect. Also as I intend to continue to race, those princesses who are transfred will also need the correct equipment. Granny Peter's & Nana Renata, as you two are the senior ones, all the Angels will refer to you as Granny Peter's and Nana Renata.

Fieldmarshal Ullrich picked the telephone up he gave instructions and across Germany commanding officers obeyed the instructions. Ullrich then rang his counterpart in Austria.

“Ullrich you say you have already sent units of the German army to act as protection?

“Yes those I missed are being sent to replace the princesses who have been transferred to the Angels.”

“Are you sure the child has both Great Seals?

“Sure as I can be and I have met the grandmother. There is no doubt who the lineage is, even the fact the child has started turning female. Does that ring any bells.”

“Ok then I better start the process. The Tyrollers will be with you soon. They will have instructions to obey you.”

Both German & Austrian Embasys recieved instructions to go and check the rumor before it got out of hand.

Back in London Buck House was fending off telephone calls. All they would say was ‘ we understand Siegfried of Bavaria has decided to visit Yorkshire.'

The Queen looked at the list of names all being flown into RAF Catterick. “These are not the normal troops Phillip. Many of these are our German & Austrian cousins. We need to find out what is going on. Are the girls with Sarah. I wish to speak to them all including Andrew.”

Before that could be arranged a secretary arrived “Ma'am, the Germans & Austrians are asking for our help. It appears the Great Seals of Austria & Bavaria have turned up and could they borrow the Heralds to confirm they are what they appear to be.”

“If those seals have turned up then can I take it both countries intend to reinstate their monarch? Inform both Embassy's we will help & I will send my second son with his family and the Heralds.”

Back at the Royal Hotel.

Every two hours the guards at the hotel got changed. Nena and the others decided to put on the second dress they had recently bought. Each one of the females put on the tiara, necklace and earings. The family from the department store turned up at the hotel, the old man showed the warrant and they were allowed in. Nena spotted them.

“Good you decided to come we have been telling Siegfried about you. He insists you and your family have your photo taken with him.” Nena & the girls all sat down in the ballroom as the Elderly man told his story.

Then Renate took over. “At first I did not recognise my cousin he was in that bad a shape. Eventually he recovered and proposed to me. Until today though I had not communicated with my sisters. I find one of my elder sisters is dead but she has left me with her grand daughter and great Grand daughter. Also while another ring has not turned up there is one more here who is almost certainly related to me. Dr Goodchild would you care to inform the others what you discovered?”

“Earlier today I was called out by Maria to check on a tour guide. I soon found the cause of her problems and will be checking her every day. As routine I take blood samples and send them off. However I also run my own tests. Two of the samples were remarkably similar although there was some differance. The third was almost the same as one I have on file listed as missing. One of those three has already presented two seals. With that in mind I telephoned the next of kin of the other two. Nena & Julia, it appears you are cousins who managed to find each other with out realising it.”

At that moment Ullrich appeared.

“I did as requested, first though would the family and guests like to make a formal inspection. As expected the Austrians have sent the Tyrollers, and your cousin Rupert although he is 80 decided he as their Commander in Chief was going to present them.”

Some people walking by wondered what all the troops were doing being on parade. They stopped to watch. Nena & Julia noticed two and tried to keep a straight face.

Gaby, “I notice somebody is playing a joke. In that case Nena will you accompany me & Maddy you can accompany Julia. Apparently we have to choose the girls as they have been hidden among the men. Prince Rupert I will now inspect your men.”

Prince Rupert, “Please may I see the Rings? Ha I can die a happy man knowing they at last are united under one person. Now you have given me something to live for.”

Nena's mother. “Rupert you always were a softy. I well remember you coming with the warning for all of us to get out and away. Well apart from Renate we all did. She was too ill to travel. It was the last time we all were together as a family. Now our children are forging us all back into one unit. Now as two of us have sired sons who are turning into daughters I presume others in the family have had a similar problem?”

Nena noticed two of the Tyrollers start to look uncomfortable at this talk. She said to them. “You did not get off all your eye makeup perhaps you should fall in behind us. Titania Hess come here are these two like you?”

“How did you know?”

“That is easy, you think of yourself as male but your cousins all think of you as a female. How long have you been as you are?”

“At the age of nine I started to develop breasts. For quite a while I thought I had got away without anybody noticing. However my sisters had complained to mama that I was making fun of them by pretending I had bigger breasts than them. Mama took me to the doctors & he shook his head ‘ I am afraid Gunter is dead you are getting another daughter .' Mama was undecided what to do about me although she did take me to be measured and fitted for my first bra. I kicked up about that but was told you will wear one and that is final. Several days later I was taking a shower when I noticed blood & wondered where it had come from. I screamed the house down and mama came to find what the problem was. That was my first day as a real girl. Earlier today although I no longer have anything masculine below, I had convinced myself I was still a boy and the girl was only make believe.”

The two soldiers looked shocked. “How did you know about us, we have tried to keep it secret from our family. Is it conagious and can it be spread.”

Prince Rupert, “No it can not be passed on. You are born with it. Over the years I have seen some who could not cope with the transformation kill themselves. Others have adapted to their new life and become mothers. Nena I take it you only recently started transforming there is nothing you can do to stop the process. However I understand you have managed to do what others have not. Congratulations on your future daughters.”

Gaby, “Well I am not playing silly games any longer. I gave Ullrich instructions and I expect them carried out. Now I and my companions are going for a ride. Until the new bikes arrive my companions will borrow those off the senior team. Mother you can take the senior team once we are back. I also expect to be following the itinary as before.” Gaby turned and walked away followed by the Angels.

Prince Rupert grinned. “I well remember another female who wished to stay and fight the nazi invaders.” He kooked across at Granny Peters. “She takes after you in many ways. Certainly she is full of fire. Do I take it that Berlin as well as Munich recognises her as König? You do realise cousin Elizabeth is sending the Heralds here to confirm she is who she is supposed to be.”

In the garage Gaby found there was more girls than expected all dressed in cycling outfits. She also noticed the two soldiers. “Good at least you look right now. Lets go and ride.”

Down to the spa and then off to the North bay and return a couple of times. As they set off from the spa Nena noticed there was a major differance with this ride. Soldiers from all three units appeared to be stationed along the practice route.

Anastasia, “Uhllrich's orders when he learned you have previously been attacked. He also wants you to have as normal a life as is possible although you will get protection regardless of what you say. I think you have already met my Nana Renate she is far worse than any sergeant major. Girls let me look at your hands. Your stockings are twisted. Remember to brush your hair 100 times.”

Gaby laughed, “I get the idea. I need to talk to you all when we get back about future plans for the team. I suppose we had better get back. Look there is a helicopter landing above the Spa. I wonder who that is?”

Anastasia, “Well it has RAF markings it could be of the Royal flight.

“In that case we better get back and changed and then we all meet in the ballroom.”

Jenny and the others noticed the helicopter and cancelled their ride. Gaby and the others left their bikes in the basement for Godfrid & Bill to deal with they went straight to their rooms to shower and change. A very quick shower and change and they were ready. They all met up in the ballroom as arranged. Nena noticed Renate was quietly inspecting the girls. Playing devils advcat she said to Renate, “Nana Renate are my seams straight and will my nails do? You never know who is about.”

This caused the others to giggle. “Nena I take it some of the others have been talking about their Grandma?”

“Yes mum, But they love her and think Gaby should appoint her senior Princess or general of princesses.”

Two black Rolls Royces the first was flying the standard of the Duke of York & the second had the German & Austrian standards. The passengers got out and entered the hotel.

Fieldmarshal Ullrich anounced the visitors. Beatrice & her sister did not mess around and went straight to Gaby. “We have seen you race when we were with mum. Do you intend to continue racing?” They fired hundreds of questions at Gaby before she could answer.

“Whoa not so fast! Yes I intend to continue racing. My team appears to comprise of Princess's who love racing or are keep fit fanatics & want to be the Royal cheerleaders. My sister Jools is going to run them.”

There was a squeal from Jools. “You want me, Goth girl to lead them?”

“Sure you are my sister after all.”

Prince Andrew. “These gentlemen need to check both your rings Gaby.”

“Well that is certainly the Great Seal of Austria.”

“Yes I agree with you.”

“This second one I initially thought it was the Great Seal of Bavaria. There is something that is very faint on it, have you a magnifying glass?”

Siegfried handed his ring over, “this is mine as second son if you want to compare the two.”

Andrew looked at them both. “They look the same to me although the one Gaby has looks to be well worn as if it was a lot older.”

Beatrice looked at it “It looks like there is the outline of an eagle here.”

“Yes Beatrice I believe you are correct.”

“Oh my god I have found it. This is going to stir things up a bit. Gaby how did you come by it. Grandpa before he died said his father had given it to him & it had to be passed on to the next male in line.”

Grandma Peters looked puzzled, “My husband was from Newcastle & so was his father as far as I know although he did have a accent as if he was fron Northern Germany. He never mentioned Germany to me although he was disappointed when I had a girl. He was over the moon when Andrew was born & said perhaps he will be able to claim fathers inheritance. He would not let on further.”

The other herald, “Robert went missing in the Newcastle area and no trace was found of anybody with his name.”

Granny Peters, “I have birth and death certificates at home if they are of any good.”

Andrew, “It would't take long if I use the helicopter if somebody will come with me.”

Carol “That better be me I know where it all is.”

With that the two departed. The German representative asked what the problem was?

“At first it looks like the seal of Bavaria but at closer inspection it also has the crest of Prussia & Hannover on it. The person who had this went missing and was thought to be dead. Obviously he was not and for some reason he kept quiet about who he was.”

The German spoke into the telephone. “The child has the Great Seal of Austria confirmed and a seal that apparently shows a united Hannover, Prussia & Bavaria. This has to be confirmed but both heralds agree that is what it shows.”

Back in Berlin the librarian checked to see who had that seal. She telephoned the German Chancelor Angela with the expected results. Angela in turn called an emergancy meeting of the German parliament.

The special session went on all night. All the delegates though were of the same opinion. If it was proved then Angela had to go and inform Gaby their decision.

The Bavarian delegate, “We are not waiting if the ring has the Bavarian seal on then it is good enough for us as from now we have a König. Yes we understand the child is changing but to us it will be König Gaby Bond international champion. Until she reaches 21 though Siegfried will continue as Regent.”

The Hannover delegate, “Hannover imperial and Bavarian troops are already providing protection for the child and we follow the same line as Bavaria & agree to the same conditions as them as from today we have a König. Again.”

The helicopter landing on the road outside Grandma Peter's house caused several people to come out to see what was going on. Carol soon got the documents & then noticed some old cuttings about a missing person. There were comments in German.

Andrew looked at them, “There is no doubt now we better take them. My daughters have for some time been followers of Gaby and I keep promising them I will take them and then something comes up. Now they will be wanting to join the Angels.”

“Well Andrew would it be much of a risk. Look I have found a note book it makes interesting reading.” Carol reads it aloud, ‘Got across sea safely meeting cousin Vicky in Newcastle she brings along John Brown who watches out for us. It is hard to get time together. I vanish for a while and the papers are screaming where had I got to. Vicky is having to hide the fact she is carrying my child. It would not go down well with our respective countries. I am staying in England and calling myself Bond. I had to bring my child up myself Vick calls when she can. Eventually it gets to my darling Vicky died today. Big state funeral all but one of her children were there. We got as close as I dare. Oh no our countries are at war there is no chance of me returning now. What a mess.'

Andrew rang his mother and said, “Mum we have the proof the Germans need and there are some documents that should be for your eyes only.”

“Andrew the heralds need to see whatever you have found regardless of what it is.”

“But mummy.”

“No but mummy Andrew.”


With that they loaded the documents on to the helicopter. The flight back to Scarborough did not take long.

Granny Peter's, “Did you find what you wanted?”

“We got all we needed to prove Gaby's claim. There can be no doubt about it.”

The heralds read the documents and then said, “Apparently they married in secret & John Brown acted as a witness. They got married at the register office in Newcastle. According to this there was another child that was female.” The heralds started to draw a family tree.

Gaby watched as their names came up on the computer. One of the heralds said, “Gaby your claim is recognised by Britain. It also means the line of accession now changes & You, Maddy & Julia move quite high up the list and go in front of your German cousins.

Andrew bowed to Gaby, “As the British representative Britain recognises the new König.”

Gaby, “Cousin Andrew your daughters wish to join my Angels if that is permisable? It would mean that their mother would also have to be with them.”

Nena, “Will you be staying or have you to get the helicopter back?”

“Actually it is too dark to fly it now in a built up area so we will have to stay. I will ensure when I return my family have appropriate clothing sent. The next time I will be over here is to support my niece Zara at the Great Yorkshire.”

“Andrew I need some advice. Years ago Siegfried was taken hostage and was found by an Englishman who carried him to a hospital. Had the man not done that Siegfried would be dead and all these would not be here. What I want to know is has the award to be British or can I make an award.”

One of the heralds. “There is a set criteria for saving the life of a Royal Prince and if that Prince is a Prince Regent then the award has to be higher. Normally we have special presentations at the palace. If you wish to make a joint award then I would suggest next week at the Yorkshire. As to the British award I will talk to the queen about that. From you though you may award the Star of Neuswanstein.”

Gentlemen before I bid you good night. Tomorrow we are due to be going to Whitby. I was wondering of the posibility of going to Pickering and then riding the North Yorkshire Railway to Whitby and then after going to the Abbey doing our own thing in the town?”

Fieldmarshal Ullrich, “Yes that sounds ok with me. It also allows time for the men to be taken up to Whitby. So you all know guards will be stationed in here and on all floors. These will be relieved in the morning. Regardless of where you are you will have to get used to enhanced security.”

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