Chris & Julia's Big Day Chapter 2



Whats that ya say? Nena and Gaby? By 'eck nah there's a tale to tell! Sharp does his best with this brand new fanfic which includes characters from both Gaby and Nena!

Part 2

Jools came up to them, “The others are all on their respective coaches. Mandy is the third courier that is with us. Bill never said anything about her joining us”

“Ok Jools tell the George & Arthur we will stop at the café by the Humber Bridge for a breakfast break and then go on via Bridlington to Scarborough we have about a total distance of 79 miles to cover.”

The convoy of three coaches set off. No sooner than they set off Den got a message would he switch on the speaker system and then could Maria speak to everybody on all the coaches at the same time.

Maria took the microphone. “Well greetings to all in the coaches and Godfrid who is driving the support transport. This trip was designed as a team-bonding event. Normally Apolonaris families do not accompany us on this occasion the directors of Apolonaris decided the families would be involved. Normally I do not take part in the day-to-day running of the company as I am to busy doing television work. When this idea was first muted about it was realised we would need additional help in England. It was then Mama remembered about a courier who had helped us out at home sometime ago. Tracking her down caused me quite a headache. Nobody seamed to know where she was. I resorted to asking all the coach drivers. Two drivers who worked for Ledgers informed me she was working for Global and gave me the head office address. After negotiations with Global I managed to secure the services of Nena, Jools and Mandy for a month, these are our couriers.”

“It appears that Nena our courier has agreed to join Gaby Bond in a cross mountain race over three of Yorkshires highest mountains. I know they both brought their own bikes but as a director of Apolonaris I think they and those who are to accompany them should ride under our colours. So with that in mind they will get practise in at Scarborough. George as Team manager will see to your training and equipment.”

Nena took over the microphone. “As it appears I can talk to passengers on all three coaches. I will start by welcoming you to Yorkshire. Maria thank you for that surprise. A few moments ago I was talking to Gaby and we agreed to do the Tri peak race together then the daughters of the Vice Captain and other team members wanted to accompany us. They elected Gaby captain, as she is already junior champion. Now we are leaving Robin Hood Airport and heading for the M180. M18 and the M62 in about half an hour we will be under the Humber Bridge for a breakfast stop and you will have chance to take photos and have a walk around if you wish. From there we head to Bridlington, Filey and then The Queen of the east coast Scarborough. Some of these places we will visit during our stay in Yorkshire. Now if there is anywhere you would like to visit then tell me and I will see if it can be included.”

Kat held her hand up. “Nena at school we have been learning about the Vikings and we where told Yorkshire is a Viking kingdom.”

“Yes Kat Yorkshire was formally known as the Kingdom of Northumbria and that covered nearly all the North of England. The capital is what we now call York. We will be going there several times. As it will take a while to visit all the attractions.”

Gaby shouted out “Yorvik and the Minster are a must for us all.”

The M18 joined the M62 at or near to Ferrybridge. Shortly after joining the M62 the coaches passed the massive power stations of Eggborough and Drax. These monuments to industry were still belching out steam and fumes. They passed the site of the former Glass Houghton mine, which is now a shopping complex. Nena pointed out Escape and informed the clients that it was an indoor ski & toboggan slope. While across the road was a shopping village selling discounted goods.

Maria grinned at this news and said, “Perhaps we can go there for a day?”

Kat shouted, “Look I can see a big church over there.”

Nena, “That is Selby Abbey and is the parish Church for Selby.”

Shortly after that the motorway gave way to a trunk road. The coaches all pulled over into a massive car park. The first stop was the toilets. The result was there was rather a long cue for the Ladies while the men where in and out in a very short time. In the restaurant they found they where the only customers. Nena noticed George and Godfrid stood by the till. The waitress rang the items up as each person appeared with what they wanted. Nena, Jules, Maddy and the coach drivers were the last six to be served. Nena got her money out to pay but George spoke, “Put that away you six as well as the rest get your accommodation and food paid for.”

Nena noticed Kat was waving to her and went across. “We saved you a place at the table”

Jools came across with Mandy. “Do you mind if we join you the drivers are sat at a men's' table with George and Godfrid.”

Kat introduced the girls and then Nena introduced Jools and Maddy.

Jools told the girls how Nena had ended up in period costume and showed clients around Maria's home. This brought considerable laughter from the girls. They finished their breakfast and went outside.

Nena, “We could go up these steps to the top of the bridge. The last time I did it there was considerable wind so please make sure you have nothing loose as I am not going running across the bridge to recover any lost items.”

They raced each other to the top with Kat coming first. They stood watching the traffic going over the bridge and took a few photographs. Then it was down those steps again. Nena was the last to leave.

Gaby was waiting. “Let them go I want to chat with you. I heard Maria speak to Jools in the toilet. They thought it was empty but there was little me in there. It appears we both have lots in common including being mistaken for a female.”

Nena's face went white. “You must be mistaken what you heard Gaby.”

Gaby looked at Nena, “Your face tells me a different story. You are Chris Hornby who is getting married to Jool's on Yorkshire day?”

“Until my boss Bill at Global told me my job depended on me being Nena Ziegler again I have not been her for quite a while. I though have to be Nena 24/7 for the next month while I am with this group as that is part of the contract.”

“You know Chris you slip into the Nena mode easy like I do with Gaby. Perhaps we have the same or a similar problem. Sorry I forgot to tell you I am Andrew Bond but I usually get Drew or Gaby Especially if my cousin Maddy is involved.”

Nena started to laugh, “I would never have known if you had not told me. Yes I am Chris although currently I am Nena for the next month.”

Gaby gave her a cuddle. “Are those false breasts? As they feel real to me. Did you take anything to grow them?”

Chris thought, “Well for some time I have noticed some growth. I went to the hairdressers to get ready for this job and I fell asleep. When I awoke they had grown again. No Gaby I am not into drugs of any sort.”

Gaby thought for a second, “Are you practically hairless?”

“Yes I only needed to shave about once a week. Or at least until I was persuaded to have laser treatment that means I do not need to shave now or ever again.”

“Nena I thought I was the only one. When my breasts started to grow. Mum took me to the doctors and it turns out that I am what is called intersex. That is I have bits of both a boy and a girl. The girl bit is trying to take over my body, and I do not know how much longer I will have to stay as Drew. I doubt it is long though. All my friends except my family think I am already a girl and treat me as such.”

“Nena came about because the girls got more pay than me at the travel company. The first time I dressed as Nena I made considerably more as Nena. Trouble is I have always looked slightly feminine. I got beaten up at school and called all sorts of nasty names. Eventually the name-calling stopped. I suppose others could see then what I did not. Be that as it may I am getting married to Jool's at the end of the month in the Cathedral in Sheffield. I know already she likes having Nena about.”

“Same with me and my cousin Maddy we also look like twins. I have to see the team doctor will you come with me. Actually you will have to come as if you ride under their colours they require you also to have a medical.”

Maria came looking for the two off them. “The others sent me to see if you were both ok?”

Nena, “We have discovered we are very similar. Gaby was informing me that I would need a medical”

“Not exactly a medical but you both could do with seeing our team psychologist. Yes Nena I know about you. In fact I had a complete check done on you and Jool's. Gabriel I presume it was you in the toilet that overheard what I said?

Gaby looked blank back at Maria, “Sorry Maria I do not know what you mean. I was having a chat with my friend Nena.”

Maria looked at Gaby and said, “Remind me never to get into a card game with you. Nena I actually discovered your secret on the ferry you returned home on. I was making a documentary for German television on three English sisters who wrote stories. You know them as the Bronte's. In fact while we are in Scarborough I have to film St Mary's parish church and the grave of Anne Bronte. We will also be visiting other places they lived at like Haworth while staying in Harrogate.”

The three of them boarded the coach. Nena picked up the microphone that was still linked to the three coaches and switched it on. “I hope you all enjoyed your breakfast according to my itinerary we now have about 50 miles to drive to Filey there the coaches will park on the Royal Crescent. We are booked in at the Royal for our lunch but that will not be until 13.30. With this in mind I gave to ask if you would like to visit an historic house, Go Shopping or go to the beach. Alternatively the hotel has a swimming pool we can use.”

Julia & Mandy gave the results from their respective coaches. Godfrid spoke “Do I get a say? I would if possible measure the remaining members of the cross-country team so I can get their bikes ready.”

Nena, “It looks like 60% want the pool, in that case the remainder will have a very short walk to the shops. Godfrid Gaby & I will come straight to you so that you can make the required adjustments.” At the hotel there was a changing room where everybody could change.”

Both Nena & Gaby went immediately to van they noticed Godfrid already had two bikes out. “Ah gut, Ich habe your bikes. Sorry mein English is nicht sir gut.”

Nena, “We both understood you although it was a mixture of German and English. Godfrid pointed to a bike with number six on it.

“Das ist Nena's und das ist Gaby Bond.” Gaby looked at the bike and lifted it up.

“Wow it is carbon fibre. If I am one and you are six then the others must be in between us.” Gaby got on the bike and Godfrid made a few adjustments. He then did the same with Nena.

The two of them went back to the hotel there Jules was waiting with a swimming costume for each of them. “Good job I brought a couple of extra ones as I doubt either of you have one.”

Gaby & Nena found they were the only ones in the changing room. Gaby, “I cannot believe you are Male you have a larger top deck than my sister.”

“I went to Sandy's salon with Julia and fell asleep. When I awoke I had grown these and my equipment had vanished.”

“I went to the same place with my cousin Maddy we wanted to look like twins for a convention. Come on Nena time we got in the pool and did some swimming.”

There were several squeals as the girls discovered a waterslide. Nena started to do some lengths and Maria tagged on. “You like to do lengths do you run as well?

“Sometimes when I get chance. With my job though it is not often although I did manage to get to do more than one triathlon in the year. Until this job came along I was wondering how to manage entering the Tri peaks race. I got my bike from Biggs in America when I had to accompany a tour there. I never have had the chance to ride it since then as I have been abroad. Perhaps I will get chance in Scarborough.”

Maria thought for a moment. “I know mama offered you a job as a guide previously. I have a proposal for both you and Julia. Gaby is the daughter of Apolonaris team Captain Jenny Bond. We have decided to have a junior team most of which you will be riding with. You are only slightly older than them. We need chaperones to look after the girls and if possible to ride, run and swim with them. I already have had a word with Julia. At first she was rather apprehensive until I told her I already knew about Chris. I think Gaby must have heard that bit.”

“I presume it is Nena you wish to employ? Can I think this offer over and also see how I gel with the team during this tour? I also need to talk to Julia about this as it affects us both. We also have a problem. Maddy and another friend should be our bridesmaids. The other girl has broken her leg and that has left us short. Maria I think you would fit the dress would you consider being our second bridesmaid.”

Kat was swimming nearby and heard the request. “Gaby I and the other team members would like the job of being bridesmaids for you.”

Julia replied, “I was wanting some teenage bridesmaids but neither of us had any family we could ask. So Kat if wish then you and your friends have a job. We though will have to get you all fitted up with dresses and alter the catering arrangements.”

Maddy, “Well as the supervisor of you two I think Maria & I can deal with that. As for your jobs Global has been in financial trouble for some time. Russell got out by selling his shares to Bill. With that in mind I have already agreed to become the tour organiser for the senior team. If you take the job then Julia will organise the junior team.”

Gaby and Kat took a hand each of Nena's, “Please accept we need you.” They were interrupted by a voice.

“Maddy, Nena & Julia can I have a word with you three. Sorry for interrupting your swim. I have some bad news for all three of you and Den. Global is going into liquidation. There are sufficient funds to pay your wages for the next four weeks and any outstanding holiday payment you are due. Sorry this is not the wedding present I wanted to give you. The firm though has been for sometime in financial trouble. This contract has allowed me to pay everybody what they are due. Den has informed me he has been offered another job already. With a bit of luck I might have sufficient left to start another company although it will be considerably smaller than my current one.”

Nena looked at Maddy & Julia and spoke, “Do not worry Bill over the three of us. In a way you have made the choice easier for us three. Apolonaris have offered the three of us jobs as chaperones for the children. We were undecided, but with your news then the decision is made for us all. At least we will all still have a job.”

“That pool looks inviting can I get some trunks & a towel from somewhere?” A few seconds later, after getting what he required for the pool, he joined them. “I am truly sorry for what has happened. I did not realise it was in such a mess when I bought Russell's shares off him.”

Maria, “Do you have to go back or is everything finished?”

The office is closed and the remainder of the staff have been paid off. The bank accounts are now closed. What documents I had are with the liquidators. Now I have nothing to do.”

“Ah I just wondered if you have a class one licence or PSV because Godfrid could do with an assistant who has those licences.”

Godfrid held his hand out. “You drive in England and & I drive in Germany. You now join team Gaby.”

“Err I do have both as Nena knows full well. I though have nothing with me. So I would have to drive home and have to pack a case.”

Godfrid, “We have lunch & then I follow you home. You get case and do what is needed & leave car. You then drive back to Scarbourgh Godfrid's van.”

“In that case the car can go back as it is on lease. As to my home I am not sure how much longer I will have it as I used it as surety for my company.”

Maria, “Godfrid that is a good idea. You go back with him and collect all his clothing. When you get back it will be time for our evening meal.”

Godfrid switched his Sat nav on. “No need for that Godfrid I live just outside York and it should take us about an hour to get there.” After they had finished they set off on the duel carriageway to York. They stopped at the car rental place and handed the car back paying up what was needed. Then he took over the driving from Godfrid.

As they drew up outside the house in Clifton a young woman was just dumping a black plastic bag outside. “Ah you are here we have placed this up for sale. All the furniture is going to the saleroom. The black bags contain your personal effects. What my bosses want to know is what happened to the lump sum you withdrew before we took over the accounts?”

“That is easy I used it to pay off the remaining wages and the car hire which has now been returned. I have the receipts here for you.”

“Oh it looks like you might still come out of this with something once all is sorted out. Do you have a number you can be contacted at?”

“No the mobiles where all on contract and that has ended.”

Godfrid, “You can contact my friend Bill at this number it is Apolonaris mobile contract number. He now works for me. Ya. I help my friend load theses in my van & then we go.”

The former owner of Global took one last look round the house. He took two pictures down and said, ”You can sell all the rest but I am keeping these paintings as they where painted by my late wife.”

The young woman replied, “That is ok as they would not fetch much in fact they would probably end up on the scrap heap.”

Godfrid and his new partner left with the paintings. They set off for the return trip to Scarborough. 45 minutes later they pulled up outside the Royal hotel in the town centre. Somebody came out and directed them to an underground car park. They collected their key and found they where sharing a room. They both had a quick wash and then went looking for the dining room.

The Royal Hotel is situated opposite the town hall on top of a very high cliff and over looks the North Sea. There are tiered gardens in front of it that lead to the beach. There is a lift that takes people down to the beach.

The receptionist, “Can I help you gentlemen?”

“We look for Team Apolonaris dining room.”

“Ah yes they said I had to send you in when you arrived. They are in the Princess dining room. That is where you will take all your meals while here for the next two weeks.”

In the dining room they discovered all the meals where serve your self. They had to go to the food bar and select what they want. Likewise they went and got what the wanted to drink. Bill though only took orange juice.

Maria came across, “Well boys did you get everything?”

Godfrid, “After meal we could do with help to bring his belongings to our room and then he can sort them out.”

Nena, “Well Bill, Julia, Mandy & I will help you.”

Gaby looked at her teammates, “The remainder of us will also help.”

After they had eaten they along with several helpers went to collect the bags. Maria spoke, “You could do with sorting all this out here and disposing with what you do not need.”

Some of the bags contained bedding. Den spoke, “All that can go back in the bag and it can go on my coach. I will store it at my home for you.”

The girls had sorted everything into piles. After sorting through them some items where taken to the room and others where put in a bag for the sailors welfare shop. Godfrid brought the two pictures out and said, “We had better take these to the room.”

Bill the former owner of Global grinned. “These pictures were painted by my late wife but what I wanted is hidden behind them. I bought them a long time ago when Picasso & Lowry were not famous painters. They are my nest egg in case anything ever went wrong. Now I suppose I will have to sell them although I am loathed to do that.”

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