Choices, an overheard conversation

It was a dark and stormy night...

no, no, no that’s not the way to start a story.

OK what do you suggest?


Well what type of story do you wish to write?

Don’t know horror or perhaps a murder mystery.

Do you really have any idea on how it will develop?

No, not really.

Tell you what, I saw a shop in the mall that might be able to help you, it kind just appeared, don’t remember seeing it before.

So how would that help me?

Well this old guy that is the proprietor said he had just the thing to help your writing, heck he even knew your name.

do-Do-do-do do-Do-due .... time passing...

Heck what happened to you, your not looking too good.

That, store.. There’s real magic there...I asked the proprietor...he said he had been waiting for me...yeah I told him about wanting to write a horror story, he said he had just the thing to help.

What? Oh he helped me hire a pair of ghost writers, real mean looking characters, but they sure know the steamy side of life. Any how he said that they were working off a debt to him and that I would, in effect, be sub leasing their employment.

Said that I’d be the leaser of two evils..

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