Bigcloset down at 2007-03-14 at 0900 UTC/GMT any info?

I lost contact with Bigcloset yesterday 13 March and it is still not availible today 14 March at 0900 UTC/GMT. Does anyone have info?


Got around the problem

Via different proxyservers I managed to enter Topshelf. If nothing more happen this will be the final meassage on this thread from me.


The Reason For It All ?

I have finally got an explanation for my troubles. It is both good and bad.

It seames as if there is a disagreement between my ISP (TELIA) and a US company (probably also an ISP) named "cognet". It could be CogNet, but I am not sure. Ányway my ISP informed me that there are negotiations at the moment, but the time of the final agreement could not be set. Today 19 March at 09:32 UTC the connection to the site was not open, so evidently no agreement was settled.

And as they say in the hurricane-warnings:

"Unles any news are received on this subject, there will be no further messages"

Best wishes to all from your


Bigcloset unknown


Today, 15 March, I contacted my ISP and they could not open BigCloset either. Probably some problems with the DNSservers that have not located a domain for BC. I have met the same problem with some time ago. I just have to wait until my ISP can find BC again

Thanks for allowing me to use this space as long as I cannot open BCTS.


BC is up

It was down for only about two hours. If you can't get there, try clearing your browser cache. :)

- Joyce


I have friends around here that can open. but I cannot do that . Need to make more tests anfter having my comoputer fixed

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