Here and Gone

Here and Gone 

By Bel



The sun was bright and overhead.  A woman walking along a path towards him was slowly coming into focus.  


The old man closed his eyes for a moment and rubbed them slowly.  As he opened them, he looked around, adjusting a blanket on his lap.  Benches, trees, stones and paths: this was a park.  Looking closer at the stone in front of him he recognized the markings on its smooth face.  Carved into the centre of the stone’s surface was a large oak tree with a wolf sleeping contently at its base.  The roots of the tree continued down, beneath the imagined ground, forming two boxes, one on the left and one on the right.  The left box had a name and two dates, the right, a name and one.  The left name was his wife’s; the right, his.  He realized where he was.  It was the afternoon and he was in a graveyard.  He was visiting his wife.

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