What! the power's out again??

The power is out again. How often have I read in the blog section that this storm or that may affect the status of a web server. How often will this happen to you? When I lived by the Susquehanna River in Maryland I could rely on the electricity going out with every thunderstorm.

why cant i access my pm BOx

i cant access my PM box
It says (Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page.)


I want to copy and paste an existing document into this site.  So far, I can't see any way to render italics without doing all of the HTML on the document myself.  This is not going to happpen.

What's the internet good for?

That Magic Dance

I posted this story a while ago on a different site. I was feeling a little creative tonight and decided to post it here after a few revisions. About time I contribute something. Hope you enjoy it. The story is fiction with just enough fact behind it to give me a little shiver when I think about it.

In My Early Years I Was Given To Terrifying Nightmares



What Happened To Big Closet Top Shelf?

I have tried to access Big Closet, but so far, it seems as if it is down. Does anybody else have a problem with accessng Big Closet?

Two Trouble Makers

"Momma, Momma " Shouted a raven haired, little 5 year old girl.

" Yes, honey" answered the mother.

" Can me and Sue go play?" Blurted the 5 year old.

" Yes as long as you both stay in the yard." The mother answered, the soap suds, rising into the air as she washed each pot and pan.

Toxic Mice

Toxic Mice

For authors

 A new feature here at BC, "My stories". The link should be in the right hand column if you have an author account. How do you get an author account? Write and post a story! I usually upgrade accounts from Member to Author within 24 hours.

- Joyce

Hooray For Fictioneer

I am glad that there is now a site for plain fiction now. Unfortunately for me, I can't seem to come up with plain old fiction. But I must admnit that I have enjoyed Birdsong and Prarie's Children. I will get to the others in time. I just don't want to over burden the comments with mine.

Teasers and editors

Teasers are just part of the body of the story, with the end of them marked by the use of the <!--break--> tag. If you don't supply a Break tag, the software will guess how long the teaser is. Sound familiar? :)

The Inverse Corollary of Sturgeon's Law

The blogging phenomenon is unprecedented in history. People used to write letters but I think very few letter writers ever had the output of even the average blogger today.

Stupid power outage

Okay, so late last night I was struggling with the cleaning up and editing of a story I did a long time ago, and was being frutstrated by the fact that it wouldn't let me use the listing tags ([ul] an

My intent!

Okay, I'll be migrating my stories here from several other sites I write on, so if something looks new to you, it p

New Site on the Block

Fictioneer as a new general fiction site updates the idea of a blogging site for authors. Why just blog when you can post stories, get comments from readers and discuss things with your peers?

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