Poor Authorship

Maybe it was the type -- maybe I am a poor writer -- I have noticed

that very few have read the last chapters of my serial.


Am I a poor author?  Do I need to quit writing?




Type correction on "23rd Century Girl..."

If you found the last chapter of "A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th

Century" to difficult to read as I did, I finally obtained access to

Microsoft Word and corrected it. It is much easier to read now.




CreateSpace "Breakout" Novel Contest

Why you should read the linked page is that this time they are allowing previously self-published novels and have a Young Adult category, too. Prize is $15,000 dollars and a publishing contract with Penguin.

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 12

I've posted chapter 12 of Amanda's Eyes. It went up with a little less editing and proofing than I usually do so if you notice errors or issues, please let me know.


How do I write to an author?

I've just joined today. I am told that I am not authorised to access my Inbox, so I presume that I can't compose a note.

How do I write to an author?



If anyone sees any error in any of my writings, please let me know. I continually find new mistakes every time I read something.

This time it was a misspelled word.  I wrote "rein" instead of "reign". I realize that I am not a professional writer and my stories may not be very good, but at least, I want it to look more professional.

With love,

Thanks everyone

Haven't had this many comments on a chapter before. Appreciate the reads and the responses. One of the reasons for posting a "book" on a site like this is to get reader response. Comments about specifics in a chapter are especially welcome. I look to comments for ways to improve.

Message from Starla

I have been longer than I wanted or expected on "A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century," so I thought I would bring it to a close.

Sorry for the long delay

I just posted chapter eleven of Amanda's Eyes. I have more to edit and post and even more to write on this "book" but I'm hoping it won't be nearly as long before I can post the next chapter.

Enjoy and thanks for reading,


Thanks peeps

Just a few words to say thanks for the response I got for the last two reviews I wrote on Hot Topics. It's really appreciated.

Video Review - Race to Witch Mountain

This is the first of what I hope will be many video reviews of releases new and old for that veg-out in front of the TV with popcorn a beer or maybe a glass of wine or several even :)

Feel free to add your own comments and let us and other know if you enjoyed the movie or the review - or both...

Check it out here

All comments gratefully received

I have to ask the question as to why when so many put in so much time and effort, so few readers comment?

I am still here

In case someone is wondering, I am working on Chapter 17 of "A 23rd Century Girl in the 20th Century."  I am just going slower than usual -- guess I am getting old.  I do not have writer's block.


Hooray! I have my computer set up again

After nine months of barely getting by financially, I now have my computer moved and installed at my apartment.


My plans are to start back immediately on my stories if I can remember how to get them back on line.



Starla Anne


First entry

This is by way of introducing myself. I don't expect to maintain a regular Web log here, since I'd rather focus my energy on my own Web site at, but as a new un-upgraded user I can't do much else than post Web log entries as I wait for the upgrade.

Still here

I've been so swamped with work lately that even thinking about editing or writing has been impossible. Should get the next chapter out during the holiday break. I truely appreciate the encouraging notes I've received. Thanks!

Anonymous Potato Paragraph

"When my mother made mashed potatoes they poured out clean and fluffy from the box. And she was scared when she made mashed potatoes, but not as scared as she would have been if she had made them from real potatoes.

Starla Anne is still alive -- additional note



Maybe I can have my computer moved and be on line in about a week or so. I have been in the process of moving and left my computer at my old address so that it could be used by my neighbor.



Chapter Numbering in Title Boxes

 The main things are: 1. Always use the <strong>same pattern</strong>. 2. Use <strong>arabic numbers</strong> [1...295...???] for the chapter titles in the title field.

Amanda's Eyes

Chapter 10 coming soon. It's considerably longer than the previous chapters were and is taking more time to edit. Please be patient.

Posting a story

Perhaps someone might read this post and direct me through some minor steps, how to post a story which I'm having difficulty to find...thanks

New Car Woes (venting pleasantly)

A Real Writer Blogs To "Release"

(culprit: car dealer woes)

Well, I am writing this because I don't want this to cause writer's block--so excuse if this is not the appropriate blog item for a writer's-type blog.

I am new here, so I couldn't be more grateful that someone might read this and leave me something to let me know that "this too shall pass."

Hurricane Ike

I expect to have another chapter to post soon but I may be interrupted by Hurricane Ike. Looks like I'm out of the worst but just barely. Could still get hurricane force wind and plenty of rain. See if we keep power and internet (doubt it). C ya next week!

Story Contest

 Would anyone here be interested in a story contest? We could offer actual prizes, perhaps?

- Joyce

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 5

Posting chapter 5. Kind of a pivotal chapter in the story. Again, plenty of bad language. Not the way I prefer to speak or write but necessary for the story. Let me know what you think.

Amanda's Eyes - Chapter 4

Chapter four has a scene with a mild sexual situation. If that disturbs you I'm sorry but I felt it was important to the plot. It reinforces the situation that comes after it in the chapter. Hey, anyone got any comments, suggestions, critiques?

Amanda's Eyes

This is another one I'd posted on another site, but I'm re-editing it and posting it here if there is interest. I've got 14 chapters (about 225K bytes) written so far and I'll post it as it's edited. There is more to be written and I'm working on that too. Let me know what you think and feel free to offer suggestions and corrections. That's what's most valuable about this forum.

Please read and comment

The Adventures of Lizzie Jane is my baby. I never expect to write anything else like it and I hope that all of you and everyone else will accept the newly revised version. When I read it, I can see places where I put my heart and soul into the story.

Unexpected Bump for Sure -- what I'm doing

I'm trying to play with your mind.

Read it and let me know if I'm succeeding.

Complete information on the "Lizzie Jane Adventures", now complete.

I have just completed and posted the final chapters of the revised "Adventures of Lizzie Jane".

There are 20 chapters, broken up into 6 parts -- each part being a story that will stand alone except Chapter 6, which goes into Chapter 7.

The six parts are: Part 1: Country Girl (Chapter 1)

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