What Happened To Big Closet Top Shelf?

I have tried to access Big Closet, but so far, it seems as if it is down. Does anybody else have a problem with accessng Big Closet?

I cant either

Yes i cant get into topshelf also. I wonder what happened. stardust says erin took it down intentionally. I am worried, has someone upset her

Not really

I was sort of annoyed, but mainly there were things to be done and I was ill and needed a nap, so I shut it down for three hours. It's back up.

- Joyce

I understand

thank you you had me worried that you pulled the plug. NOw you posted your really upset and really considering it :( I hope you decide not to because im new and really enjoying it. I also hope people get along there so you dont get so stressed out trying to maintain it.
If you decide to, I dont know what i will do since you had in your posting policies here that you wouldn't accept TG fiction here.

missing shelf

The first thing I looked at when I saw your comment was the time. At 03:00 EST, it seems Top shelf disconnects for a bit every night for the necessary maintenance and adding of new postings. I had run into this phenomenon several times (maybe a dozen?:) before I twigged what was happening. The first couple of times I panicked as my favorite site was GONE. Now, when that happens, I move to StardustRUs, and comeback after I have finished with the good works there.
I hope this helps.

Trouble with Big Closet

Ocassionally, I have probles with both sites. I wait awhile and try again -- maybe the next day.

I guess sometimes the servers get too busy.


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