Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726/1A Fake Watch 5726/1A-010

Patek Philippe Calatrava Weekly Calendar Ref. 5212A

Buy Patek Philippe Ref. 5212A Calatrava Weekly Calendar Fake Watch 5212A-001

Model: 5212A-001
Case: Stainless Steel,Round
Case diameter : 40 mm
Thickness : 11.79 mm
Dial: Grey
Movement: Automatic
Glass: Sapphire crystal
STRAP: Calfskin
BUCKLE: Pin Buckle
FUNCTIONS: Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Day,Date
Year: 2019

Basel World 2019: Best New Patek Philippe Watch

There are many winners and losers at Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show this year. Whether you are a stubborn Patek fan or not, you can say with certainty that the brand is doing well in the new version. Their ideal sport models - Nautilus and Aquanaut - have gained new features in their respective collections, each of which is located at both ends of the scale in terms of price and complexity.

Similar to last year, some of the new watches (especially the reference number 5235 / 50R-001 regulator) set off some feathers in the purist circle because their aesthetics are "not very precious," but the brand has been proving its intent. Through these creations to reach a wider audience, in this regard, they seem to be on the right track. No matter which camp you are in, there are all kinds of things hidden on the Patek Philippe booth.

Patek Philippe Reference 5726 / 1A-014 Nautilus Calendar

Ok, let's say that you are the kind of unstoppable Nautilus desire... This new addition is unlikely to end the Iron Nautilus waiting list, but it may make it the easiest to accept.

Although not a new model, this latest version brings the classic Nautilus blue to the lunar phase model that was previously only available in grey grey. Now that you've seen two colors side by side, it's hard to say that this new dial variant has become a must-have version right away.

Patek Philippe Reference 5212A Calatrava Weekly
For a few reasons, this slightly retro-style piece is a home run. First of all, we have a new movement from Patek Philippe. It is based on the caliber of 324; however, the configuration of the complex function attached to it (in order to make it a 26-330 caliber) is new. Secondly, it is a new steel watch that is not Nautilus or Aquanaut, which we will never see from the brand. The final shock is its price.

This sleek new 40mm calendar watch even touches the 5711 is a nightmare to track these days, and even mentioned a compelling alternative. Personally, I will take complications on any day of the week.

Patek Philippe Ref 5520P-001 alarm travel time
The change in this watch seems to get heat from the enthusiasts' programs again and again. They said, "Bai Da has no business to make pilot watches, or other similar nonsense. Of course, they don't have aviation history like Breguet or Breitling, but countless brands have designed watches from the ether. Pull it out, I don't agree that we can continue to complain like this, as long as these parts are still performing very well. If you are a fan of complications in general, then this piece will outline a lot of boxes.popular Urwerk UR-T8 replica

First, you have a standard Patek Philippe travel time setting, where local time is propelled and delayed through the propeller on the left side of the box. In addition, Patek does not mess with the dial with the other hand, but digitally displays the alarm set time at the 12 o'clock mark. Similar cuts for family time, local time, and alarm on/off instructions, as well as AM/PM cut-off instructions. Now, between it and its four crowns (well, technically there are 2 buttons and 2 crowns, although they all look the same) but it is definitely a busy watch, but the diameter is 42.2 This piece of millimeter really doesn't feel so personally cluttered.

One of the problems is its price - up to 200,000 Swiss francs. This is because Patek used a variant of their three-question timeline to provide an alarm ringtone, put the piece in platinum, and chose to make the piece a big, complex feature. Although I don't necessarily agree with this nomenclature, it is a very epic work worthy of a try.

Patek Philippe's Basel World Highlights

As the most anticipated and celebrated event in the watch industry, Baselworld is the opportunity for Patek Philippe to share its vision of the future and attract the attention of the watch industry through its new version, while Basel World 2019 is no exception. We saw a variety of new introductions; some were very complicated and some were simpler, but we also saw many exciting innovations from legendary independent manufacturers. Patrick Stern, president of Patek Philippe, believes that the Basel world is very important through one or two watch innovations. They are sure to launch two new complications with the new movement this year. One thing is for sure. A debut like this doesn't happen every year.richard mille skull watch price

reference. 5212A Calatrava Weekly
The star of the show is a reference. 5212A Calatrava Weekly Calendar, showcasing new and versatile features of the new self-winding movement and calendar watch - weekly calendar. In addition to the day of the week and the date, the weekly calendar mechanism also displays the current number of weeks. New reference. The 5212A expresses its uniqueness through a silvery white dial with a unique layout that includes five hands extending from the center of the dial. In addition to its pure function and charm, it is even more impressive that the watch is clearly legible even with so much information on the dial. The typesetting is based on the handwriting of Patek Philippe designers, making the letters and numbers absolutely unique, while adding a poetic and personalized touch.

reference. 5520P alarm travel time
The second major innovation released this year is a new and complex feature that combines Patek's exclusive travel time system with a 24-hour alarm. For reference. The 5520P alarm travel time, Patek Philippe chose an alarm concept, which is characterized by a classic acoustical effect, just like the tone sequence of the three-question time. The gong is not attached to the movement, but is attached directly to the casing to ensure maximum sound quality. When the alarm is triggered, a hammer hits a voice coil that rotates the movement, resulting in a total of about 90 hits. In order to achieve this new and amazingly complex function, Patek Philippe has developed a new integrated automatic movement with four patents.

reference. 5078G minute repeater
Reference after retirement. 5078R, Patek Philippe released a new platinum automatic winding three-question time version, with a new aesthetic. In order to pay tribute to the tradition of rare handicrafts, reference. The 5078G features a black enamel dial with a unique design, subtle contrast enhancement between polished and matte finishes. This watch is still a beautifully crafted watch with repeater triggers seamlessly integrated into the case. The interior of the 38mm white gold case is a model of Patek Philippe's watchmaking skills. This beautiful masterpiece features the Calibre R 27 PS, which offers hours, minutes and minutes on demand with the legendary sound effects of the Patek Philippe.hublot big bang replica

reference. 4899 / 901G Calatrava
Calatrava Ref. Exudes super feminine charm. The 4899/901 displays a blue hue highlighted by a series of exquisite precious stones. With an elegant watch set with 348 diamonds and 354 blue sapphires, this elegant watch transcends the craftsmanship and achieves a high level of art. The soft, rounded silhouette of the 38.8mm white gold case features staggered diamonds embellished with blue sapphires of varying color strength. In the lower part of the dial, the diamonds are mixed with snow-blue sapphires, while the upper dial features hand-carved mother-of-pearl feathers with a delicate blue hue.

reference. 4978 / 400G Diamond Ribbon Joaillerie
The Patek Philippe Diamond Ribbon is now available in a new platinum design with a slightly larger diameter, increasing from 33.3mm to 36.5mm. As a result, the unique diamond decoration around the white gold case and the spiral circle of the gradient diamonds engraved on the dial give a greater impression. This feminine timepiece showcases Patek Philippe's exquisite gem-set art, displaying 770 hand-made diamonds with a total weight of over 4.4 carats. Underneath its radiant appearance is the ultra-thin Patek Philippe Calibre 240 automatic movement, which keeps the watch in its slim and elegant shape.

Ladies Nautilus Collection (Ref.7118)
After stopping the reference. In the last 7018, Patek Philippe launched five new models, reinterpreting the sporty style of the 2019 Ladies Automatic Nautilus collection. The new women's automatic nautilus watch weighs 35.2 mm and is displayed on the wrist, slightly expanding the case diameter. The classic Nautilus bracelet is now equipped with a new folding clasp with an integrated adjustment system that provides an extra length of 2-4mm for added comfort. Similar to the previous Ladies Automatic Nautilus watches, these new versions are powered by Patek Philippe's Calibre 324 SC automatic aaa quality watches sale


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