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Hi folks.

I just wanted to let you all know that as from now, I shall be helping Joyce with the running of this site, as she is stretched a bit thin and doesn't have the time she would like to devote to the site.

So if you have an issue, rather than PM-ing her, drop me a line and I'll try and sort it out for you.

Thanks chaps and chapesses,


You’ve got a home run article

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Index to "Pairie's Children"

Go to serials and find "Pairie's Children". You will find an index. It goes through the original story and continues on into "Pairie's Children, Home in Alabama." There it stops.

It needs to continue into "Pairie's Children, Return to the West." (It still carries the title, "Pairie's Children.")

In the past, this method kept a series going from sequel to sequel.

Starla Anne

2 Q & hi :)

Ok Nick :)
good of you.

2 Q.

1. How do one post a story here?
Can't find how??

2. I have a message that I can't see?

And logging in and out doesn't help at all?


Nick is helping me here

Distractions caused me to fail to stop some recent spam so after notifying me of it, Nick has volunteered to help keep an eye on such things and answer questions from other members.

Thanks, Nick.

- Joyce

My pleasure

Think nothing of it, Joyce.

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